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La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black”

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One of the best full bodied cigars I have ever had the pleasure of smoking! Very strong, with a uniquely rich flavor and the smoke never becomes harsh, even when you get to the nub.
I couldn't wait to get some of these cigars, I was very disappointed in them, very flat and dry. It did not have the strength that I was looking forward to. It had a funny testing finish.
This is one of the best cigars I have ever smoked the body is smooth and the taste is out of this world I have to have more.
this one has it all from the moment I opened the box the first thing I noticed was no cellophane baggies which gives it a better authentic feel, baggies to me say I'm an impersonal cigar, and since baggies are cellophane they really do nothing to keep humidity in or out, but not having them was interesting also the box they came in fit together so tight you could almost use it as a humidor box if you were so inclined. The smoke was Amazing, smooth from beggining to end, that full bodied nutty, chocolate, coffee tast you expect from nicuraguan tobacco, I will definitly buy these again they are my new favorite definately the rookie of the year for me!!!
Very good...nuff said!
One of the best LGC cigars made. Great flavor and a very full bodied smoke. The first two I smoked "out of the box" canoed on me and didn't burn well towards the middle, but after two weeks in my humidor they are perfect! If you like smoking Oliva Serie V or Cain cigars, this one is right up there with them.
This was an enjoyable cigar with a lot of flavor but not a lot of strength (at least compared to Serie R). It was smooth, creamy and consistent from the toast all the way to the nub with very leathery almost meaty flavors in this big vitola. It smoked very cool nearly the entire time, but did not produce a lot of smoke. If you are a fan of La Gloria this is definitely a cigar to try, but for me the original Serie R is still the best.
I am a "La Gloria Cubana Series R" smoker and when I saw this new Series R "Black" version of my all time favorite stick, I had to get some! I read all the other reviews of course but I never make a decision on a cigar based on reviews, but this time they were spot on. I absolutely love it! I like the 64 ring myself. I should have however bought the box instead of the 5 pack, because now they are on backorder. Well, it's worth the wait. And the price.... Well, leave it to the guys at CI to present me with yet another great deal. Thanks guys! CI ROCKS and so do these beauties.
Let me start with stating this is a full-bodied stogie, not for the weak at heart. Easy draw, and lots of good smoke. Very exotic cigar with tons of palate teasers, notes of pepper, columbian black coffee, and various spices. Very enjoyable long smoke, set aside at least 2 hours.
I received a box as a gift. This is a fairly powerful yet very smooth smoke. With the initial cold-draw taste I could tell this was one to sit down for. The Ligero wrapper certainly takes this to a whole new level. The wrapper glistened with oils, and the draw was consistent throughout. The 60-ring gauge lasted 2 full hours! Full-Bodied fans will want to try this one!
I'm a lover of La Gloria cigars and couldn't wait to try these! ....they burned very uneven with big stalks in the burn. The taste wasn't as strong as I expected either. I also thought....they were very soft.
Great cigar! I was impressed with the smooth draw! I got this cigar as a freebie! I will be buying more from CI. GREAT flavor all the way to the end.
I ordered these sticks on the word of a good friend. I gotta say, after I ordered the 60s, I came back a week later and ordered the 64s. Great smoke. Nice ash. Ordering another box of the 64s today. Can't beat these great PREMIUM cigars for this price.
I have always enjoyed Series R line but these blacks I can do without. the first one I thought well maybe it's a fluke the second didn't measure up. the rest will be gifts
I have had Cubans (in China) and cigars costing $25.00 a pop, and NONE were as good as the LGC Serie R Black. These are very well constructed, and I can smoke several in a row, and not have the sore throat that comes with lesser sticks. The prices are ridiculously low for such good smokes. They are definitely on my 2013 Christmas list!
Great flavor, med-full body and strength. However, mine kept going out and I put it down with almost half left... I would recommend dry-boxing these for a few days because at 68% this gordo didn't want to stay lit. I would like to try some in the future though because the flavor profile was really interesting. Peppery with a hint of sweetness, and very mellow in the nose.
Terribly disappointing. The draw and volume of smoke the cigar produced was lackluster. The cigar would not stay lit either, which is probably the most frustrating part. To CI's credit they returned them hassle free.
What a lot of folks don't realize is that, LGC is blended old school, meaning they require LOTS of humidor time. They need at least 3 months or more and then dry boxed for 3 days. That's why there are some negative reviews. Most likely, smoked too soon.
A nice cigar and very woodsy. It's meaty and full of robust flavor with a peppery finish.
Had this in a 6"X60. Don't usually smoke a big ring gauge but this was very good! Even slow burn and wasn't harsh as I expected. Can't go wrong with this one.
I'm becoming a fan of 2-3 dollar cigars, in part because I'm a cheapskate, but also because I like a cigar I can just puff on with a cup of coffee while I surf the net. These do not fit that bill. I have, in fact, just smoked a #58 with a cup of coffee - well, 3 cups - while surfing the net, but this is more a sit in a leather chair with a snifter of cognac cigar. Very rich flavor. Lots of smoke. Little bit of sweet spice. The taste really demands your attention, and these babies are huge. I haven't done the math, but if you figure the price per pound of tobacco, they might almost be a budget smoke. More to the point, if you figure the price per hour of enjoyment, the price is more than fair.
This cigar is excellent, This will be my cigar of choice moving forward. Everything about it is excellent. Construction, burn line, Smoke output & flavor.
Great cigars at a great price!
I couldn't wait to get my hands on this cigar! I received the order, grabbed two, took them to my buddy's house and we smoked them to a bloody nub! That being said, they are very much an LGC Serie R, but they needed to rest a bit before we smoked them. The Serie R Maduro will have to do until these have aged awhile. Can't wait to revisit them in a few months. Great smoke, would recommend it to anyone.
These were fantastic. I love the Serie R and the Serie R Black is just as good.
I'm a big fan of the Serie R, so I couldn't wait to try these. Very smooth.
Wonderful cigar. Better, in my opinion than the std Serie R by a noticeable amount and I own them both. Rich, full smoke. On a price/value basis, one of the finest cigars I have had the pleasure to smoke. Very pleased. Try one after a nice steak/venison or tomato based pasta dinner and accompany with a good cognac or aged tequila. Suggestion: allow your cigar to age for 2-3 months in your humi before setting it on fire.
My husband LOVES these cigars. He likes a medium to dark and is a big fan of "Gloria," as we call her in our house. With the new giant 63 ring gauge, I knew his new staple had arrived. The happiness on his face makes me endure the richer smoke it emits. Thanks for a happy hubby.
This full-body is a terrific new cigar. Congratulations on hosting such a powerful smoothie. One full hour of peaceful, flavorful bliss.