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Bahia Maduro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Bahia Maduro”
All I can say about this Bahia maduro pancho is, eh. It wasn't downright amazing, but it definitely wasn't so bad I had to throw it over the fence after lighting it. The wrappers on all 20 of them were spotted and discolored, but they were rolled very well. The burn was even and it never ran. The first 10-15 minutes it was very harsh and had a bitter sharp almost salty bite. Once it started to mellow out it turned into a pleasant coffee bean, leather, and black pepper flavor. It reminded me of something between the RP Edge and CAO Gold Maduro. The longest ash I could get was about and inch or so. I was sipping on water but it probably would've gone nicely with any amber liquid of your choice. The draw was not too hard until about 2" from the end. That's when I had to roll it around in my fingers to massage out whatever was plugging it. Overall not a bad little cigar for the price. I will order them again. Tomorrow I will try the Bahia Trinidad pancho.
BF of Belton, TX
I agree with JW.I just ordered my 5th bundle of these babys (Torpedos) even bought extra humidor to store just Maduro Bahia's! Very enjoyable to smoke.
DM of Murrieta, CA
Best cigar going for the price , indulge !!!!
JS of Michigan City, IN
I prefer Nicaraguan tobacco and especially maduros. When I tried these I could not believe it. If my favorite $8 cigar is a "90", then these are "88's"!
RT of Palm Harbor, FL
Looks like the word is out for this stick. I just ordered some and they are already back ordered again. I haven't smoked one yet but they do look tasty. Look to be well constructed. For the price I am sure these will be a much appreciated addition to my humi.
CS of Chattanooga, TN
The Bahia Maduro Corona Gigante is an amazing value cigar. This cigar sports a beautiful dark brown oily broadleaf wrapper. The construction is superb, solid and uniform. The draw and burn are very good. The real surprise though, the flavor profile. This cigar is medium plus to full bodied. Rich in many flavors that include white pepper, cocoa, black cherry, and a bit of earthiness. I can't believe that I paid under $2 per stick for this cigar. This cigar is as good or better than many broadleaf maduro's that cost 3 to 5 times as much. Thanks for the deal CI, very well done. Cheers!!
JW of Chicago, IL
These are pretty good!!! Rich coffee flavor with some sweetness on the finish... don't be afraid to get these. With a little time in the humi they will be even better!!!
CC of Petersburg, VA
I just received twenty Bahia Maduro Corona Gigante cigars and just had to try one straight away. I'll have to say I enjoyed it very much, the thing running for about three hours! Only two minor things very slightly spoilt the experience: a slightly flakey ash and it had to be re-lit a few times. The somewhat more than medium cigar has a pleasant, earthy pre-light aroma and is a very tasty smoke. I think this is a very worthwhile cigar and will most likely improve even more by resting in the humidor for a wee while. An extra 'plus' is the cost. These are not expensive cigars.
MM of Leesburg, VA
Dang boys! I love maduro cigars, and I just tried a couple of these. I don't think they can be beat even by cigars that cost triple the money,give them a try, I don't think you will be dissapointed!
WS of Marion, NC
Wow!!! I have smoked several Bahia cigars a few years back and experienced a musty barnyardy smell and taste, indicating the tobaco was not stored properly. When I got this Maduro, the aroma was rich and the taste was very focused. Stong flavors of chocolate, cofee, and the right amount of spice and wood. Smoke these right down to the nub and can't get over the price. Velvety smooth, dense and eventful.
RH of Pound Ridge, NY
JP of Brentwood, CA
I was impressed with this smoke, A poor mans Padron if you will, Very Barnyard at the pre-light, The flavor was medium in body with a cocoa and earth core, just a hint of pepper, one of the smoothest cigars I have had in a while that didn't bore me. I like a spicier cigar normally, Habano or Corojo wrapped. But what can I say, I liked this cigars ripe fruit sweetness balanced by that light pepper and earthy base. Not a note above or below medium in strength. Perfect driving around in the car cigar.
