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Trinidad Reserve Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Trinidad Reserve”
Picked up a Trinidad for the first time tonight at my local shop......... WOW. Honestly had no idea what I was in for, a smooth wonderful stick. This thing burned slow n smooth the whole way down. The first few puffs were a bit dull, but then it opened up and became my new favorite. All I can say is get some!
SD of Brooklyn, CT
Bought a fiver of these and couldn't wait to try one as soon as they arrived....mistake! Loved the appearance, flavor, and the even burn, however the draw was very tight and didn't yield much smoke. I will let the others rest in the humi for awhile in hopes that they live up to expectations.....
JP of Indianapolis, IN
I had tried a couple of these at retail shops in 2013 and enjoyed them. When CI put these on a deal after Christmas, I jumped. The box has been in the cabinet for four days and given the temperature tonight was a great time to give one a try. The construction of this cigar was excellent, it clipped beautifully and the draw was perfect. Initially there was some spice during retro-hale but this mellowed in the first third. The second third the body increased and the flavor changed. The burn was razor sharp to the nub and the ash was dense and a lovely shade of dark grey. The final third showed a little harshness briefly but mellowed again quickly as the profile showed a final change before I finally let go and allowed this short delightful smoke to extinguish. With a little more rest in the cabinet I think this cigar will become a staple.
JF of Rockwood, PA
A delightful full bodied, full flavored experience. Reserve hits the mark & features spotless construction, an even burn, as well as a ton of pepper & spice. Far from being a sensory overload however, Trinidad has produced a wonderfully strong blend that delivers scads of flavor without the harshness often associated with cigars of this strength. The price is reasonable too.
Wow,powerful as promised.No gimmicks,no hooplah, just nice,heavy traditional flavor(pepper and earth)with some toastiness,and great construction,slow burn,excellent draw and a rich heavy aroma that reminds me of the cigars that the old guys smoked when I was a crumb Snatcher back in the 60's!I almost forgot to mention there is a nice understated creamy component to the flavor profile that really compliments the pepper and spice as well as the strength. Excellent experience. I can only imagine how these TTT Trinidad Reserves will be if I can muster the discipline to age them.They are awesome right out of the box!Outstanding, thanks C.I.
Love the Trinidad Reserve Toros even more than I love my gilded 4 finger Trinidad ashtray. Just a powerful, smooth experience from prelight to lip burn. Everything about Reserve screams quality! Outstanding & more. An easy 93/100. And the ashtray is inscribed with Est. Ranchueto, Cuba 1905. Cool! So I am ordering a 2nd lovely Toros & an ashtray combo. Seriously, you can set these out on fine furniture & they won't be out of place. Double serious about the extent of my 'gar-crush over Trinidad reserve, the cigar. 20 little mini Coronas are a measly 2 bones & 4 bits per unit, so I am gonna try a box in the smaller 30 min. size. I think it will play at 42 ring gauge as well as it does in the larger rings.
A couple of weeks ago I received my first CI catalog in the mail and while browsing through the pages and I saw the deal of the century, Trinidad Reserve no.5 for less than $35.00 a box. I had tried one of these a few moths ago at a local shop and I loved them but they were too pricey at over $5.00 a stick. So when I saw them at CIs price I ordered them immediately and when they arrived I was not disappointed. I have never tried a petit corona that packs so much flavor of pepper, cocoa, and coffee. They burn evenly to the nub with a very easy draw. I quickly ordered another box and I also ordered the five cigar and ash tray set that I love also. You can't go wrong with these great cigars at these low prices.
RL of Gibsonville, NC
Bought a box of the short belicoso based on reviews (had never tried the Trinidad Habana Reserve). Upon receiving my box I distributed to a couple of friends and myself. We lit one the same day I received the box. Just going to say.... OMG this thing is incredible. It has a super easy draw, nice smoke output, and flavor that just kills! It is SUPER creamy with a touch of toastiness! This stick burns very well and slow for a 4" need for touchup on the three we smoked. I have been smoking cigars for about 2 years now (Noob I know!) and have tried, and own a lot of premium smokes (Torano, Esteban Carreras, Padron, Tatuaje, Romeo, etc.)...and this one is probably my favorite. You can't go wrong with this smoke...and it is at a great price. Trust me...BUY A BOX!
DC of Overton, TX