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Humi-Care EH Plus Electronic Humidifier Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Humi-Care EH Plus Electronic Humidifier”
Best money I have spent on cigar related purchases, by far! Saturate the sponge with distilled water, drain off the excess and return to the humidor. Using this in a Diablo II humidor with 140+ cigars, recovery time is quick! I don't feel so bad peeking at my cigars knowing the RH will be right back where it needs to be in no time. I used this to season the humidor as well. Set at 70.0% RH and using a digital hygrometer calibrated with a Boveda one-step calibration pack, the RH is always 69-70%. The only downside is the ribbon cable supplying power needs to be longer. I secured the ribbon cable with some double sided tape and folded the ribbon cable in 90 degree bends to route around the piano hinge in the middle of the humidor and the cable was *JUST* long enough, although the Humi-Care EH Plus has to sit in the middle backwards. Although I don't have this issue where I store my humidor, this unit will not remove excess humidity. Maybe use in conjunction with some beads. Stop fighting to control the RH in your humidor and pick up the Humi-Care EH Plus Electronic Humidifier!
JJ of Houston, OH
This a great unit and really works well in cabinets that do not have internal power outlets. However if you have a humidor with an internal outlet the power supply will heat up the inside of the humidor over time. I turned my outlet around to the outside and made a small hole for the cord.
BC of Owensville, MO
Great product by itself - with that said - order the Fan kit with two extra fans if you are using a large size humidor. Extra fans provide even distribution of humidity through out.
PB of High Springs, FL
Works OK, BUT, and it's a big but. When it's running it's very good at keeping the humidity spot on. However for some reason if the power goes out the unit won't restart by itself. You have manually hit the power-switch. This happens even with a brownout so I have to keep checking the thing is on.
KM of Winchester, VA
I have only had it about 2 weeks but so far it is doing a good job. I have it in a 100 count humidor and seems to be doing fine. After about 2 weeks of running, I checked it last night and tried to add more distilled water. It took very little, so I have a feeling it will turn out to be very low maintenance. If it keeps running this smooth, I will end up buying another for each of my humidors. Thanks C.I.
CH of manhattan, KS
Well I have nothing but great things to say about this. I live in so-cali with the AC never on, so I bought a 12 bottle wine cooler and this humidifier for my humidor and boxes of cigars for in the future. I have the wine cooler set to 66 and I calibrated my digital hygro. So I placed the hygro at the top of the wine cooler and filled up the water cartridge up with distilled water. I let it sit in there for a hour and I came back and the hygro read 66F/70%. Its really quiet too! And humidity sinks so that's why I put the hygro at the top and even at the top of the cooler its at a perfect 70%. Really awesome product for the price! As an owner of a wineidor, I would 100% recommend this product for it!
EF of Long Beach, CA
The Humi-Care EH Plus has been working excellent since installed. Very simple and easy process to have this up and running. I have the Havana Foot Locker humidor and while its keeping RH perfect, the cable wasn't long enough to reach the bottom of the humidor....
Works well, but makes a terrible VERY LOUD humming noise.