JS of Moraine, OH
These are a great smoke for the golf course - mild-medium and lasts most of 9 holes. Thanks CI for a great deal on these!
BS of Powell, OH
I have to say, I am very impressed with this cigar! The Bahia Maduro is an outstanding deal by any measure. The flavor profile blew me away: strong bittersweet chocolate and tobacco with hints of coffee and earth and a bit of spice makes this a tasty treat. Not as "heavy" in the hand as many cigars but it does burns perfectly every time and lasts long enough (35-40 min's for the Panchos under heavy smoking.) The wrapper is very dark, though not the prettiest...but who cares? At this price point what do you want? This is turning into my go-to cigar for the trusty burn alone, much less the flavor. Thoroughly enjoyable, stronger than I thought, and downright affordable, I am more than happy to have picked up a bundle.
DM of Quon, WI
Guys, do not miss out on these tasty Maduros! Smoked two, than ordered another box. I agree, they aren't a Cain F series, but they are fantastic, and a great bargain. Just ordered a hundred stick humidor. I'll bet you will find these in there at all times:)
DW of Pleasant Plain, OH
When I first saw these I thought they looked pretty interesting, certainly worth a try. I love dark oily maduros. But since my 400 ct humi was pretty full I figured I would wait before I bought any. After looking at them long enough my wife bought me a box. When I lit up the first one (as soon as they came in) I was amazed at the quality and taste of these babies. After smoking the second one I ordered another box. I could say for the price these are a great deal but they are really pretty good for three or four times the price.
LG of Columbia City, IN
STOP, look no further for the best Maduro that CI has to offer and coupled with price the best bargain as well!! As a consistant bargain hunter I am always trying CI daily and/or weekly specials in search for their best deals and I can honestly say this is tops on my list. The burn is slow, even, and with an effortess draw. This tasty treat will leave you with light hints of cocoa, nuts, earth and a mild to medium smoke. Not the prettiest cigar in the bunch but construction if firm and stays tight throughout the 45 minutes of pleasure. I'll be buying these babies on a regular basis. Trying the Trinadad next....more to come.
MS of Mobile, AL
Got my first one of these puppies in a maduro sampler I picked up here on CI, and immediately fell in love! My favorite maduro to date, this Bahia has become my go to cigar! I keep my humi loaded with these now, simply cannot get enough! The flavor is amazing and lasts consistently throughout the whole cigar. The cocoa and spices compliment each other perfectly, and neither is over powering. Add to that the fact that it has a near perfect draw and a very even would be crazy not to give this stick a try if you are a maduro lover!
SF of Buxton, ME
Wow, just finished my first Bohia Maduro. Well, actually, I just finished ordering 2 boxes, after smoking my first bohia Maduro! They're that delicious. This cigar smoked so well. I wished every cigar would taste this good, burn this good, draw this good, and at 35 bucks for 20 churchills, it's a no brainer, 2 boxes for me. Thanks CI for another great deal!!!
JY of La Porte, IN
Smoked the Bahi Maduro Torpedo. Great little smoke, a bit lighter then I usually smoke for a maduro, but great smoke burn and flavor.I'm gonna order some of the giantica size to get even more for my money..Thanks CI
JC of Charlotte, NC
Ladies and Gentlemen, I got my first box and found my new maduro. Burn is very even, draw is effortless, looks good (dark and toothy),construction is flawless. I bought another box when they went on sale. What a pleasure to smoke. Thank you
FS of Middle, MD
OMG, A friend put me on to this deal and for the price I ended up going with the Gigante, that was 60 cigars ago and im still buying them and loving everyone of them.
KA of Dearborn Heights, MI
I am a maduro fan but will not be trying more of these. My box was very well made...they all burned consistently. They were surprisingly well made for the price. My problem was that they were just a little too peppery for me. I tend to go more for the coffee and cocoa end of the flavor spectrum. Because they were so well made I probably will check out the Blu and Trinidad Bahias later.
