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Indian Tabac Classic Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Indian Tabac Classic”
Been smoking Indian Tabac Classics for many years. They are wonderfully spicy with a natural sweet finish. Simply a great corojo cigar. Fast delivery and great prices on a classic cigar. Thanks CI.
RF of Eau Claire, WI
Indian Tabac is one of my favorite cigars--a nice spicy corojo with a slightly sweet finish. Been smokin' em for years; ain't gonna stop now. This is truly a wonderful, affordable cigar.
RF of Eau Claire, WI
just wanted to let you guys know that I am thrilled with the weekly special Indian Tapuc by Rocky Patel. These cigars are an excellent smoke with much flavor, have a great draw and the price can not be any better. I am so glad to have ordered the special. Additionally, your service was superior. Thanks again
RW of Hopewell Junction, NY
Well, I think this is the umpteenth time (40, 50, 60) that holding the robusto in my mouth, reading the CI Mag and comparing it to Famous and Thompson THAT I HAVE FRIGGING A BURNED MY MOUTH AGAIN...this cigar is the first premium, and it was a premium back when RP started out...I always keep 10 to 20 of the corojo in my humi, sometimes in a seperate humi, on hand...the smoke is smooth through the nose. The taste is tobacco with nuts (to me, almonds) and a pleasant wife is sleeping about 10 feet away....believe me, she has set up more than once on cigars that do not have a pleasant smell and demanded "open that dang window more so I don't have to smell that 'gar". This one never wakes her! You cannot find a better price than these babies on CI. I can smoke this one down to 1/2 inch without it being bitter and I never have to relight this firm burning cigar! thanks, Rocky P!
JH of Mena, AR
The Classic is quite a nice cigar in my view. A bit spicy and peppery with a pleasant flavour and aroma. This is a fine cigar, I think, with that early pot of coffee...can't manage to get by with just a cup! This cigar is certainly priced attractively, as well.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
what a great cigar. it has just the right amount of spice for a perfect everyday smoke. nice box too.
AV of Quakertown, PA
Pretty much a yard stick in that it's not the worse cigar by any means but it's no where near the "I gotta keep em' in my humidor list". Nice cheap smoke to fire up when you working on your car or cutting the grass maybe. Remember at $2 or $3 a stick anything that can actually smoke to completion is a win.
HB of Edgewood, MD
Indian Tabac "Classic" - Sometimes I can't wait to finish a batch of cigars, to get started on something new, but that is not the case with the Classic. In fact, I found myself waiting for a special occasion to enjoy this unique smoke. Everything about it screams of RED, starting with the Habana2000 Corojo wrapper (a new hybrid seed combining the best element of Cuban and Connecticut leaves). The wrapper, once moist becomes tight and slippery on the cigar like a genuine leather chamois cloth (oh-so nice). To describe the medium bodied taste I picture an American Indian growing his tobacco plants in a grove of California Pepper Trees and sitting amongst the smooth red and twisted branches of the Manzanita Shrub enjoying this fine smoke in the great outdoors. This is a definite buy recommendation to all CI Nation Enthusiasts!
TG of Temecula, CA
This cigar is a sleeper! I have smoked alot (and I mean ALOT) of corojo cigars but this is one of the best and not just in the terms of "more bang for the buck", which it is that as well. There are a bunch of cigars that have the reputation of being so good because they are under famous name brand but NONE of them truly compare with the overall experience of the Indian Tabac Classic. Once again CI has brought exceptional quality cigars to the regular guy at everyday prices (which is why I am a loyal customer). Thanks to Rocky Patel and Cigars International, you guys make it enjoyable!
DH of Pell City, AL
Best damn cigar for the money. Creamy smooth and lots of smoke what else can you ask for. Thanks for putting them on sale CI.
SA of Hiram, GA
At $2 per stick, what do you expect? For me, it's the Chief Classic from Indian Tabac. It has a big ring size, but the cigar isn't rolled very tight, and it burns a little quicker than other, more expensive cigars. The aroma isn't bad, and the flavor isn't bad either. Nothing too special, but definitely a decent buy for $2 per. I like to take them to poker or golf games and share them with my friends.
BH of Kannapolis, NC
I bought the salomans because they were big and inexpensive What a great cigar!! Good flavor,construction, appearance.Got them on a Black Friday special. Keep the great cigars coming CI
DM of Marion, NC
This is the reason you buy a sampler from these guys. I would have completely gone by this little gem except that it came in the "Honest Pour 15 pack" sampler. This little stick isn't my normal size, my normal anything... but it was a great smoke. Smooth, a little dry, with cedar and light leathery flavors. Great construction and an even burn only generated two ashes to fall. It was an excellent way to end a long day and I enjoyed this to the nub. As always, RP puts out a fine product, but this one is a real bargain from CI. At $1.45 a stick this may become my daily smoke. Not to jinx the deal, but I would certainly pay more for this one.
