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Customer Reviews of “Clasico”
“These smoke a bit better than the Cuban Delights but I prefer the flavor of the Delights overall. Keep in mind, I know it's odd, but I only use these types of cigars like a toothpick or straw when watching TV or working on my PC and dont light them anymore. If anyone out there just gnaws on cigars like I do, these are an ok choice if you intend to burn one from time to time - but frankly - CI has to many other great cigars at a good price if you intend to spend the butane.”
MA of Olathe, KS
“Personally, I like the "V" size (8x50) - they're very reasonably priced, easy draw, even burn, and are pretty mild. Not a standout by any means - just a nice everyday, reliable standard - in my opinion. Depending on how much you consume - I consume more than I should most likely - you may want to keep a bundle or two on hand for everyday use or as a backup to your everyday smokes. Give them a try, chances are you won't be disappointed! But you won't be bowled over either...”
PA of Los Angeles, CA
“Got the Natural Corona in a sampler. Started off slow with just a plain tobacco flavor and a very very slight pepper tone on the finish. 2nd third was pretty good. Had a nice woody finish with just a touch of creaminess. Last third was on the spicy side with a ton of pepper on the draw and slightly bitter herbal finish. Not bad for 1.25 a piece but I wasn't overly impressed.”
BB of Littleton, CO
“Flavor was very mild, almost non-existant. After a month in humidor, it hasn't gotten any better.”