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Colibri Grip Man O' War Ruination Cutter Reviews

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Overall Rating 3.75 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Colibri Grip Man O' War Ruination Cutter”

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1 out of 5
Poor construction
This is the second cutter I've purchased in his head the same problem with both of them the rivets that are used to hold the unit together are too short and over staged and they begin to fall out after about 2 to 3 months the first one I lost five of them before it completely fell apart this current one I have lost two so far and it's becoming unusable
5 out of 5
Nice cutter.. cuts clean and
Nice cutter.. cuts clean and smooth.
4 out of 5
Good Looking Cutter
Would have given more stars but it just wasn't as sharp as some of my cheaper ones. It is very sharp on the looks and function though.
5 out of 5
Awesome product
Always.on time, never late. The packaging is perfect. Amazing everytime.
Customer Testimonials
....the Man O' War Ruination Cutter was "ruined" right out of the box, weak side left spring doesn't allow a full opening when you press the button requiring a manual assisted opening....
A buddy of mine has one of these that he took to Afghanistan and back and the blades are still super sharp. So I deiced I needed one. Well when I got mine it was like trying to cut a cigar with a butter knife. I emailed CI and to my surprise they didn't make me send it back and wait for a new one, CI just shipped me new one. Now the new one is awesome, cuts well and looks nice. Definitely a good purchase from a great company.
Great! Works fast, cuts clean every time and looks great. Since getting this one I order more like it.
Cool cutter! I have a thing about cutters and these are nice. I have four floating around in this design. Well worth the money or get them as a promo and enjoy. The Man O'War cigars are worth the money!
AMAZING cutter...Watch you're fingers though - this'll tak'em right off..!
Nice sharp cutter with a really cool auto-locking/closing feature. You press the center button to release your blades, insert your cigar, cut as desired, and after, the blades stay in the closed position till you press the release button again! Highly recommended!
Best cutter I have ever owned
Great cutter just received it today. Works like a dream and a great way to show your love for the brand. Not sure how much it will hold up in the long run but it's a great buy and cuts just as well as most top of the line cutters.