El Gordo #44: Rocky Patel Sun Grown + Herf-a-dor Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “El Gordo #44: Rocky Patel Sun Grown + Herf-a-dor”
“These sungrowns are definitely some powerful sticks, but will calm down a bit about a third of the way in. They finish with a robust combination of varying notes that will leave you feeling the last 75 minutes of enjoyment in your stomach. The Herf-a-Dor is a neat little addition to this offer that can come in handy for a short camping trip or a day at the beach, though I wouldn't recommend storing cigars in it for an extended period. As for the lighter.......no complaints from me, though I personally prefer lighters with visible butane level displays. All-in-all I think this is a fantastic deal for some great cigars and a useful travel companion.”
JF of Jacksonville, FL
“Cigars were great, herf-a-dor and lighter are junk.”
RS of Holtville, CA