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CI's Massively Discounted Lighter Grab Bag Reviews

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Overall Rating 3.71 out of 5 Based on 51 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “CI's Massively Discounted Lighter Grab Bag”

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5 out of 5
Great deal
I received much more then I expected with this deal. I am thinking about ordering another one to give to friends that enjoy cigars.
5 out of 5
Great bunch of lighters!
Bag comes with variety of lighters that will appeal to anyone. I just leave a lighter here and there so I never am without. These are not crappie lighters but ones I would buy individually for everyday use.
2 out of 5
Lighters were aveerage at best.
Lighters were aveerage at best.
2 out of 5
only two worked
5 out of 5
Excellent value. Great to give
Excellent value. Great to give out as gifts
5 out of 5
Lighter Grab bag
A great value. I really liked the one with a fuel window. But do not forget PREMIUM FUEL.
5 out of 5
Excellent deal and great Customer Service!
Great Deal! One of the lighters didn't work and the agent I spoke with on the phone was very nice and had it replaced.
4 out of 5
two good lighters
I got a good price for 4 lighters two of them work well one is hard to keep lighted and another has bottom compartment that will randomly release
3 out of 5
Bad luck with lighters
One of the lighters has already stopped working - not providing the piezoelectric spark to light the fuel. One lighter has a punch on the bottom so is good for the travel box in the car. Other lighters seem sort of marginal, nothing to be impressed by. Next time I'll find a good dependable lighter on Amazon and invest in something that has good performance and is dependable.
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Lighter grab bag
Good choices & quality
4 out of 5
Great Deal!
This is a solid deal. The lighters that I received are well worth the price tag. The only reason I'm withholding a star is because i received an email with the instructional video link over a week later, and I'd already made a couple of typical novice mistakes that had me thinking the lighters weren't so great at the beginning. I'd suggest including some instructions or a note directing the recipient to the video before filling their lighters. I'm all good now. Just wasted a little fuel.
4 out of 5
Worth the dosh ! cheap as chips
All things considered, this is still a good deal. All 4 lighters WORK and that's a good thing. I would buy again. Heaps o fun mate ya never know what you're going to get ? If you get a few lemons, CI customer service is excellent.. cheers
5 out of 5
I have only used 1 or the 4 lighters while playing 2 rounds of golf (1 day of high winds) and the BLACK-OPS WORKED GREAT.
5 out of 5
lighter grab bag
After checking on the reviews for the grab bag lighters I ordered them the order showed up quicker then they said I received xikar,sons of anarchy, black ops and no model lighter they all work great after charging I would give them a A+++
5 out of 5
Great deal !!!
AWESOME !!!!!! 1 crappy lighter, however the other 3 were worth the paying price individually !!!!!!! Well worth it!!
5 out of 5
Great deal !!!
Great Value !!! Purchased as a Christmas present !!!! Only got one crappy one out of 5 !!!! AND the 4 good ones were worth more individually then the purchase price !!!!! Would buy more !!!!
5 out of 5
Grab bag lighters
This was a good deal. Nice presents for other Smoker's. Thanks for the opportunity
5 out of 5
Great pot luck !!
Very pleased ....... received 4 really good ones and one crappy one ....... was expecting the other way around ...... made for a great Christmas present !!!!
5 out of 5
Great deal.
Can't remember which ones I got but I Still have at least one working since Fall of 2014.
4 out of 5
Best company ever, great with orders
5 out of 5
Awesome lighters
Grab bag got me four excellent lighters at great price!
5 out of 5
Good Gift Idea
Wasn't sure what to get, so this was a good gift idea that should please anyone wanting a lighter.
5 out of 5
Grab bag of lighters
I have ordered 2 of these, 1 for me and as a gift. Both bags came with a total of 4 lighters that are all different and all work fine. Overall a goodbuy.
5 out of 5
Grab bag lighters
Two of the lighters I use at my restaurant/pub because there is nothing that goes with a good scotch better than a great cigar and nothing worse then trying to light a great cigar with a Bic. The other two I am giving away as Christmas presents. So I would say I was very pleased three out of four and the last one is still better than a Bic.
1 out of 5
Lighters are WMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!Beware..................
Would have been nice to know ordering these cheap, not worth what I paid, lighters would delay my cigars by 8 weeks. All cigars where unsmokable and mostly damaged, not that anyone did anything about it.