PB of Deland, FL
Good cigar. 5.5 X 52. Nice burn, good flavor. Excellent value. Impressive looking cigar, dark with a bright red band. As with all my cigars, I buy a box or a bundle, and put half away for a two or three month nap in another humidor while I enjoy the other half. These were even better after resting a while. I only have a few left and I will be ordering these again. They are a nice change of pace from my full-bodied cigars.
MB of East Greenbush, NY
The construction is fabulous, featuring few, if any, veins. I only had one burn issue, and a bit of tight draw to begin with, but those problems soon gave way to the overall beauty of this cigar. A light and subtle maduro, this smoke delivers a consistent pleasant taste, and the aromatic smoke creates a sensory ambiance not to be missed. I think I just found my favorite cigar of all time!
FS of Orlando, FL
Got them when they dropped to $27.50 for 20. I can't believe how good of a cigar this is for the price. I've had a ton of Maduro's, and this is one of the best out there. At less than $2 a stick, you have to buy these.
CT of Pittsburgh, PA
Smoked my first Bahia Maduro last night. It was part of the Black Friday sampler. The first inch was good... And it just got better after that. I smoked that baby down to a nub. It was so good I just couldn't put it down. I was burning my fingers taking the last few puffs. I really love Maduros, and the Bahia Maduro is the perfect example of how to do Maduros the right way. Hats off to Tony Borhani. This is a cigar anyone would be proud to put their name on.
JJ of Maumelle, AR
Tried this one via the black friday maduro sampler, i had high hopes for from reading the reviews, I was a tad disappointed. The wonderful flavors described in the reviews just weren't there, this was just bland to me.
DA of Beaverton, OR
This smoke is very coffee-earthy with a hint of sweet woodiness (coming from the Connecticut maduro wrapper); it's medium body (which makes it perfect for any time of the day) but mid-strong, which is right up my alley. Plus: great construction: there is no need for touch-ups at all, neither a formation of tunnels. A must-by humi-stuffer. :)
DS of San Antonio, TX
These smoke and taste great for their price! I smoked 2 today. The second one had a little bit of a tuff draw but still tasted great.Well worth their price and much more!
HH of Somerset, PA
For the money, this is simply an awesome smoke. The Bahia Maduro does possess a few stems, but the construction is solid and its maduro flavors come through in spades. This cigar is consistant and burns even as well.
CF of New Palestine, IN
Just ordered and received my first cigars from CI and they are the Bahia Madoro Corona Gigante and I was absolutely amazed at the quality, flavor, and total smoke of this fine beauty....and to think I received 20 for less than $40...AMAZING! Will order these from CI over and over again!
JP of Zelienople, PA
I love these!! They have been around for a long while and I have always enjoyed smoking these. Long on flavor and easy on the wallet. These are one of my favorite smokes. Thanks CI for having these for me to enjoy!
AC of Blacklick, OH
Got these cigars off the Make Me An Offer deal for a great price. Just submitted the same offer again hoping to get some more at the same great price! These are my new regular favorites. Usually a very consistent, even burn (the few that have needed touch-ups have done very well after that). Great medium-body flavor and the smell is fantastic. I highly recommend these dark beauties.
TH of St. Paul, MN
Got this in a sampler. Label is plain and unassuming. Don't let that fool you though. Construction is good, produced lots of smoke (which I prefer), and more importantly, lots of flavor. I am an admitted maduro junkie, but these are really worth the money.
DJ of Charlotte, MI
For the money, these Maduro sticks are hard to beat! When you have a discussion about "good value" cigars, these should be in the mix.
Like everyone else on here. Not a bad thing to say about these. We all hunt high and low for that hidden low $ stick that isn't just puffing hay and flavorless smoke. This one has it all. I have smoked no less than 350 (give or take) in the last 5 years. And for the life of me, I can't remember ever having a bad one! Get some. You won't be disappointed! Also. If you think these are great? Try Bahia's Gold White label. They are amazing. Yes. They are considerably more expensive. But they kick ass!
