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Clasico Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Clasico”
These smoke a bit better than the Cuban Delights but I prefer the flavor of the Delights overall. Keep in mind, I know it's odd, but I only use these types of cigars like a toothpick or straw when watching TV or working on my PC and dont light them anymore. If anyone out there just gnaws on cigars like I do, these are an ok choice if you intend to burn one from time to time - but frankly - CI has to many other great cigars at a good price if you intend to spend the butane.
MA of Olathe, KS
Personally, I like the "V" size (8x50) - they're very reasonably priced, easy draw, even burn, and are pretty mild. Not a standout by any means - just a nice everyday, reliable standard - in my opinion. Depending on how much you consume - I consume more than I should most likely - you may want to keep a bundle or two on hand for everyday use or as a backup to your everyday smokes. Give them a try, chances are you won't be disappointed! But you won't be bowled over either...
PA of Los Angeles, CA
Got the Natural Corona in a sampler. Started off slow with just a plain tobacco flavor and a very very slight pepper tone on the finish. 2nd third was pretty good. Had a nice woody finish with just a touch of creaminess. Last third was on the spicy side with a ton of pepper on the draw and slightly bitter herbal finish. Not bad for 1.25 a piece but I wasn't overly impressed.
BB of Littleton, CO
Tried one of these. Wan't really happy with it. Not completely flavorless, but not much there either. I only smoked half of it. If I would of finished it. it would have only been to not waste it. I received it in a sampler pack.
FS of Denair, CA
I received these in a brown bag sampler. A smooth cigar with a light, airy tobacco flavor. Nothing special but was rolled evenly and burn stayed consistent throughout. For the price of these cigars I would recommend as an inexpensive every day smoke.
JN of Cincinnati, OH
I ordered the Amaretto looking for an everyday smoke and was pleasantly surprised. Better taste than some premiums I have smoke and a pleasant aroma too.
BB of Valley Center, KS
I received one of these in a brown bag sampler while it was milder than I normally enjoy it was a well made cigar with a nice even burn and no ill flavor when smoked until no more than an inch remained, I would recommend this cigar as a pleasant and affordable daily smoke for those who prefer them mild.
TM of Atoka, OK
Arrived early-as usual. Great tasting cigar and for less than a buck a stick! I think I've found a new daily!
LS of Burkburnett, TX
I love these as an everyday smoke. Have and will order more!
JM of Raleigh, NC
Not bad but nothing to write home about. Sometimes an uneven burn but for under a buck a piece, can't really complain. Decent enough to hand out to a bunch of friends to enjoy a smoke with one another.
BS of Lodi, NJ
I received a natural corona with a Brown Bag Sampler and finally got around to trying it. While I wouldn't say I was blown away, the flavor was pleasant and a bit peppery. The draw was good, burn very even and the ash was pretty solid. On the other hand, every time I'd set it down for a minute, I'd have to puff a bit to really get the smoke going again and it needed regular attention to keep it going. When it was going though, the smoke was thick and full. The last third started to get a little hot and I set it down with a little under two inches left. All in all, satisfying, but not exceptional. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy more, but I wouldn't turn my nose up if one came my way again.
CL of Reno, NV
I bought a bundle of these Clasico Corona Rum II & have tried 3 of them. I found the taste & flavor to be good, but they are so tightly wrapped it is near impossible to smoke. I have ordered a draw poker to drill out the center so they can be smoked. Sure wish they were easier on the draw, they are a fine little cigar. I don't smoke the large ring cigars, only the smaller ring.
OJ of North Zulch, TX
I tried the Amaretto, and the Vanilla. Pretty good for less than a buck a stick!
MS of Muncie, IN
Very nice cigar, and a great price. Has an oak flavor to it. Thanks, CI.
RD of Baytown, TX
I got my first one in the CI Po' Boy sampler and was a very nice kick back smoke. They smoke very well. The taste was not over powering, but slight hints. I enjoyed that one so much I ordered a box. These are very nice little smokes for a very low price. I have a spot in my humidor for these as well as another sampler. How many times can one say thanks again C.I. for another great buy?
CH of manhattan, KS
Flavor was very mild, almost non-existant. After a month in humidor, it hasn't gotten any better.