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Pintolino Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Pintolino”
“I gave this a try on a gamble, since there were no reviews yet. I thought I'd remedy that problem now that I had a chance to smoke them. I tired the vanilla Pintolino cigarillos, and I found them to be pretty tasty little smokes. They burn well, stay lit, and have a nice draw to them. Aftertaste is decent. Overall, not a bad ten minute smoke for about 35 cents each.”
TL of Raleigh, NC
“Decent, cheap, and fast smokes.”
SW of gray court, SC
“Just got in my order, and had to try these right away. I ordered the Irish Coffee flavored cigarillos, and I was not disappointed! The aroma and flavor are wonderful, and they leave the lovely lingering sweetness once you are done smoking. They were a bit smaller than I expected (about the size of a standard cigarette), but I found it to be perfectly satisfying. I am getting the other two flavors in my next order. Totally worth a try!”
HA of Belchertown, MA
“....Tastless. No flavor. I will probably just throw away my five "wonderful tins."....”
JV of Laguna Woods, CA
“For the price these aren't that bad(Irish Cream)but I personally found them to have very little flavor and they burned very hot right from the start,i'm going to finish a whole tin before i decide to toss the rest but so far its looking like that's what I'm going to do,much better out there for not that much more money in my opinion.”
DM of Cape Coral, FL
“Harsh smokes. Turns out I could not give them away.”
GM of Linden, PA
“Quick smoke over a quick a.m. cup of coffee. They are about the size of a cigarette, and I expected them to be a little larger. They have an "essence" of the Irish cream flavor, but it isn't heavily flavored. So what are they? A cigarette sized cigar when you don't have time to sit down and enjoy your favorite stick. Nothing more, nothing less.”
DB of Charlotte, NC
“Had to try these, since the sale price was hard to beat. Got 2 bricks... one vanilla and one irish coffee. They are a great little smoke for their size, as already mentioned by others. For those not used to small cigars, they do tend to leave you wanting more. And the sweetness surprises you after the cigar is long gone. Kinda like an invisible piece of candy. Lol!”
SM of Kokomo, IN
“The packaging is very convenient and the little cigars are surprisingly tasty! I got the "Irish Coffee" I will buy again.”
RT of Narberth, PA