DM of Herndon, VA
I really like these! Great looks, great taste, and great flavor....I have perhaps had one maduro I like better than this, but Bahia Maduros are a great performer every time at a price I can live with and seemingly available any time I want to place an order.
I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar. It was very flavorful. The smoke was smooth. I have nothing bad to say about this cigar (I couldn't stop complimenting it while smoking it actually), and I will likely order more of them when my humidor has room.
JC of Houston, TX
All I can say is, these cigars are downright amazing to me....I have smoked Macanudos, Gurkhas, CAO, Diesel, and other more expensive sticks, but i like the Bahia Maduros the best. These are the perfect cigars for me. I just received my order of the 7X54 size and these big sticks will last me about 3 to 4 hours. These are even better than my beloved Dark Sharks. Thanks so much CI for being the worlds best cigar retailer..!!!
This is absolutely the best $2 stick you can find. One of my all-time favorite cigars, this is definitely my favorite every day smoke. I love it more than most of the higher priced maduros I've tried.
BM of Spanaway, WA
Was under the impression that those who don’t have access to Cuban cigars, are not getting a quality smoke. Now have to admit that I was wrong. This Bahia Maduro for one, as noted by other reviewers, is indeed a very good cigar and a great value. Having tried nearly half of the Cuban brands obtained from their franchise here in Tehran (Iran), and very recently the opportunity to smoke some non-Cuban handmades such as this fantastic Bahia cigar, changed my perception altogether. Now I should envy those who have better access to the world cigars, since other than some American and European machine-mades, there are no other handmades except for the very expensive ‘luxury tax rated’ Cuban cigars available in Tehran.
HG of San Diego, CA
I am a huge fan of Maduro cigars, and prefer Nicaraguan cigars. So when I purchased my 1st bundle of Bahia Pancho's, I was not dissapointed. These have quickly become my every-day cigar. I've tried many other cigars,from ultra premium on down,and I keep coming back to these. Job well done!
JD of Coal Township, PA
When I first tried these Bahia maduros I had little to nothing good to say about them. There were 3 or 4 in my bundle of 20 with absolutely discouraging wrappers and my first two sticks were too spicy with an excessively peppery finish. They've sat in my humidor for a mere 2 weeks and have already become exponentially better than when I initially tried them. They've become smoother, more balanced flavor wise, and I even taste coffee beans at the end of the first third-beginning of the second. For the price, these are a steal especially if you don't mind sitting on the cigars for a few weeks/months before smoking them. Just be aware that there are some inconsistencies with the wrappers on these.
JR of Las Vegas, NV
A true fan of Maduro cigars I am really impressed by the Bahia giant. I have bought these 4 times and found a great smoke. But the last order the price went up 10 bucks. The catalog price was still at the price I had been paying. After talking to a Rep. I was informed that the price went up even though the NOVEMBER issue said otherwise. I was told on the back of the cover said lower price was good only till the 7th of Nov. So the latest catalog after the 7th is fair game. So be careful what you order the catalog is deceiving to say the least. They probably won't use this, BUYER BEWARE!!
AH of Cameron Mills, NY
Received one of these Bahia maduros in a sampler. Not sure if I got a bad apple but after a short but long enough 3 week bath in the humidor I lit this cigar up. I got about three tight puffs before it would not draw out for me anymore. When I pinched and twisted the stick the loosen the draw the wrapper started falling off. I relit the cigar again and got no draw. I tried one last ditch effort recutting the end of the cap off. Unfortunately I cut a little too far and the shoulder started unravelling. I figured I could still get 10 minutes out of the cigar before it fell apart so bad it became gross. But guess what... That's right. No draw. I would rather spend two bucks on a couple games of pinball.
