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Black-Ops Kilo Lighter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Black-Ops Kilo Lighter”
Got this lighter in my CigarFest goody bag for wearing the shirt. This was my go to lighter for about 4 months and then it just stopped working on me. At first I had thought, maybe I just got a bad one, but so far I've met two other people that have said the same thing. I still use it around the house for the punch cutter but it will not stay lit anymore. I have emptied it, refueled it, played with the flame adjustment, nothing. If you pick it up from a long period of non use it will light for about 2 seconds, the flame will falter and fo out, if you attempt to light again the flame will ignite, faltering the entire time, and cut out after a second or so, then it will not light again. While it worked it was my favorite lighter, which is unfortunate because I really want to try another one but am afraid i'll wind up with just another punch cutter.
Figured I should write an updated review. I found the contact information for Quality Importers and sent them an email about my lighter. They quickly responded stating they would warranty replace my lighter even though I didn't technically purchase it. I just received it today and it also included a cutter and a nice Black Ops "herfador"/waterproof case for the cutter and lighter. THAT'S great customer service! Based on their communication and willingness to stand behind their product I would not hesitate in the slightest to purchase another one of their lighters!
I've been using mine everyday for 9 months. Love it and will get another one when this one goes.
RS of Dexter, NM
Wow. I bought this lighter for an awesome price and it got down here to Texas in about a week. I quickly filled it up right as I got it. Make sure you guys do it correctly. Empty all the compressed air/butane before filling. Fill upside down for 10 seconds and wait about a minute or two to let the butane fill and come to room temperature (holding the lighter in your fist helps to speed up this process). The first light didn't work so I quickly pressed it again. The triple jets came on so fiercely I jumped back. This sucker is ready to light just about anything you could think of. An awesome lighter and the punch cutter makes it just that much cooler.
MW of Spring, TX
Great Lighter Triple Torch, 1-10 its 9.5, always lights, Nice flames, simple, handy, -minuses: No fluid window, Heavy, odd shape, Great price for about a Hamilton when on special.
KF of thurmont, MD
Great triple flame torch. Looks great and feels really good in your hand. Easy to hold the ignition slide down to toast your cigar. Love it so far.
Love the lighter BUT the ignition failed 30 days after I began using it (it wasn't abused, just used for my 2 cigars per day). CI is replacing it without hesitation (excellent customer service as always) but I am cautious about its' durability for $35.00. It is not a Bugatti but it should last more than 30 days. Hope it simply was a lemon. It is a great lighter when it worked. The triple flame is super and it did not consume a ton of fuel as do most triple torches. Looks nice and the built-in punch is solid and does the job. Crossing my fingers on the replacement.
CF of Worcester, MA
I've been using this lighter for about 3 months and it has proven to be both powerful and reliable. Its very solid, feels good in the hand and the triple flame design will toast up your cigar pronto. I didn't think I would use the built in punch cutter at first but It comes in handy when I don't have my perfect cutter. Overall I would definitely recommend it. Thanks CI!
MS of Germantown, TN
This lighter rarely is out of my posession for very long, great to punch my "favorites" and a good flame to light them up. Great deal.
WC of zion, IL
Was in the market for a decent/portable lighter. The fuel tank doesn't seem big enough, but I have the flame to max, love how the punch is built in, so I don't have to bring a cutter if I don't need to. Just makes it less cumbersome which is good. Over all its a great lighter for the price, 3 jets, built in center punch, light weight, looks cool, definitively a must have
SM of Lethbridge, AB
Awesome lighter. I've been using it every day for about a month. Can torch about 6 cigars on a single fill. The attached punch works great.
DP of Beverly, MA
LOVE this torch! I thought it might eat fluid with three tips but that is just not the case. It's a great lighter and works every time! Well worth the price.
GH of Martinsburg, WV
Great lighter three flames works great on the 56 ring Kinky Friedmans I just got in
BT of Federal Way, WA