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Vieja Tradicion Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.54 out of 5 Based on 35 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Vieja Tradicion”

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4 out of 5
Great Cigar
Peter W - Great cigar. Hope they are back in stock soon, so I can order some more soon..
5 out of 5
Ci is the best awesome
Ci is the best awesome service I have placed about 25 orders from you guys and haven't been disappointed yet
5 out of 5
good draw
4 out of 5
My father love these cigars
My father love these cigars
5 out of 5
My new favorite everyday smoke, enjoy 2 a day.
Great everyday smoke, burned well, long ash, big clouds of smoke. Vieja Tradicion robusto maduro, could pass as a 5 dollar stick. Really enjoyed the flavor, sweet wrapper. Box it comes in looks great. Gave some out at work and was enjoyed by all. Will definitely pick up again before price goes up
5 out of 5
Very delighted...There is a reason most of the sizes are sold out.
If you like a traditional smell, taste, and feel (as I do), these are for you. I bought these based on the reviews, and they were spot on. These are very mild, lots of smoke, and a smell that draws people towards you, instead of away while you are smoking them. The draw is very easy, so I would recommend a punch, rather than a guillotine cut. I will be including more of these in my next order.
5 out of 5
Good smoke
Great cigar for good price
5 out of 5
Go to Drinking cigar
Great taste and price for a night that you've had more than enough drinks.
4 out of 5
did not try them yet
nicely packaged. fast shipping.
3 out of 5
Vieja Tradicion
Very good everyday smoke. Good price too.
5 out of 5
Great smoke , plenty of
Great smoke , plenty of flavor all the way to the nub.
4 out of 5
Decent low cost smoke
Good yard cigar or daily smoke
5 out of 5
Excellent Customer Attention
My cigar order was mis-delivered. Upon notification CI immediately shipped a replacement. Awesome!
5 out of 5
I thoroughly enjoyed the cigars.
I thoroughly enjoyed the cigars. A couple of blemishes, but they smoke well,with very pleasing flavor...I will be buying more when they turn up again...
4 out of 5
Great everyday affordable smoke,thumbs up
Great everyday affordable smoke,thumbs up
5 out of 5
CI Review
Always fast and easy. Prompt delivery and nice selection. Sometimes I have a big budget, sometimes a small budget but whatever my budget, there is always a good deal for me at CI.
5 out of 5
very good cigars for the price will buy again
5 out of 5
Good cigar.
Tasty, whole little pieces of tobacco in your mouth.
4 out of 5
Good cigar
Good smoke but some out of the pack were too tight and had to be tossed. Overall though, a good smoke for the price.
4 out of 5
good service
the companies always provide to me with great service
5 out of 5
A good value and a good smoke.
5 out of 5
Good every day cigar
Was surprised how good this cigar was bought it just to try . the flavor the pull the burn all on point very good!
5 out of 5
Joe from Connecticut
have ordered hundreds of Viejas and have enjoyed them.
5 out of 5
Drew estates
Grat cagar My favorite
5 out of 5
Great cigars for price
Smoke nice and even. Great wrapper and filler. Most enjoyable.
5 out of 5
Views Tradicion Corona Gorda
i can't afford to pay very for a cigar very often. This is a very nice every day cigar. I order 20 about every 10 days. You can't beat the price for this fine cigar.
2 out of 5
good price
good price, good sizes
5 out of 5
Always a healthy tongue-offending stem
Once you somehow conquer the central stem issue everything becomes sunshine and lollipops. Good tastin sheegar.
5 out of 5
great cigars for the best prices
5 out of 5
Vieja Tradicion
its a great cigar, burns even lots of smoke and has very good complex flavors.. Can't beat it for the price :. Have order 5 bundles already and will be buying more .. You won't be disappointed ..
5 out of 5
All Good
All Good
4 out of 5
Churchill is better
I have ordered these about 5 times in the last few months. The Churchill size is better than the smaller one. The smaller one is a little airy and barely med in strength, the. Churchill size is a true med. I like these a lot. Great price for a decent smoking cigar.
