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Customer Reviews of “La Perla Habana Black Pearl Oro”
“I must say this one is quite a shock. I bought a bundle of the Toro Extra's and had one as soon as it was delivered. It was quite spicy as advertised sort of a strong peppery taste from beginning to end. They have been resting in my humidor for about 2 weeks and I just pulled out another one to try on a great Sat afternoon. Now this one at first light had a ginger spice and some kind of citrus taste, quite good, but different taste that I am used to. Needless to say I am about half way through and it is still tasting like ginger with a little lemon and orange mixed in. Very surprising. I wonder if the yellow band is trying to say something :). I would recommend these and will most likely buy another bundle, really a unique taste.”
“Overall a good cigar. I've been smoking this brand for awhile and have always been pleased. They are well made, good draw and nice smoke. I love to snatch these up when they have a special. All in all a good bang for the buck. I really like the perfectos. Enjoy!”
ML of Pinson, AL
“I bought a bundle of the Toro Grande on a one day thrifty deal WOW! The first one I tried tasted great spicy, peppery, but had a few burn issues. After a cpl months rest in the humidor at 65% RH. I tried a few more and there AWESOME, nice construction even burn smooth spicy fantastic.”
“I am a big fan of La Perla Habana cigars. The Cameroon offerings are fantastic & the Rojo is a staple in my rotation. When CI found these Black Pearl Oros, I had to try a bundle of the Robustos. Well, despite the fact that they arrived rather dry & the 1st one I tried to smoke unwrapped a bit, the flavor is very nice, medium bodied & full of spice. A trip into my aging humidor, where the relative humidity is a constant 67% & a few weeks time helped the wrappers to not unravel. Further aging may yield an even more flavorful medium bodied smoke. Factoring in price, these rare La Perlas are a very good deal. I recommend them to anyone who enjoys the Black Pearl line of blends or medium bodied smokes in particular.”
“I have enjoyed every LaPerlaHabana Black Pearl, especially the Rojos. When I saw these Oros on the clearance page, I ordered two bundles along with some other great deals. Order went in very early on a Friday morning, used priority mail shipping and received the complete order on Monday !! Now that is fast during December !! Priority mail is great,especially when it's only a few bucks more, and the cigars don't have to go thru a ten day journey in all kinds of transport and are smokable right out of the mail. Well, these LPH Oros are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! I could not believe the amount of very smooth flavorable smoke produced out of these Toros. It burned very slow and never got bitter. I was stumped on what they reminded me of until about half way thru the cigar, when I finally realized they were very similiar to the full bodied pipe tobaccos I used to smoke. That is a complement, and you pipe smokers will know what I mean. With this fantastic price, I am definitely going to order at least a couple of more bundles before they are sold out. THANKS TO CI FOR OFFERING THESE FANTASTIC SMOKES AT ANY PRICE, AND THIS SPECIAL PRICING MEANS I GET MORE FOR LESS !!!”
“Far from a medium to full bodied smoke, this is medium by comparison say to an Oliva V. Burn time was good on a robusto, about 40 minutes. Good draw, not too tight. The cigar gave off rich plumes of smoke from the very beginning. The burn line stayed very consistent and the ash was tight. I made it over half way through before discarding the ash for the first time. There were hints of spice, more sweet than anything. The spice didn't pick up until about half way through and even then wasn't overpowering. Some chocolate notes. For the price, this is a good day to day smoke. I enjoyed it and keep it in my rotation for my normal smoke with a drink in the evenings. This paired very well with an espresso.”
JR of Reston, VA
“Crackly thin wrapper. humidor just made it worse. Feeble and loose fill. blah taste.”
JM of Mercer Island, WA