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Augusto Reyes Nativo Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Augusto Reyes Nativo”
“I forget what made me buy a box of these some 3 years ago? but I did. And I loved them! They weren't very expensive at the time. I was only a year or so into smoking Cigars and I wanted some more medium bodied cigars as my Palate was developing and changing, and the mild's weren't cutting it anymore. Since that time I have ordered no less than 5 more boxes of them and I have noticed that they aren't as easy to come by these days? I don't know if they are going to stop production (I hope not) of them? But I was surprised that there were no reviews on this little gem. I have always been very happy with them. Very good construction. nice and firm, no soft spots. I have had a few that were a hard draw but that happens time to time. They burn even and have a nice firm whitish ash. The flavors I notice are Cedar and Toast and a nice creamy texture. All in all. I think an awesome addition to anyone's humi, and they age extremely well too. For the price? You can't go wrong. Get 'em while you still can I guess. I'm gonna grab 3 bundles just in case......”
DM of Herndon, VA
“I bought these as a C.I. Special.I figure for $2.00 a cigar, I had to try them. I will say the first few were loosely rolled and the wrapper unravelled. But now that I am into the end of the bundle, each is a smooth,tasty smoke. And couldn't beat the price. Thanks C.I.”
“Caveat emptor!....Severe canoing, tunneling, turned spongey, and the wrapper split and unravelled.”
“I orderd these as a filler and to smoke them while my other cigars ripend up in the humidor, at first look the torpedo tips seemed crudly fasioned the lables poor quality , and the fillers quite loose making it a quick smoke, that said the taste was a plesent mild taste and for the money they served there purpose.”
EO of Ridgecrest, CA