5 out of 5
i am happy i recieved
i am happy i recieved the order as quickly as i did---i only use CI for my purchases of cigars
4 out of 5
Good cigar
I live on a small fixed income. For the price, these are very smooth and even-burning cigars. One of the best deals I've come across. I will order more!
3 out of 5
Good Cigar
good cigar for the money. Well constructed.
Customer Testimonials
On my 3rd box...nice smoke!
I liked this cigar. Some burned uneven, but for the price I liked them.
The box was even impressive! These cigars smoke as well as any double the price. I'm waiting on my second box to arrive.
I like this cigar. Lots of smoke. Smooth and priced right.
Nice, smooth smoke; burns nice and even.
Order these and you will not regret it. At about $1.35 a stick, you just can't beat them. Reserve a spot in your humidor for these babies, they are worth it.
This cigar is the best cigar in the world. I'm not experienced in cigars, but this is the only one I can smoke to the nub.(or so says my wife; every other cigar I smoke is "too harsh and strong and bitter.")
Nice box they came in, but did not particularly care for these cigars. They were a bit too "peppery" for me.
I don't really know what to think of these having read all the other reviews. They burn well with a good draw, but I can't quite figure out the taste, or if there even is taste? Price is good, I guess if you just want a smoke then they're good. Maybe I'll try the Maduro next time. Nice to get a box for a change!
I was really gratified to find these things have loads of flavor. I will be buying them again, though there are still some in my humidor. This is a great deal.
This cigar is very underrated. In fact, it is a delicious tasting cigar with great flavor. I have to get more of these tasty morsels. Wow!
Well, I just ordered 2 more boxes of these gars. The last two boxes I received had an almost black wrapper and man they were good! I love the price and with this next order should be about the 9th & 10th boxes for me. These are the best cheapie cigars I have found yet! Not a wild taste changing gar but a nice med to full smoke! Hey CI, keep'em coming man, I really like em.
The robusto natural: these are just the right size. The box is nice and well made. The cigar is constructed well at the right price. With all that said overall, Vieja Tradicion is a bit dried out....Not a really tasty, smooth smoke. If you need a cheap box of stogies for your daily fix these ones are it. I might buy these again knowing what they are. Let's see with some humidor time.
Not fully decided on if I would buy these again. Taste seemed to vary from cigar to cigar in the box I received. Not entirely too harsh, but definitely not smooth and creamy. Burn was sometimes inconsistent causing canoeing and didn't always stay lit. If you wanted a cigar that would burn awhile, these will definitely do that. So good as a yard gar. It's not the cigar I would sit down with a cup of coffee to enjoy though. Probably wouldn't buy again.
This is my 3rd box of the robusto maduros,and they are great every time ! I try to get at least one box per order now .I did not care for the lighter ones but that's just me being a full flavor guy!I seen one guy on here bitchen about the box but I don't smoke them!! I do keep one box to store my extra stuff in and have a humi and gauge in it for overruns, holds just fine.I don't know about being dried out cuz I live in Pa and get em in 2 days,but CI is awesome on returns and mine arrived in perfect shape.At these prices I can afford a nice everyday smoke.CI rocks the gar world!!
Very well constructed. Mild to medium. This cigar has good flavor and burns evenly when kept properly in the humi. Definitely worth more than what it's selling for.
About what you expect for the price from CI. Good flavor, some issues with draw and construction but overall a very nice smoke for those times when you know you might not have time or circumstance to get full enjoyment out of a more expensive cigar.
Not a bad kick-around cigar. A good in between cigar at a great price point.
I bought these for an everyday smoke with zero expectations. I was pleasantly surprised at the great taste this cigar has. Vanilla, caramel, and almonds come to mind. Very smooth, aged smoke. This gar is a hit.
All I can say is way to go CI for turning me on to these cigars, awesome flavor change for such a low priced gar. This is my favorite cheapie so far and hope they stay around for awhile!
Another great smoke. They last for a long time, and they have great taste to go with it.
