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CI's Backyard Boogie Mega-Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “CI's Backyard Boogie Mega-Sampler”

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Nice sampler. Ordered 2 of these samplers at this price for the CAO's and the 5 Vegas' alone but the Del Rio's and Grand Habano's surely surprised me. They both were great burning and slow burning stogies. I have ordered over 10 samplers off CI and this is one of my faves. Highly recommended!
All I can say is WOW! Well, almost all I can say.....This is a fantastic collection of great, rich smoking pleasures. I grabbed two straight out of the box and started watching the game at the local cigar lounge with my friends who left with plans to buy this sampling regardless of the wait for restocking. I started with the CAO Italia Ciao, great draw! Cool, rich and flavorful from start to finish. The second choice was not an easy one, but I went with the Gran Habano 3 Siglos Robusto which I am going to have to get a box of just cannot miss with this sampler as the price is certainly right and the selections are stellar to say the least. You need to grab one, two or even three of them as this collection will entertain and bring great smoking pleasures to all!! Thanks again CI! Keep them coming....
Excellent sampler with many quality smokes. I discovered the Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002 out of this sampler and ordered a bundle. 5 Vegas and CAO don't disappoint.
I'm about 1/3rd of the way through the sampler and thus far every single smoke has been great. Very smooth smokes, great burns and great flavor.
I just ordered this sampler again. The first time I got it, I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality per dollar in this sampler. The CAO cigars in this bunch made it worth it, plus I got to sample some other pretty good stuff. This will definitely be a repeat order for me at this price.
I got this sampler at the Hamburg store. They didn't have it instock at the store, so the one employee made me the sampler. They had all of them there, but some of the sizes were changed to bigger ones. Thanks very much there, you can't be CI service. I had a few of these smokes before that were in it. All of them are great and ones I enjoy very much. Smoking the Gran Habano Vintage 2002 as I write this, and this one is really good. I highly recommend this sampler, can't go wrong at all for $2 a stick. Will be getting this sampler again. CI, don't get rid of this one. Its too good
All the cigars in this sampler were GREAT! They didn't even rest in the humidor. Sooooo good I ordered it again. (this time I'll let them rest awhile....maybe:)
I wrote about how good this sampler was and this time they have been in the humidor for over a week undisturbed. I tried one and HOW could they get any better, but they did. So far I have tried two and the flavor is great; I think they ash a little better, more of a firm burn. I only hope C.I. doesn't run out of these.
I love this sampler all the cigars are very good I just keep buying this particular sampler it is worth trying.
I was surprised when this sampler was first offered, and it was a great value purchase. no bad cigars in the bunch, and I will be ordering more in the future, especially when I need an additional item to get whatever great freebie is offered.
"Awesome,came in great shape. Just got my order and i'm only partially through it but so far so great!!"
Purchased 2 of these sample packs as I have smoked many of them in the past as box purchases at much higher prices. I like to switch off and smoke different brands and styles so I don't get burned out smoking the same old thing over and over again. This is the perfect opportunity to load up my humidor with many different brands and styles at a tremendous savings. Trust me when I tell you, there is not a bad cigar in this sample pack. All have very good flavor, some full but not harsh. All have great burn, draw, and ash. Hope CI keeps this sample going for a long time because this is going to be my go to purchase. Order one, and you will definately coming back for more.
This was a good one. Try it
Great sampler with a good mix of tasty cigars for an unbeatable price, not sure why anyone wouldn't try this one at least once! The CAO's and 5 Vegas included are worth the price alone, but don't underestimate the rest of the bunch.
Not a bad sampler for the price, But most of them were dried out when I received them. Doubt that I will try this sampler again.
How could anyone go wrong? There's CAO, PDR, 5 Veges, and Gran Habano. Five sticks from each line, nice sampler.
Got it and enjoyed it. The condition of the cigars weren't in as good of condition as previous orders and there were a few duds.... but all in all, CI has done it again. Love the Obsidian and the Vegas 5 line is a damn good smoke all around. Thanks CI!
It is a good sampler. Not a fan of the unwrapped cigars. Love the Obsidian White and Black!
I am at a loss for words on this sampler. So many awesome cigars you just CANNOT go wrong! It's perfect for many reasons whether you need to up your stock or you are looking for new cigars to try. It appeals to newbies just starting their cigar smoking journey to seasoned grizzled cigar chomping vets. If you haven't ordered this sampler, well take my word and recommendation, BUY IT! CI IS DA BOMB!
Fantastic sampler!
I had a bad experience with this sampler. A lot of the cigars arrived dried.... Although I have ordered before with great success, these weren't very enjoyable.
Very good deal & tough to beat the quality for the price.
For the price I couldn't resist and boy was I NOT disappointed. Good brands, good price - this sampler is a no brainer.