5 out of 5
Lighter Grab bag
One of them did not work correctly but it was promptly replaced - Great value!
5 out of 5
Great deal!
A real bargain! 4 lighters for the price of one. Nice selection. I would recommend this to any of my friends.
4 out of 5
Nice selection
Great buy, four good quality lighters at a great price
3 out of 5
Sir, Smoke alot!
Not bad for the price. Disappointed that there 2 of the same type in the package. One World lighter is pretty difficult to use. Gets easier after awhile.
1 out of 5
Jepped Again
Received only 1 good lighters out of the 4 - not a good deal
4 out of 5
Pleasanly surpirsed
Two of the four seem to be pretty good lighters. The other two seem to be OK. There is one that I have had before, and did fairly well.
2 out of 5
lighter purchase
I bought 4 lighters....1 does not work...
5 out of 5
Very pleased with the quality of these lighters
2 out of 5
50% success
Of the 4 lighters sent, only two work ! Both appear to have a leak somewhere inside that is not allowing the butane pressure to be maintained to spark a flame. That is no "shooshing" sound of the gas being released prior to ignition.
1 out of 5
I first bought the lighter grab bag about 2years ago and was very happy with the selection of lighters that I received that's why I bought it again when I saw it this year. I had hoped I get a nice selection which varied between single, double ,triple and even four torch as I got last time. However was totally disappointed to see I received single torch lighters 2 of which don't even hold fluid very long, 1 which I received last which in my opinion wasn't a good lighter and 1 other that I also received before which was just ok. So this go around I was disappointed and I feel I should have just saved my money and bought the four flame torch lighter that I was originally looking at for the same price
5 out of 5
David stevens
The lighters work fantastic and could be happier as well as all the great service and cigars I get from cigar international
3 out of 5
Grab bagvlighters
two did not work! Others good!
1 out of 5
Don't waste your money
Out of the 4 lighter I received 1 didn't work at all and the other 3 aren't worth keeping around. The time spent trying to get any one of them to work is a waste
4 out of 5
Same lghters
I have ordered the grab bag 2 times now the first was great but in the second I got 2 of the same lighters still use them but when looking to try different styles that makes it a little hard
5 out of 5
One hell of a deal
I am very happy with my order. I got four great lighters at a better than great price. I think ill try the cutter grab bag next.
2 out of 5
Disappointed....none will light
Disappointed....none will light
3 out of 5
Received my CI discount lighter grab bag and was overall pleased. Would buy again. Overall value total from the lighters was around 60 bucks so I am pleased. Two good lighters and two decent ones.
2 out of 5
Recieved 2 good lighters out of 4! Hit or miss
2 out of 5
Used to be good deal, but not-so-much anymore (price up and quality of lighters down)!
Okay, so I used to rate this deal as higher (5 star) because it used to come with better lighters (I have purchased this deal on multiple occasions). Recently, I re-ordered and found that the quality of the lighters has gone down AND the price has gone up from $19.95 o $24.95! In the last shipment I received one of the crappy Moretti Child Proof lighters that CI seems to have an endless supply of, a cheap firebird and 2 others. Probably around $35 in lighter, but not really a deal the way it was for $20 when you used to get $$50-$80 lighters - very disappointed!
2 out of 5
If you get a Moretti Carbon Fiber Jet Torch Lighter THEN you are ahead of the game WINNING. But most lighters are below average and only work sporadically.
1 out of 5
3 useless lighters that are trashbound/given away, and 1 useful lighter that costs less than the grab bag itself did. 1/10 wont buy again.
honestly didnt get anything out of this that "Wow'ed" me. got 2 lighters that are honestly pretty crappy, and likely bound for the trash in two weeks, and light maybe on every twenty or so clicks, the other was a Moretti, and honestly because of the lid, and inability to light on anything but the lowest settings, make this barely passable as a cigarette lighter- not a cigar lighter. the final lighter was a jetline dual jet lighter, and works great. TL/DR: 3 useless lighters that are trashbound/given away, and 1 useful lighter that costs less than the grab bag itself did. 1/10 wont buy again.
