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Super-Premium 2nds Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Super-Premium 2nds”
“Spend the money. You will not be disappointed.”
NT of Lorain, OH
“What a bargain! I have been smoking Punch Elites Maduro for more years than I can remember. There is no doubt in my mind these are Punch seconds. These are a wonderful, full-bodied rich maduro experience and at an unbelievable price. If you are a maduro smoker, I do not know how you could find a better cigar at this price!”
“Received my bundle of perfectos yesterday and smoking my first this morning. Tasty, cool smoke. Will buy them again without hesitation.”
“I ordered two mazos of the Perfecto's, I smoke alot of Punch Champions so I thought I'd give these a try. I have no doubt that these are Punch seconds, the quality is there. That said, I found the few I've tried were loose, the imperfections might run beyond "cosmetic blemishes". These are a 50% savings at regular price and I purchased them at a 62% savings while they were on sale, so I'll deal with the looseness of the draw for those prices. I think I'll leave them in the humidor and keep trying a couple each month to see if they start improving. A really good value and a decent cigar either way.”
GB of Salem, OH
“Do not buy these cigars. The wrapper is very thin, bitter tasting and the cigars are loosely rolled. I will never buy these again. However will continue to smoke and enjoy real PUNCH CIGARS! Not the ones they let the kids roll to keep the busy!!!!”
“I usually don't write reviews and I've been a CI customer since 2005. These are a pretty fair smoke for the price. Yes, some were loose and a few burned uneven like it was wet, but for the price I expected a few logs....and I ordered a number of each through the years, so I think I'll do a few more reviews.”
“There is little doubt in my smoke filled brain, that the Super Premium 2nds robusto IS a Punch maduro rothschild. I have ordered them several times & the corona once. It is true that the occasional stick has a minor wrapper flaw or is a bit less firmly rolled than a Punch 1st might be, but the flavor is the same. So doing the math, I can lay my grubby mitts on 25 of these babies for about half the cost of the real deal. Talk about a no-brainer, this one takes the cake. My only regret is that these don't come in an EMS version. I will be trying the perfecto soon & suspect it will be just as satisfying as the rothschild & corona. If you like Punch & you like great deals, give Super Premium 2nds a whirl. You will not be disappointed.”
“I've been smoking these for years and they are very consistent. A great everyday smoke!”
“Excellent cigar. I now think that it tastes the same as the Punch for a lower price...Enjoy it...”
PR of Skokie, IL
“Great cigar with mild flavor and burns well good every day smoke will buy again.”
TW of Yermo, CA
“I like these as much as a Champion (Punch), they are relaxing, mild, easy to smoke, everyday cigar. I like the shape and the size, I start the cigar, smoke it to the widest part, snuff it and come back for the rest latter. It is a great stub at the end. For me if the stub is good it's a good cigar.”
“Really liked them very well made will buy more good price for what looks like an taste like a punch 7 out of 10”
JO of Southfield, MI
“Really cool, very smooth, makes for a nice night cap.”
JF of Columbia City, IN
“Always looking for quality, affordable, everyday cigars and I believe I've found them in the Super-Premium 2nds. Ive tried the Club Coronas and the Corona Extras, and found them to be different blends, but still very enjoyable, high quality cigars regardless of who makes them, or what the secret brand name is. I'll still buy "the good stuff," but I'll definitely keep a supply of these in the humidor.”
DE of Searcy, AR
“Not bad - a little harsh - worth the price.”