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Nicaraguan 5-Star Sampler #2 Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Nicaraguan 5-Star Sampler #2”

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This sampler was a real treat at a great value. It leans on the high end of Medium-Full, and covers some great brands. Just so you get a sense of my preferences, some of my favorite cigars are made by Oliva (Serio 'O' and Serie 'V' Meliano) and I have really enjoyed Ave Maria, Undercrown, Joya de Nicaraua Antano 1970, and even the Graycliff 'G2' for a milder smoke. I rank the cigars in this sampler in the following order: 1) Diesel Unlimited d.X, 2) Man O' War Ruination Robusto, 3) La Herencia Cubana CORE Toro, 4) Est. 1844 Anejado No. 50-xtra (would be one step higher if I considered the price), and 5) 5 Vegas Triple-A. I will be buying more Diesel cigars and probably some from the Man O' War line, the others are very solid but I simply dont smoke enough to justify so many new purchases. I strongly recomend this sampler to new smokers or those who want to try their hand and some more full-bodied cigars. Enjoy!
Incredible mix of cigars. Hard to say which was my favorite. Diesel and 1844 were probably my 2 least favorite and they were both excellent. That's how good these cigars are. Another reviewer likened the La Herencia to smoking dirt but in a good way. Hard to imagine until you try one. Loved every minute of it. Top Vegas and Man-O-War both ridiculous. Give this a shot in the deal where you pick three 5 packs for $45.00. $3 a stick at that price.
A few OK cigars in this sampler (the 1844 and the Diesel)....
Good smokes!
These were pretty tasty, good sampler for someone who doesn't know what they like yet.
These were highly enjoyable, smoked 4 of them already.