2 out of 5
Lighters other than the xikar
Lighters other than the xikar do not last more than a few weeks
5 out of 5
CI's Massively Discounted Lighter Grab Bag
Loved this product, I bought it just to see what it would bring and all of them are awesome. I love the CI Xikar lighter and as well the triple torch Firebird by Colibri lighter. I gave one to my girlfriends dad and the other I left at my parents beach apartment for whenever I go. Awesome purchase!!!
2 out of 5
Lighter Grab Bag
Out of all the lighters only one worked well enough to use and one other worked but not all the time. The rest didn't work at all.
5 out of 5
Quality was better than expected
Customer Testimonials
I just bought the Grab Bag this week. I had my order the very next day. Very happy with the fast delivery. Very pleased with this offer for the price. I received a Xikar Inpress which I love. The other three are also very good. 2nd was a Vertigo Hornet Quad and the 3rd was a Moretti Carbon Fiber Jet. This lighter is a little harder to work because of the child proof lock on it but still a great lighter. The 4th was a single torch Firebird. I would highly recommend getting this deal before they do away with it.
Great deal on inexpensive butane lighters! I bought this 3X! Recommended!
AWESOME DEAL! Received one Xikar Inpress Lighter MSRP's at $40 C.I. does offer variations of this lighter for $25 bucks, but hold on, I have three more lighters to tell you about. The second lighter I received was a Moretti Churchill Lighter MSRP's at $50, C.I. offers it for $24. The third lighter I received was a JetLine Pocket Torch Triple Lighter C.I. offers it for $10, believe it or not the Jetline is my favorite, the fourth lighter was a no name brand, but works well. C.I. will send you a butane lighter 101 info e-mail prior to your shipment arriving. If you are inexperienced with butane lighters be sure to watch it, it'll ensure proper filling techniques which will ensure that your lighter operates as it should.
Not a bad deal! Got a Xikar, two Colibri lighters, and a Moretti. Decent grab bag.
I shouldn't be telling others this but this is a tremendous deal! I got 1 NASCAR Tread lighter, 1 Moretti Carbon Fiber Jet Torch lighter, 1 Xikar CI branded lighter, and 1 Triple-flame Firebird lighter. This one is the one that makes this deal a steal! This lighter alone is probably worth the price of the grab bag but being that you get more, this is the deal to beat. All are quality lighters and is a no-brainer deal for everyone!
Real winner here! Three nice lighters, one so so. No complaints for the price!
Great deal can't go wrong with this one.
your bag may differ but I received a A Quad flame, Nascar, Carbon-fiber single flame and a CI nation single flame (all butane) for 20$.. .... worth every penny
Great deal makes excellent gifts.
4 butane lighters for $20.00 - good deal. The Firebird (NASCAR) and Moretti are good. Can’t complain on any of them.
4 lighters for 20 bucks, really can't beat it. Out of the 4 lighters, 3 were keepers. Even with one being meh, it was still a good deal and I will probably do this deal again. Never can have too many lighters.
Four lighters total cost $74. Grab bag sample cost $19! I think I came out ahead. Two of the lighters were $24 each. Well worth the gamble! Very happy!
I just bought 2 of these lighter grab bags. All I can say is WOW. I definitely got more than $20 worth on both packages. If you pass this deal up you gotta have money to burn.
One of the best deals CI has! It is totally worth it! I got 2 nice Moretti lighter and 2 decent ones.
Sweet deal! Two Moretti lighters (one a Churchill), a rubberized Nascar work horse and a cool CI single torch. Total package was worth 4 times the cost! There's no bad deals with this package. Kudos to the CI crew for hooking me up.
Great deal for the money!
A great deal at a great price my son took one my daughter took one and brother took another I kept the quad flame for myself. This is one of the reasons I enjoy doing business with CI!
Absolutely a fantastic deal! Impressive discounts on impressive torches. I recommend this to anyone, the rookie or the veteran!
Got a Moretti quad-flame and three other single flame lighters. Good variety of shapes and sizes; a couple big enough for using and home and a couple slim ones for the pocket when going out. All in all, $50+ dollars of lighters for $20 and my order still arrived quickly. Thanks CI!
Well worth it. Very nice variety in here.
