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Cordoba Humidor Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Cordoba Humidor”

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To every one who has complained about the amount of sticks this box holds. The info states "Up to 125". As experienced cigar smokers we should all know this is dependent on what type of sticks you plan to store. Double Toros, Double Coronas, Gordos, Churchills, Presidentes, etc. will take up more space than Demitasses, Rothschilds, Panatelas, Petit Coronas, etc. I have a combination of small and large sticks. And I am currently storing 110 with some room left over. This box looks great, works great, and the price is right.
I bought this Humidor for my girlfriends dad and he has done nothing but rave about it! 1 72% boveda pack kept it a perfect 70% humidity for almost three months. This baby is very roomy and holds humidity perfectly. The lid is heavy and the seal is tight. Don't second guess buying this humidor.
I bought this humidor over a year ago now. I love it! I try to keep it about half way full (40-50 cigars). I have had no problems with humidity and temp. I keep mine locked so people don't open it to check out my cigars too often and dry them out. This is great to keep out and is a good discussion piece. It draws attention without taking up too much space.
I bought this humi last November ('08) and it looks and performs beautifully. Great seal, very roomy and low maintenance. Realistically holds about 80-100 cigars. A bargain at $75.
I second MC's comment - no way capable of holding 200 cigars. I ordered it with 75 cigars and that almost filled it up. Other than, it's a nice box worth the 75 dollars.
A good humidor for the price although be warned: this is not a 200 stick humi!
For all you cigar fans out there looking for just the right humidor, I highly recomend the cordoba humi. It is absolutely beautiful, well made, the spanish cedar is a delight! Best of all is the price, thanks, C.I. for adding this to your inventory. Thanks for your service, you guys are the best in the business.