Don Pepin Garcia Tabacos Baez Serie H Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Don Pepin Garcia Tabacos Baez Serie H”
“After seeing the words "my fathers cigars" written on the band, I knew I was in for a treat. This cigar is wonderfully smooth with a great cocoa/nutty taste. Ash only hold on for an inch or so before falling off on it's own. The construction is perfect, burn was even and the draw was excellent. I don't why these are flying under the radar of the cigar community, but that just means more for me.”
TS of Corona, CA
“Just got done enjoying the Tabacos Baez Serie H out on the patio on the first warm day of spring. Draw was excellent, burn was even, smooth, and the ash held on for a good 1-1/2" before I decided to remove it. Flavors were savory and warm, got some sage hints in there; cedar as well. A little bit one-dimensional for my tastes, but overall not a bad cigar. 7/10, in my opinion.”
MP of Bradford, NH
“I tried these for the first time and was pleasantly surprised...they improved greatly after a little time in the Humi... it's not a real complex smoke, but the flavor is nice, and the burn and draw are excellent. I will keep a few of these in the humi....”
“I let these sit in the humi for 3 months before trying 'em out. I guess I shoulda let them sit longer. Although the construction, draw, and burn was perfect on every single one, I just didn't much care for the lack of taste.... and I also found it a bit harsh, even though I'm typically a med-full-type guy. I'll pass this one off as just not my personal cup 'o tea.”
“This is a follow-up to an earlier post: obviously, there are better cigars that I enjoy, but at this price, the Tabacos Baez is my daily go to stick. I have been through 200 or more of these and they are very consistent ...only a few that have been a little tight. They smoke like a $5 stick...they are definitely worth a try.”
JP of Indianapolis, IN
“This cigar is one of the best I have in my humidor !”
“Incredible Pepin cigar for the money...I've been on a Pepin and Tatuaje kick lately, but those Flor de las Antillas are reaching into my pocket so I decided to get these, thinking they would be ho hum, but boy was I wrong... these cigars are amazing and I've recommended them.... I hope they stay on the CI radar!! Incredible cigar; keep them coming!!! ”
AM of Silver Spring, MD
“A very nice cigar, DPN can't go wrong!”
SM of Houston, TX