RW of San Antonio, TX
The key to this cigar: let it rest. I smoked one right out of the bundle, it was horrible. It turned my mouth dry as cotton and I could absolutely nothing out of it. I couldn't get 1/4 way through it and I tossed it regretting my purchase. I threw them in the humi and totally forgot about them. About a month later, I decided to give this cigar another try. All I can say is WOW. It's amazing how some short humidor time can do wonders to some sticks. This time the cigar was a flavor bomb. It started off with cedar and spices, and continued to show other tastes of wood and leather. This remains a $1.5 cigar, don't get to excited, but in comparison to my first stick, there was a world of difference.
MU of Seaside Heights, NJ
Without a doubt, one of the best cigars I have in my 300 count humidor. There are several brands that I have, at a cost 5 times the amount of this one. Even so, the consistent burn, draw, flavor, and construction, brings this smoke to the fore-front. The cost is interest on my investment.
DM of Taylor, MI
I will give this a 10 for a good everday cigar.It had some good flavor to it. It smoked relatively well,no real big problems with them.It had a nice ash,construction was not as bad as I thought.nice big clouds of smoke and this was a steal on the price! I would choose them again.Thank you CI
RM of N.ogden, UT
I bought the Robustos on a whim. I was very surprised by this little gem. Peppery with a bit of leather and sweet on the end. The first one had a tight draw, but the second was perfect. I smoked it down to an inch and it remained cool and was as good at the end, as it was from the start. A outstanding economical smoke. I wish I would of purchased a longer one.
SM of Tuscola, TX
If I didn't know better I would have thought I was smoking a five dollar cigar. This is a nice change of pace. It won't top my Ashton Magnums but this cigar is darn good!
JS of Arlington, TN
My only disappointment with these is that I only have 5 left. Absolutely worth more than the asking price, and I will sit outside and freeze my behind off in 10 degree temperatures to have one.
SP of Manassas, VA
Got one of these in a brown bag sampler and was very pleased with it. Some nuttiness at first, transitioning to spice with a hint of cedar. Burnt my fingers trying to savor this baby to the last bit.
JD of Foster, VA
Absolutely Wonderful! Had to get that out. This is the cigar that got me into smoking. I definately reccomend this for first time smokers. The draw is great along with it's construction, but the first inch gives off an acrid taste, but once you pass that, it's buttery smooth. A humidore must have, and for the price, you can't beat that.
PC of longview, TX
If you are a Corojo fan, like me, then there is nothing about Indian Tabac Classic you won't appreciate. A recent daily deal offered 20 big torpedoes for a mere buck fifty a stick & I jumped on it.... But I am puffing on one now & want to relay my initial impressions. Classic is draped in a lightly colored corojo leaf. It is light in the hand, well constructed, but soft. Pre-light aroma is nice. The burn is even, right off the truck & the ash is firm for a cigar so loosely packed. Expect a 40 minute burn time. I find it to be a mild/medium experience, very flavorful, with hints of spice. Most budget line cigars fail miserably when it comes to complex flavors, yet Classic delivers it in gobs.... At the price, one would be hard pressed to find a better cigar. I highly recommend Classic to almost anyone seeking a value priced, everyday vitola.
Got one of these in a CI sample pack and was surprised. I found it a sweet hay finish with a bit of spice to the start. It is one I will have to try again and would offer to friends if they wanted to try something a bit different. If you like something medium with a slight sweetness to it I would say to grab these at such a great price!
KS of Lockport, IL
Let them sit! My first two, smoked right after I bought them, were bordering on terrible, couldn't finish either of them. BUT! Left them in the humi for two months and I have been rewarded with a smooth, delicious smoke! Will buy again!
CG of Audubon, PA
Delicious cigar with a great spice and sweet finish; However, I had issues with several cigars arriving with cracked caps. Additionally, the Corojo wrapper was extremely fragile, brittle and cracked easily. These have great flavor but have some construction issues.
ZM of Lafayette, LA
I am not sure what the other customers are raving about. These have sat in my humidor for about 6 months and this has only made these slightly better then right from the box, unless one savors the tastes of burnt coffee, pencil lead, and wood chips. Don't get me wrong, aging made them somewhat better but I shouldn't have had to make it half way down the cigar to discover this. This strikes me as a lot of effort for one brand. If they show up in a sampler I won't get rid of them- but Punch or 5 Vegas these aren't. I rate them only slightly above a Dutch Master and some of the generics over at another company.
AL of York, PA
Got one in a sampler, I will say this cigar does produce a lot of white smoke but so did the leafs I burned in my backyard. I guess for 2 bucks it beats a cheapie you would get at a gas station but if you are used to a real Rocky this won't do it for you.
DL of Monroe, GA
Nice, mild and pleasant smoke for working around the garage or yard. Might pick up another box of these at some point. If you like the John Bull cigar, you'll like these too. Kind of reminds me of that flavor and quality.