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Gurkha Viper Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Viper”
Got one of these in a Gurkha grab bag. Nice cigar for the price. Burned well, pleasant flavor and aroma. An enjoyable mild smoke.
Love it! My favorite Gurkha. Wish CI would run a daily or weekly deal on these! How 'bout it, CI?
AS of Easley, SC
I've heard some not great things about Gurkha, but I've loved about every one I've had. That being said, I thought this was a bit of a let down. The draw was good and it burned smooth, but overall it wasn't an enjoyable smoke. I can't quite place it, but definitely in the bottom of this brand.
SR of Hawthorne, CA
Fire proof. That's the best way to describe this'n. I've kept them at 65 for a month and even the third one of the bunch would not stay lit. A cigar is about relaxation so what if I haven't puffed in the last few minutes it should still be lit!!! Not the case with this one my friends.
AD of Lincoln, KS
Let me start by saying I am a fan of most every Gurkha I have tried...but this one was really a let down. I got a box and have smoked about 7 of them so far and I have barely made it through a half of one. They all have a very hard draw, even after being in the humidor at around 67 for about a month. The taste is what I can only compare to old damp soil. Not a pleasant smoke. I would pass on this one.
Got 2 in a grab bag, just smoked one while doing homework, It was very well constructed, good draw, and was very pleasant until it got down to the nub, then as a previous commenter noted, tasted like what I would imagine wet dirt to taste like... not what I would consider a celebration cigar... but it was a great homework cigar FWIW
ES of Hemet, CA
First off I must say that I have only tried the Gurkha Beauty prior to this. I was at the local cigar shop today and was looking for something new to try. After a few choices, the owner sold me on a Gurkha viper. I was a bit hesitant because I personally did not like the Beauty.(BORING!) As I went out to enjoy my after Dinner smoke, I did a last minute switch between CAO Extreme to the Viper. I was VERY pleased! This is the first cigar that I have smoked down to the nub and Beyond! I was actually burning my lips.( I always thought that those reviews were BS.) I do normally like full bodied cigars, but this is a solid medium bodied contender! Try it, you'll like it!
ED of Grants Pass, OR
Smooth and tasty. I like it!
EW of Virginia Beach, VA