A bit disappointed after reading the reviews of what everyone else got, but for $20 I suppose you can't really complain as I got roughly $60 worth of lighters. None really extremely nice, as I personally would not have purchased the ones I received in exception to the one (Churchill) possibly. Shame to get the CI branded Xikar as well as I got one of these a few weeks prior with another cigar order, so now I have 2 of those. Moretti Churchill (silver $24.50) Moretti Carbon Fiber ($12.50 special offer 2 for $25) Bugatti BL3 (red $9.95) CI Xikar Executive (gun metal $14.87)
Take note of the "special shipping restrictions" it seems these lighters are different and get 'hazmat' treatment delaying your entire order.
Great deal. I definitely got my money's worth. One lighter of the 4 covered the cost. If you need a lighter, just do it, you won't regret it.
CI's Lighter Grab Bag was an excellent purchase for the money, answer to the number 1 question, NASCAR($20), La Gloria Signature Lighter($100), Black Ops($30) and lighter that CI does not carry anymore for $14. Is great deal.
Can not complain with this deal. Me and a buddy split this sampler and every lighter was worth what we paid for all four. Would not pass up if your in need of a good lighter(s). This C.I. discount is insane!
As a child in the 50's we'd hear the jingle of the ice cream/candy van a block away. Grandma would give us each a dime and say, "don't you kids buy that pig in a poke, you'll just get rooked." The grab bag was so big, so we'd take our chances and Grandma would be right. We always ended up with less than our dime would buy outright. Well vindication, GRANDMA: 1) Moretti Torch, 1) Xikar C.I. Executive, 1) Firebird by Colibri, 1) Cohiba Flint Jet Torch.
needs more variety like the picture shows!
I got a Nascar single torch lighter, some off-brand single torch lighter, a Black Ops Twin torch lighter, and a La Gloria Cubana flint lighter. The first two aren't very good quality, but the last two seem to work well. None of them are amazing, but at $5 apiece you can't go wrong.
great deal got 4 really good lighters, probally the same 4 everyone else got. it would be great if c.i did this every month and changed the contents!!
I must say that this is quite an amazing deal. The lighters I received were well worth the 20 bones I put down. I even received a special lighter (La Gloria EPC Zippo style butane torch) that was only included with a full box purchase. So impressed was I on what I received, I just ordered a second batch of lighters.
If you pass this up, you're crazy!!! Got 2 really nice torch lighters, one kinda awkward to use and one gold Macanudo gold and white soft flame lighter. All work flawlessly!! For $20 bones it was well worth it!!!
For the price it is a good offer - only complaint is I bought two, one for me and another for a friend. Well it isn't really a Grab Bag offer if Both orders are the same lighters! It's more a preset selection and would better if advertised as such. Though, still happy to have four throw away lighters for only $20
Got an order and got the same thing everyone here talks about. A xikar smiley face, nascar firebird, moretti carbon fiber and the macanudo everyone raves about, but its about as strong as a match. I was pleasantly surprised with all but the macanudo, so I decided to get a second grab bag. Wow, I got the exact same 4. Maybe they need to advertise these 4 as the "grab bag".
I was disappointed with one lighter, but the rest were okay at five bucks apiece what a bargain! One is on my desk right now. Maybe I will strike gold the next time, an there will be a next time!
This is an amazing buy that was completely worth my money. I got a beautiful Macanudo lighter and a Xikar lighter that were individually worth more than the whole bag. Unbelievable deal!
Awesome deal. Got probably 80 bucks worth of lighters. So far CI is 2 for 2 in grab bags (lighter and brown bag). Keep up the awesome work CI
Ordered the grab bag, can't say I am displeased. I like the Macanudo lighter most out of all four. The soft flame is nice for easy toasting if its not windy. Seems from reading the reviews that it isn't really a "grab bag." Seems like most everyone is getting the same four lighters. Might try purchasing again if there seems to be some actual random lighters thrown in.
Great deal! Got the 4 lighters… and all of them will def serve the purpose. A no brainer!
When I ordered this grab bag I was somewhat skeptical of what lighters I would get, but upon receiving the bag I am ecstatic. The 4 lighters are all good, however I received a gold and white Macanudo lighter thats worth $100. I probably received over $150-$200 in lighters only for $20. Thanks CI!
Fantastic deal!! 3 out of the 4 were top shelf and the other one was OK. Worth it just to put in car or other spots where you light up. Thank you CI.
Great deal!
Nice lighters at a good price. Sounds like I got the same ones as the other reviewers got. Maybe CI is trying to dump off stock that they can't sell. But if you want some decent lighters at a good price pick this up.
