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Customer Reviews of “Rosalones by Joya de Nicaragua”
“I have only smoked one so far, the Consul 448. I don't know if I agree with the CI description. In my opinion the flavor was mostly dark wood. The burn and construction were typical JDN, very nice. I thought the cigar was rather full bodied and powerful, maybe even a little green. I think I will age my remaining Rosalones before I try another.”
“AWESOME! Thick, chewy, peppery, sweet, rich tobacco. Not as much of a powerhouse as the Antano line which is too strong for me. This is definetly on the full side of medium OR on the light side of full, however you want to look at it. Definately a notch down from the Antano. I have smoked 2 of the 448 Rosalones and took my time with both. Great after a meal. Hope you continue to stock them.”
“I ordered a box of the 650's. If the Antano 1970 is the Heavyweight Champion of full bodied, full flavored, drop you to your knees cigars, Rosalones is the Openweight Superfight Champion of medium-full bodied, "Oh my God, I can't believe this was $70 a box" cigars. I've been smoking Antano's for years now, and I love them. Taste and construction wise, these are right in line with the Antano 1970 and the Dark Corojo. Awesome value... maybe the best bang for your buck CI offers!”
JB of Orange Park, FL
“I got a pack of these on Joe's daily deal. I figured anything from Joya de Nicaragua had to be good. Not only were these good, but they were great. These dark reddish brown wrapped sticks are packed well and smell great pre-light. Upon lighting I was hit with lots of good sweet tobacco on my palette. I would call this a medium plus smoke. The body is there and the strength is just shy of JdN antano or dark corojo line. In comparison to the JdN celebracion, I would say these have more flavor and gusto. Lastly, the price point is unbeatable for such a great smoke. I'm adding these to my humidor by the box now. I highly recommend trying them if you want a bold, flavorful smoke that is really well balanced.”
AG of Greenwood, IN
“Picked up a 10 pack on MMAO, taste unknown, and based on my affection for the JdN Fuerte Serie B. JdN is becoming one of my favorite, trusted, consistent, and quality brands. I'm not a great describer of flavors, but I can tell you this is definitely consistent with the peppery, spicy, rich and chewy description attributed to other JdN offerings. The Rosalones is a slow burning, great tasting stick that is affordably priced. If you are a fan of JdN, or are interested in trying the brand, you will want to try this one. Personally, I would classify this cigar on the full side of medium. This brand is the prime example of the meaning of a great value. Throw in MMAO, and you cant lose. JdN, CI, and MMAO......perfect together.”
RZ of Barto, PA
“I just got a 10-pack of these from Joe's Daily Deal. I was not familiar with the brand, but after reading the reviews, decided to give 'em a shot. Man, that was a great decision. I've only had one, but it was a wonderful experience that I look forward to having again. The draw and burn were flawless, and the flavor was powerful, but so smooth. This is a very relaxing smoke, and mixes well with a good bourbon or scotch.”
“Starts out with that peppery spice that I love, specially thru the nose. A little heavy on the back of the palate but very rich. Earthy flavors dominate the palate with some sweet tobacco and a dry woody finish. Mid way thru it settles to a creamy mouth feel. Very nice for full bodied lovers. Rich stout to go with.”