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Customer Reviews of “Sam Leccia White”
“CI's description is spot on. The white looks good, tastes delightful, supplies copious clouds of smoke, and burns smoothly and straight. Some power along with smooth, but satisfying subtlety of flavor. What those flavors are, I couldn't tell you, but the taste and after taste have made this a new fav. And having met Mr. Leccia at a local event, he seems to be a great guy with a great passion for his craft. Kudos and keep 'em comin'!”
“I just had a Sam Leccia White and agree with CI's flavor description. I didn't get any peppery notes, and got a hint of sweet cocoa at the end. Well balanced and pleasant to of my new favorites. My only criticism would be the construction. The wrapper was loose and with Nub on Leccia's resume, I expected more. Good way out ways the bad. Will enjoy the other four I bought and will buy them again.”
JP of Merrimack, NH