I just received my Vieja Tradicion and wasted no time. I was eager to see if these cigars are as good as the reviews says they are and so I fired one up immediately. I was so impressed with the flavors. I typically like my cigars in the medium to full body but this mild cigars was mild to medium at best and the flavors were really good. Nutty sweet cream and cedar were the main players. The construction was good the burn was great and the wrapper was ok. I bought the ten pack because I wasn't sure but now that I know they are good I'm going to order a full box. I'm going to try out the maduro this time. These cigars are great and I can't believe they are so cheap. This cigar is a perfect everyday cigar for me and believe me I've been looking and if you have been wondering if these are any good trust me they are. Heck! Buy the 10 pack to see for yourself.
If you're looking for a gar you can smoke while you mow the lawn or give away to buddies on poker night this brand will fit the bill.
Took a risk on a box of maduro robusto. With the exception of some relighting issues (about 1 of 5) definitely a risk well taken!!! Thanks for the exceptional bargain CI!
This is a very good cigar! It burns evenly, has nice flavor, and is well constructed. Very nice packaging too! A definite rebuy for as long as they are around for!!
Flavor is good for the price, but most of them burn unevenly. I usually have to relight them several times while out on the golf course. They're not bad for the price....
9 day shipping left the wrapper cracked, was not truly happy with the package, box looks better on the website as well. It's a decent taste. It was kind of a hit & miss with a few of them which is odd to me but, whatever. It's got a nice mild taste, I can't give a perfect review because they came cracked & 90% of them all the wrap fell off. I wasn't too happy but as for taste it tasted fairly well due to it being potentially pretty dry. I'd give them a 2.5/5 for the whole deal, presentation, etc.
Took a shot in the dark ordering this unknown/unfamiliar brand cigar, But Boy Howdy!!!! Talk about a REAL Sleeper!!!! - - - from the CI Clearance Dept.!!!! This 6 X 52 guy tastes amazingly good. The listed price puts this cigar in the " Lincoln Continental at a Ford price" zone!
What can I say but wow! These are extremely affordable, come in a sexy box and best of all.. they taste great! Makes a nice "yard gar". I like to enjoy them while gaming on my PC. They have a very pleasing aroma, nutty, leathery with faint hints of buttered toast and coffee are what I get from the Connecticut Churchills and Toros. I'll be buying more and am looking forward to trying out the Maduros next time. I hope CI keeps these around for a while!
Just received my Vieja Tradicion, cigars and I have to say right off the top that they came in a beautiful box with hinges!! Nice quality!! The cigars were well constructed and in perfect condition. Tried just one and so far so good! A little humi time and they may even get better! Smooth draw and good taste! Can't beat it for the money!! Will definitely buy more!!
not a bad cigar for the golf course, plenty of favor without making you light headed
i am smoking one of these as i type.very nice and well made.ROTT,,excelent flavor and draw,,not to bold but just right.i like a kinda gutsy cigar and this is great for a very well priced everyday smoke.the Corona Gorda are an excelent buy for the $$ price.the aroma is pretty good and it doesnt get you KICKED OUT of the living room and thats a good thing.this cigar will be even better with a lil humi time,,,,,if i can wait. JR
Surprisingly decent for a $1.35 maduro Toro. Take the bands off and tell your friends they're Brickhouse seconds!
I thought " what a surprise" as I smoked the first maduro gordo. They are pleasantly interesting, full enough to satisfy a full body guy and impressive enough to get you thinking about your next box. At under 30 bucks a box, I'll buy em all day.
Great cigar for the price. I was looking for something cheap to smoke on my 30 minute commute to work and this fit the bill nicely. These do have some uneven burn issues and a few had a somewhat firm draw but the taste and the cheap price make up for it. Overall a good yard gar or commute smoke.
The cigars arrived in a timely fashion and the cigars were in great shape. The cigars look beautiful and are sealed nicely. The have a very subtle tobacco smell and it is very pleasant. Medium body seems about accurate for the double corona. The burn is great but the draw is a little tight. Overall a moderately priced good looking cigar that wont kick your ass if you are new to cigars but can still be enjoyed by someone who prefers a fuller cigar.