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Blood Red Moon Reviews

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Overall Rating 3.56 out of 5 Based on 18 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Blood Red Moon”

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2 out of 5
Blood Red Moon
The first Blood Red Moons I purchased were nice short smokes so I bought another 50. These draw so hard that I end up cutting both ends back to start. There won't be another order.
5 out of 5
Great Little Corona
This is a fantastic little smoke with a bunch of flavor. It starts off a little firm in the flavor department (I don't want to say harsh that's why I use the word firm), then mellows out quickly and turns into a creamy delicacy for any cigar smoker. Not to mention that they are a great value, this is one of the cigars I keep in my rotation all the time.
3 out of 5
A little too hot at times
Nice small cigar but it gets a little to hot to smoke. Could be just a little longer or thicker.
2 out of 5
Red blood moon
Not too good. Rather dry and harsh.
4 out of 5
Big Hype, ok Stick...
I've had 4 fivers of these in ems & maduro and they taste good but out of those 20 sticks, four had serious draw issues. I've bought my last.
4 out of 5
Nicaraguan firecracker
Bought a 5-pack of these on the intro special and was pleasantly surprised. They turned out to be little Nicaraguan firecrackers worth ordering again and again if you prefer a shorter smoke. Plenty of flavor, easy draw, medium body, and a genuine Nicaraguan flavor profile. Am not sure if I'd spring for the eight five-packs at one time. but these were to my liking.
4 out of 5
Blood Red Moon Maduro
Fantastic value for a smaller Maduro. It burns and tastes just like the big guys!
1 out of 5
Good marketing...terrible cigar.
I had high expectations for this one. A smaller sized cigar for those times when I can't devote an hour to a full size stick. I read the reviews and had high hopes. Boy, was I wrong. I can look past the odd shape and see the bright side I'm everything, but I found these to be bitter, unbalanced and rough. I shared with my cigar smoking friends and the consensus was the same.... yuck. I really wanted to like them.
3 out of 5
only smoked 2
1 smoked fine the otherhard and got very hot flavor was so so
5 out of 5
Worth every penny!
Got a fiver of the maduro perfecto and tho one had draw issues, the other four were worth more than I paid!
3 out of 5
Was not disappointed
A good smoke. Smaller than I usually buy.
5 out of 5
Excellent Quick Smoke
The Blood Red Moon Cigars offer cigar smokers a chance to enjoy a great cigar when we don't have a lot of time to enjoy a full stick. The natural and maduro versions are excellent. I highly recommend that you try these.
4 out of 5
Perfect Perfecto
Just right with the Wall Street Journal and mug of coffee. A great aroma and taste, in a size makes for a quiet morning treat before a busy day. Good value is always a real plus.
5 out of 5
Outstanding little smoke!
Love these little guys. Great for when you have time for a short smoke. Haven't tried the maduro wrapper yet, but the habano wrapper is so tasty I think it can't be beat. Repeat order for me. Have gifted a 5 pack to a friend who loves it as much as I do. Get them while they are on sale!
5 out of 5
All day, every day.
Good price, good smoke whenever short on time or just want to give yourself a treat. I have bought these several times and they don't disappoint.
1 out of 5
Not worth it
Put simply, I thought these cigars were too strong for my taste and tasted "bad."
3 out of 5
Rich, Creamy and Sweet
These have a rich, creamy, sweetness and you can taste some very mild nutmeg and cinnamon in them. For me these are more of a curiosity than a cigar I would want to pull out when I'm in the mood for a smoke. They are good, but just not my cup of tea.
5 out of 5
Big Cuban
This little guy is full of flavor. It reminds me of smoking a real Cuban. I will buy these often. Get this I'm not a smoker,go figure.
Customer Testimonials
I received these free as a premium on another order. I have to say that I've been wanting to try them for a while, the artwork really is striking. They are good little cigars....not too complex but not bland either. For $9.99 per 5 pack you really can't get hurt too badly if you're looking for a little cigar.
Must admit, wasn't sure about these at first. Stuck with them and found them to be a nice little cigar to have in the humidor, especially when time is a factor. Only issue, on average one out of five are rolled too tight or have a stalk in them that impedes draw. Can burn a little hot.
Got these from a promo at lest 5 months ago. Smoked one a week or so after getting them and did not care for it all that much. THEN I decided to light one last night and wow... this is a good little stick. Unique taste, nice burn for the shape, and was great with my jack and coke. Keep the promos coming CI!
Damn fine little smoke. If they could get the price down to the $1.00 - $1.25 range, I'd buy a boatload.
These are uniquely flavorful little smokes! I'm not big on assigning flavors to cigar profiles, but as one reviewer already said "almost nutmeg" really nails it (maybe butterscotch?) Anyway, I got a free 5-pack and came back to order a brick of 50. IMO they don't need any additional aging, but seem like they'll get better over time.
I received these as a promo and was expecting them to be a low grade deal. I was 100% wrong. Everything about these was pleasurable from the ease of the cut to the even burn to the rich but mellow flavor. I was considering giving them to a friend, but after I tried one I was selfish and smoked them myself. A good relaxing 30-45 minute smoke and well worth a look at for any cigar enthusiast.
Impressive. As these were given to me as a free promo with my order, I did not have high hopes. We all know these incentives usually consist of poorly accepted stuff nobody wants to buy. I was pleasantly surprised. These are definitely not cheap fad sticks. Nice construction (however unusual), nice bold flavor, and a solid medium body. I was especially surprised at how long it smoked. I expected a 20 minute quickie. It lasted almost an hour. Thank you CI!
Love the shape of these prized cigars. Tasty short smokes. Got them when they were on clearance. Wish I would have bought a whole brick.
Wow! At first I thought I was smoking a Cuban Fonseca(I lived overseas for a spell). The prelight aroma was slightly metallic and earthy. The mini corona held its ash well, burned straight, and I worked it down to the nub. The flavor notes were slighty vegital, cedar, tobacco, earth and slight spice....almost nutmegish! I will be getting more of these from C.I. on my next order. A true hidden gem!
Have smoked 2 of these within a week of their arrival. Am letting the other 3 sit for a while in the humidor. Both cut, burned, and draw well-maybe too well. Construction was good. These small cigars are surprisingly strong and can become a hot smoke if pulled on too frequently. They let you know if you are. Nothing remarkable about the smell or flavor aside from the strength for a rather petite package. Don't let the small size fool you-these aren't for someone looking for an "easy" or mild smoke. Spicy, pepper, a very little bit of cedar were what I think I got from these. Interesting product.
Hey, these are tasty little cigars in a unique size. I fell for the marketing and the cool artwork, and ordered 2 5-packs. Don't get me wrong, these are tasty little smokes, but more "hat than horse" as they say. I liked them, but for me, are too expensive for what you get. Better off getting some of the toro or corona bundles that CI offers in plentiful quantities.
Man, I love these little cigars, and so do all my friends. They're cheap enough that I don't wince when someone hucks 2/3rd of a stick in the fire, but they're tasty enough that even folks who aren't into cigars will enjoy a few puffs. These pack a wallop, with a nice, earthy scent to them, kind of a coffee/leather/freshly baled hay, with super peppery overtones running the show. If you need a bang-around smoke, give these a shot!