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Nicarao Havana Seleccion Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Nicarao Havana Seleccion”

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This is an interesting and tasty cigar. Ordered the Robusto size off a daily deal. Description is accurate as I really enjoyed the creaminess of this cigar. Other flavors I got were Mocha, coffee and some spice a long the way. Gave a couple to some buddies and both came up to me and asked where to order. Enjoy!!!!
I tried these sticks because I had previously tried the "sungrown" version and I was extremely pleased with the sungrown version. The Seleccion are a totally different animal. I found the stick to be bitter throughout and not pleasing at all. Even though I got them at a reduced price, I still did not get my moneys worth. IMHO go with the sungrown and leave the Seleccion at the store.
This is a phenomenal smoke. Got one in a cigar of the month club last month and let my friend try it. He made me have a puff or two and I was glad I did. So much flavor for a stogie so low in price. I had to take advantage of the 20 for $31 deal on here a few weeks back. Not going to lie, I had one the day those came and it was a little smoky. After a week or two in my humidor, however, I broke one out Monday for the holiday and was blown away. Takes the usual third to get into, but once it does, you will not regret it. Such boldness and spice, with a little sweetness as well. You're insane if you don't try this stoge, especially for the price! Nice power, for a nice (too-low, in my opinion) price!
Just got a bundle in the mail. My buddy and I tried two right off the truck. The burn was great, the draw was just right. The flavor ranged from grass, cedar, chocolate, pepper, and coffee. Most flavors were subtle but enjoyable. Can't wait to try with some rest.
These are not full flavor, they are good....
Very good good taste and consistency. [Out] of 1 to 10, I give it an 8.
Pulled the trigger on a bundle after reading the reviews, was I surprised. Great draw with an even burn and no re-lights. Bought the torpedo size noticed cocoa, spice with a slight sweetness. Do your self a favor and at least try this blend and for the price you cannot go wrong!!!
This cigar is great for the price, however it is not FULL more of a MED to almost FULL IMHO. A fine stogie.
Great cigar, not for beginners, it's to complex and strong for a person who's not used to full bodied cigars!
The first mazo of the torpedos I bought was pretty good, the flavor was about as described in the catalog, construction was excellent and the stick burned properly. The second mazo was a different story; the blend had a bitter undertone and the head of some cigars were cracked through the wrapper....
A good choice for those on a budget!
Great cigar for the price; I don't think it will win any awards or ever achieve a 90+ rating. You're not paying those prices. Would I buy some again: hells yes!
WOW I was very, very impressed with this cigar. Nice, dark, oily outer wrap; nice, smooth draw, and very nice, mellow taste. Med to full body; I ordered the Churchhill 7x50. It was the most pleasant cigar I have had in a long time....well done.
Great bold flavor with a spicy/sweet finish. An excellent cigar at an excellent price.
I was quite surprised how much I liked these cigars, I wasn't expecting much because of the price because I've tried many "cheap" smokes with the "you get what you pay for" result but these were really nice, they smoked well, burned evenly, tasted nice...these bad boys are a must get if you don't have a lot of money to spend but want something that will not put a frown on your face...I prefer the torpedo / belisco, I've had cigars that cost twice as much and weren't half as good as these. for $40 you won't be disappointed unless you're one of those "sophisticated" types that scrutinizes every little thing in a cigar...simply put just smoke it, you'll enjoy it.
Fantastic value, excellent smoke, pulled thes babies out on my last Florida golf trip in October and the boys ate em up ! Re-ordering for my early Christmas present to myself, thanks Santa !