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Torano Dominican Selection Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Torano Dominican Selection”

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This cigar is smooth and full of taste. Perfect balance of flavor and aroma. Very meaty and hardy. I am enjoying it to the nub.
I picked up a bundle of 20 Gordos (6" x 60) for just $39.99. An amazing deal. These smoke like $5 - $8-a-stick cigars. Very smooth, rich smoke. I've passed a few of these out to friends and family, and they're great for occasional cigar smokers; pleasant enough for them to enjoy, but nuanced enough for the dedicated smoker. The next time these go on sale, I'm buying at least two bundles, I wish I had bought two earlier.
Got the Torpedoes on sale and tried them. All in all a great cigar. Well made, good burn, and finishes nice. Nice easy smoke, hope they go on sale again in the future.
Bought a bundle of 20 Torpedoes on special (thanks CI) and have been happy with them. Starts out a bit harsh, but mellows very quickly and gives you about an hour of pleasure. Finishes very nicely, spice and pepper. Very satisfied.
I received this jewel in a brown bag deal from CI. I really enjoyed this stick. Good draw, burned very even and creamy smoke. I was surprised when I looked it up for ordering purposes at the price. I am ordering some for my father as he has a light palette. All I can say is I really enjoyed this one.
A wonderful morning cigar.