Great smokes, at a great price. The Gran Habanos were really very good. Only complaint would be they're robustos and a very short smoke.
A few bad sticks (Obsidian line gave me a bunch of burn and tight draws) but over all it was a decent starter sample.
I, like many others, like an occasional sampler to try different smokes. I just smoked the last one & enjoyed every stick in the bunch. Only one had to be re-lit once or twice, but that did not take away from enjoying it. This bundle has made me a fan of Gran Habanos, thank you CI! And yes, I would recommend the Backyards to anyone who likes mild to medium smokes. Good job CI.
I just logged onto order another one as I went through them very quickly and was happy with almost every cigar. It also introduced me to a a few that I never had and ordered them individually.
This my friends...was a great batch of cigars. Each one just as good as the next. Thanks CI for putting this great batch of great cigars together. Happy smoking.
Not a bad one in the bunch! Would recommend to anyone!
You simply can not beat this deal. It is a no brainer. Top cigars at a fraction of the price. A great mix to have in your humidor for those sit down and relax moments.
Nice, definitely A GREAT BUY!
Very good sampler...had a chance to try come new brands like 5 Vegas and Pinar del Rio which were very good...8 on a scale of 1-10.
Best deal.
Great sample for an awesome price!
No need to review each stick. You see whatcha get, now buy it! Worth every penny. Gives you a great selection to try good sticks you may not buy otherwise.
Great mix that rekindled my love of cigars.
All good cigars, but a few are too full for my taste. If you don't mind a few strong, but flavorful smokes, it's a good deal.
So far, great; though I've only smoked a couple, I'm familiar with most. Looking forward to trying the CAO Brazil & Italia. The PDR have been a big surprise; already a fan of the Obsidian(s); the small batch & Limitada burn slow & cool. Can't beat this sampler for the $$$. Wish they still had the 'Winter Wonderland' sampler....
I am pleased with this sampler at a great price, all were good and helped broaden my cigar experience in a great way, as I am expanding my palate to new cigars and flavors, strength, body of them.
This has to be the tenth time I've ordered this sampler! Now I order them two at a time! Not a dog in the lot, all top flight smokes with a few true exceptions. Don't ever stop this one CI, it's the only way I can afford to smoke 'gars this damn good!
Smoked a 5 Vegas Maduro and an Obsidian. Outstanding smokes. Put the rest in the humidor for a while. Already thinking about ordering another one.
I am almost hesitant to comment on how fantastic this sampler is because it seems once I get liking something cigar wise it goes away, but here goes. This is, in my humble opinion, one of the best samplers by not just CI, but anybody. Just do the math between what your per cigar price is with this sampler compared to what you would pay purchasing them singly, especially at a B&M. It's no contest, so please CI don't ever take my BB Sampler away!
I've ordered this twice and probably will again. It's a great bang for the buck. Several of my favorite brands offered in this sampler, plus the others aren't bad either. Nothing I'd kick outta bed! ;)
WOW, great selection. I love samplers, and this one is great. All the cigars are top notch. It also gives me the chance to try a cigar brand without buying 20 of them first. Will do again.
Outstanding value; I've ordered it twice and so far it's my favorite sampler.
Love all the CAO quality for sure, the rest are hit and miss. For the price, however, it's a steal. I'd pay 4-6 bucks a piece for the CAO alone at the brick and mortar, so go ahead. You will find plenty worth exploring in this deal!
I have a friend who is a novice cigar smoker who was having a party and wanted to order some cigars for the group. He asked my opinion as to what to purchase, and without hesitation I immediately recommended this sampler. It has something for every smoker, and price wise you can't beat it. If you're only looking to entertain yourself, you'll have the opportunity to try some different cigars without buying hundreds of dollars of boxes first. Highlights: Gran Habano 2002, and all of the Pinars. I turned around and bought additional bundles of each. Just this bundle, you won't be disappointed. Scout's honor.
Awesome sampler. Not a bad cigar in this one. Exceptional value at this price!
As a newbie to cigars, I love that CI came up with this most excellent mix that allows me to try a variety of fine cigars.
Great sampler, especially if you're on a budget! I'm not really a cheapskate, but I am on a tight budget. Cigars and the occasional alcoholic beverage are the only vices with which I'm left since I became disabled.... I try to keep my "dailies" below $3 apiece--preferably under $2 each. This sampler fits the bill to a "T"! The selection is always from the middle range of brands and at this price, I can afford to smoke a better quality cigar without blowing my budget. I only wish there were more samplers like this one!! Great job, CI!!
What a great sampler. It had me sitting at work wishing I was on my porch giving another stick a try. This thing is loaded with some really good sticks; only a few personal disappointments. The 5 Vegas just really didn't care for any of their offerings here (I guess it's just me because folks seem to love them), even after a good rest in the humidor they just didn't do it for me and the Obsidian White Out was a huge disappointment as it doesn't live up to the original Obsidian (also included) which is a really fine cigar. REALLY fell back in love with the CAO VR Moby. WHAT A GREAT SMOKE! All in all this is a great humidor stuffer with a nice variety. I'll be hunting something very similar to this in the future...
Sweet deal and a great go to for beginners; great selection of everything from strong, full bodied maduro to light and breezy Connecticuts. Out of this sampler I found a couple that I'm coming back and getting boxes of, a few are: the CAO Italia and Black, the Gran Habano Azteca, Habano 3, and Connecticut 1. I'm not even through the lot yet, but I've already gotten my money's worth. Great starter kit or just a good sampler for the regular smoker.
Enjoyed every cigar in the sampler!
Definitely a good starter for anyone new or just likes a mix of good cigars. These are all good burning smokes with enough variation of flavor profiles to make you want to try another.
Extremely happy with this sampler! Not a bad stick in the bundle. Great affordable way to try different types and get your feet wet. I definitely recommend this to anyone and I am considering buying it again. Great job CI!
What a great sampler! PDR, 5 Vegas, Gran Habano, and CAO!! How can you go wrong?? Just stop thinking and buy it - it's a total no brainer!
What an awesome selection! A great way to try some of CAO's flagships while getting some other equally great smokes! It should also be noted at the awesome customer service department that CI has. Had an issue with my shipment, but CI was there to help make things right.
Great smokes for the price. How can you beat name brands for under $2 a stick?
Man, what a deal! If you're like me, and smoke a cigar every night, this is the item for you. Twenty fantastic cigars at a great price! Generally, when I get a sampler, there's one or two cigars that I just don't enjoy, but that was NOT this case this time around. I found the PdR and 5 Vegas selections to be the most exciting - a great representation of the best that each company has to offer. And the CAO's - Heck, an Mx2, an Italia, and a Brazilia in the same sampler?! Yes, please! I just ordered my second one. This is a perfect way to fill your humidor with quality smokes at a bargain price.
What a treat! I love these samplers in general, they usually give a very nice "smoke for the buck". Unfortunately, there are usually one or two "weakling" or "stinkers" in most samplers: ... NOT IN THIS ONE!! They are all great, and I mean GREAT cigars!! I'd recommend this package to everyone! Thanks CI. What a nice treat!
FANTASTIC arrangement! I personally found a new favorite in the CAO - GOL! I'm buying a box of robustos at $88 & change!
The CAO's were all pretty dried out, but the rest were delicious. Fell in love with the RP Decade!
I absolutely loved this sampler! I still have two cigars from it and have had it for about 4 months. This had really opened up my vision to the cigar world. I suggest this for any new to the cigar world. It's an absolutely wonderful.
fantastic sampler! well worth the money indeed!
Still working my way through this sampler, but haven't hit a cigar I didn't like yet! Well worth the money.
Good Day CI Nation!!! This bountiful package of pure pleasure arrive at the perfect time. My friends enjoyed the variety as well as the favor to its everlasting end. That was our downfall it did end. Run another soon for I cannot wait to see what else you can bring to the table and let us enjoy. As I say "KEEP CALM and HERF-ON"
C.I. You've done it again! Such a great mixture of flavor in sample pack! All premium cigars in my book! Every cigar different, one from another, bursting with flavor. Not a single bummer in the bunch. I hope by all means C.I. brings them back. Thanks C.I.
Nice bundle for an even nicer price.
Beautiful selection of smokes, the right size cigar for a nice 30-45 minute smoke. Great cigars for an even better price! I will defiantly buy again!
I think this is about the best sampler out there. All great cigars. The only one I didn't like was the CAO Mx2, but its just personal preference. It was just a bit to strong for me. Other then that this sampler was great. All cigars burned even, had a great draw, and tasted wonderful. Highly recommended!!
For a sampler, this is worth the money. Not a bad price for some great/good cigars. If you are looking to find out what brand you may or may not like, I highly recommend this purchase.
Yes indeed! 20 top notch cigars at a price anyone can afford. How can you go wrong? Most I have had before, but a few of them I haven't and been wanting to try. And I have only sampled a couple out of this bunch so far, but upon inspection went they arrived, all are in perfect condition and I look forward to waking them up one by one out of their humi nap. Probably will order again. Lol, just gotta make room. At the prices here at C.I., I have a good inventory of my own going.
I will have to say, there wasn't a single cigar in this pack I didn't enjoy! as a matter of fact I am waiting for my next shipment as I am typing this! Keep the deals like this coming!
Great gift. some "burn" issues w/ a few sticks but still a great gift
Great smoke, I enjoyed every one of them.