AF of Minneapolis, MN
When it comes to cigars, I'm always put in mind of the old saying "De gustibus non disputandum est." (Concerning tastes, there can be no disputes.) While I liked the flavor on these, I felt like I had to wait to about halfway down before I got to them. It's a pretty densely rolled cigar, so that can take 20-30 minutes...too long to wait for what I actually got. Second, the construction looked okay - but I haven't been able to get a one of these to smoke without canoeing at least once (normally in the first third). There isn't a lot of complexity here. I've smoked them right away and sit for 7 months. The 7 months have developed a little more, but certainly not enough to justify the space they take up (these are the biggest sticks I have right now, except for some tubos). I don't think I'll buy them again. For roughly $2 you can have a corojo Gran Habano vintage 2002 that will actually be great right from the start and will develop nicely over time.
CL of Elizabethtown, KY
Im new to the cigar world, but these looked good so I got some. truly an enjoyable cigar for the price. burns really good and slow. not a bad one in the bunch so far. I got an average of 45 minutes of smoke on each one. I was not disappointed in the least bit. mild flavor and seems to get stronger the longer it goes. Don't pass this up!!
CF of mcalester, OK
Wrappers are consistent and look great, draw has been effortless of 15 smoked so far, have had to touch up burn on about 1/4 which is minor a inconvenience, lots of smoke, lasts 40 to 60 minutes. Everyone stick starts to unravel so have had to be careful to keep securing the wrapper at the head. Some have had really great flavor as noted in the description; most kind of hit and miss as to really good to just ok in flavor. Would smoke again...once in a while.
ZR of Mechanicsville, VA
5 out of 5 stars! This cigar was amazing. I would rate these cigars right up there with La Aurora. It smoked smooth and easily. It had a strong pepper and coffee taste. Will buy more and would recommend this cigar.
WA of Pawnee City, NE
Can't go wrong with the Bahia Maduro. Very good!
SR of Caney, KS
This is in my opinion one of the best values for what you get in qaulity, flavor and great value! I will buy more when I run low. Delicious cigar. A hidden treasure.
SG of Bend, OR
Do yourself a favor and try these cigars. There is not a better 5 dollar stick out there and these only cost about 2.50 a stick. In fact, I would go as far as to say you would have a hard time finding an 8 dollar cigar that has as much flavor, and is a well constructed and easy to smoke as these. The best part is they are cheap enough you can smoke them as an everyday cigar and not go broke.
Probably one of the sweetest, med to full body cigars I ever purchased. Great even burn, nice flavor, great outer wrapper and great price for the quality of these cigars. It's a keeper! If kept at this price, I'll be returning for more.
Bahia Maduro Gigantes have been one of my long time favorites and they never disappoint. The rich, full bouquet of smoke and smooth sweetness of the maduro wrapper combine for a great smoke. I've gotten my brother and brother-in-law hooked on these babies too, and they can't stop thanking me.
very nice cigar for the money. It has a nice oily wrap, and doesn't tunnel or unravel. Some nursing is necessary with odd ones, but usually consistent.
Smoked 20 over a 2 month period. Mild-medium, oily maduro (good), little or no flavor (boring).
HK of LaGrange, KY
I just love this cigar. I am on my third order. They stay lit, gets sweeter towards the end and plenty of smoke. I like the oily shine as well. Great cigar for the price. Actually worth more than what you pay.
Just received and couldn't wait to burn one. First off I noticed a nice spicy taste followed by a nice easy draw and excellent smell. Midway through the flavors mellow a bit while retaining some of the spice and a nice even burn that continued throughout. Very enjoyable for a quick smoke (as they do burn quickly compared to more expensive cigars) but worth every penny spent.
WN of Las Vegas, NV
Bought them as give aways; after having a couple want them for myself. Great bargain smoke for everyday, medium in strength, flavor is consistent, not many changes, sweet with a little spice, will purchase again to fill up humidor.