Sweet deal, love my new Macanudo old school lighter, the black ops torch lighter to. I also got a Nascar torch lighter and a Moretti torch lighter. Definately got my moneys worth with this grab bag.
The facts: 1st Lighter: Muretti Carbon Fiber jet torch lighter - difficult to use but good lighter. 2nd Lighter: Black-ops jet torch lighter - Easy to use; very cool design. 3rd Lighter: Nascar Firebird jet torch lighter - Came in box. Easy to use; very nice design if you don't mine the Nascar firebird logo on the side. 4th Lighter: Macanudo - soft flame butane lighter - Came in box. Top of the line, very sophisticated design. Just a work of art. The Muretti lighter is listed for $14.95 on the sight alone. My verdict: What a deal!
was ordering some stuff for christmas for myself and for a buddy and saw this. was a great buy i got one Macanudo lighter that is flint fire which is a first for me and is a "fun" lighter and one lower end xikar. the other two are both lower end lighters but both work well ...would buy again just to see if i get anything different. makes for easy gifts for my cigar smoking friends
Okay - I bought this deal with cigars the other day and wasn't expecting much - boy was I wrong. I think I literally got around $80 in lighters - this is easily one of the best cigar deals (for accessories) on the internet! I did get one of those Morretti lighter ($15) that they can't seem to give away (a good lighter but with the stupidest clip I've ever to to open it) and a Nascar lighter pink - $4) that I will be giving to a friend. I also got a really nice Black Ops Lighter ($9) and a really nice Macanudo (~$50) Don't hesitate to order a few, I know I will be ording one of these deals every time I order from them for now on (I have a nice lighter collection)!
got my four lighters an was surprised all real nice lighters if ya haven't got yers yet whatcha waitin on grab these fast before they sober up an realize what theyre doin
A good assortment of lighters for a very good price.
Got some pretty decent lighters. One real nice one, a black ops single flame, and two cheap but goodies and one flint lighter, oddly enough. All in all I say it was a great deal. And kind of fun seeing what you get!
Let me tell you something, if you don't take a chance on this $20 offer then you are mad. I have a very nice Macanudo Gold and White lighter, a NASCAR LIGHTER AND 2 other very, very nice lighters. I filled them and they all work wonderfully. I am so very pleased, this is my second shipment. The first one got lost so I ordered it again and I am very very please. Thanks so much Cigars International. I may even get another one.
Good selection. Definitely worth the $20. At this rate, you don't need to worry about breaking or losing one! Definitely a nice surprise of lighters!
Great set of lighters for the price. The value of the lighters definitely exceeds the price I paid. Two of the lighters were of great everyday use and two where much more than I expected. I was not disappointed.
What a great deal! I received an Xikar lighter that CI sells for $25.00, a beautiful Macanudo gold and white enamel promotion zippo lighter, a discontinued Vertigo CI smiley face lighter and a heavy plastic Chinese "One World" lighter. My only issue is with the child proof lighting system on the One World lighter which is awkward to use. I estimate that I received over $100 worth of lighters. Try your luck, it is worth it.
Great collection of lighters for the price. Got one really nice one and three decent ones. Very happy for the price.
Not bad for $5 a piece.
This is a great deal. I received a couple nice lighters and only one cheesy one. Filled all four as soon as I got them, and they work great.
Got 1 really nice Macanudo lighter that came in a box and 3 other decent lighters.
Bought a box of cigars and saw this deal...I figured if I was spending the money on a box, whats another $20 for some decent lighters? I have to say, was sort of impressed! I got 1 really nice lighter that I will leave at home and keep the 3 for going out. All lighters work great; keep up the good work CI!
When I ordered this I was a little apprehensive since there was no way of knowing if I was going to be stuck with all horrible lighters. Opened it up and I was pleasantly surprised to find a few high grade lighters there. Overall I would recommend this buy, one of my lighters costs $30 if you buy it separately.
Great deal! I received my grab bag yesterday and I am VERY happy with it. I won't spoil the surprise, so no specifics, but I got 4 different lighters and all are quite nice. A couple even came in nice gift boxes. For $20 this is a great deal and I would highly recommend it.
The lighters look like a great value. Thanks for being there for my purchases. CI is a lot better than others....