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Cubano Gold Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Cubano Gold”
A tasty treat if I ever saw one....smooth, tons of smoke, great Nicaraquan flavor in at a reasonable cost new favorite everyday cigar....
I tried yhis Cubano Gold thinking it would be just so so. Big surprise when I lit one of these beauties up. I like a big cigar with a good draw and mild to medium taste. This is it. You wont go wrong if you try one of these. Never a bitter or acid taste, smooth and consistent all the way to the nub. I will be buying more..
Nice cigar. Back third, delightful!
RE of Devils Lake, ND
I love the larger ring gauge cigars. I received a pack of the Maduros for Father's Day and they did not disappoint. Wow! What flavors! Everyone I have smoked to the nub and wanted more. They are in my cart again for another round. Thank you CI.
VO of Colonial Heights, VA
Had theses Cuban Golds (4) times and never disappointed great smoke from tip to cap. You know I'm gonna hit these again. Which goes to prove you don't need to spend a lot of dough to get a great stick.
AD of La Puente, CA
I ordered these not knowing what to expect. I am fairly new to cigars and by the reviews, these seemed to be a good prospect for a fairly cheap and flavorful cigar. I just finished smoking my 3rd of the 9 and I must say this is I believe to be the best cigar that I have had in a long while. My first introduction to cigars was at the Worlds Fair in Vancouver, Canada in the 80's when I scored a half dozen Cuban "Royal Habanas". They were amazing and I am not sure if I will ever smoke another like it again in my life. I just started smoking an occasional cigar a short time ago and have been trying mild cheap cigars which are about as interesting as my ex wife. These Cubano Golds are really fun to smoke. First of all they are huge and a little intimidating. Tonight I toasted the cigar and then lit it and although the first few puffs were a little rough it settled down and smoked nice. About 1/2 way it started to be a very pleasant experience with the glass of scotch on the rocks I was drinking. At about 2/3 it started getting very interesting and I got a tingling sensation on my tongue and started really enjoying myself. I smoked it down till my fingers were getting hot and finally gave up as my scotch was gone. Nice cigar, lots of smoke and very fun to smoke. I will put these on my re-order list, the first by the way. I'm not sure what I am tasting but it is good. Hope this helps for all of you who have not tried these, they are pretty nice compared to what I been trying.
CA of Sioux Falls, SD
WOW I just finished my 5th Cubano Gold and what a cigar!! Don't worry about the first inch or so, it gets better as you smoke this big cigar. I smoked till my fingers were burning. The last 1/3 you get lots of pepper and spice. Will order again. Head spinning a bit and had to have a hard candy when done.
CA of Sioux Falls, SD
Just received 15 of the maduros. Have smoked two so far. I have had problems with uneven burns on both. They both want to "canoe" on me. Tough to keep them going with a good burn. Will see how the rest go.
KM of newport, NC
This is for the maduro. Good draw, spice, and cocoa. Leather and sweet maduro aroma. A lot of smoke. Nice looking if u like big ring cigars. One hour smoke. Nothing wrong with this cigar, expect the burn needs some help. Everyday smoke.
SB of orlando, FL
These sticks are a golden find; great smoke from tip to cap. I find the longer this stick stays in your humi, the greater the taste and smoke. You can't go wrong with these sticks. Buy em, let set a week or two, then light one up and get ready to be surprised. This is definitely a go to stick.
AD of La Puente, CA
Another good cigar with a great taste. It is a thick and meaty cigar with great flavor and aroma. I added a touch of vanilla to it and that did the trick. Very smooth.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA