Colibri Grip Diesel Cutter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Colibri Grip Diesel Cutter”
“I finally broke down and bought a "better" cutter. I have to admit the construction is great, however it was not as sharp as I hoped it would be. Even though it is still as sharp as my other cutters, I just hoped it would be more. Oh well, took it to a professional sharpener and it cuts perfect.”
DC of Clovis, CA
“Cutter is awesome! Works great! Thanks CI Nation! ROCK ON!”
NS of Dayton, OH
“Cuts great and the solid frame doubles nicely as a bottle opener!! Not to mention a great price too!”
MF of Bloomingburg, NY
“These cutters put all others to shame. Perfect cut every time.”
RS of Cerritos, CA