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Looking for a medium bodied, flavorful stick, that costs two bones? Who isn't? Morro Castle fills the bill. A few months in the humi does wonders for these pale wrapped, spicey vitolas. Minor burn issues do not detract from the overall construction, which is good. Firm, heavy in the hand, you can do a lot worse. Considering the cost, it's hard to see how you can do much better. Worth a look.
This is one of my favorite cigars ever. The draw is perfect, and it tastes great. I would categorize it as an everyday smoke, but it's so enjoyable, it could easily pass for a 'special occasion' smoke. I've gone through a couple of boxes of these and plan to go through some more.
One of the first cigars I tried. Really smooth and pleasant. Each puff gives you a rewarding smoke cloud, unlike some of the other mild/ mild-medium cigars.
Just got the box today and smoked my first one. Very pleased. As noted in a review of another brand, I have been a long time cigar smoker. Can't say much about "pepper, leather, vanilla, wood" or any other crap used to describe a cigars flavor. Like wine, it's either good or not. These cigars burn well, have a nice construction, and taste like a good cigar, very good as a matter of fact. Get them ASAP; you will not be sorry.
My go-to cigar......looks good, taste good, is good.......get some!
I will have to withdraw my first evaluation and give you guys a new one. Finished the box of robustos and liked the cigar so much I ordered the 2 boxes of Toros. The Toro is sweet, creamy and nutty...absolutely fabulous! Aroma is also excellent.
I just had a Morro Castle-Churchill from my buddy in Howell N.J. and I must say they were good but they are NOT Havanas. The smokes are really good indeed, with a good burn and good flavors . A great smoke for your bucks and a great value. Thanks A.J. for a good smoke. Amicalement
Robusto (4.8"x52) A good cigar "6 out of a 10" I like a medium to full bodied cigar. Good flavor, but too harsh on the throat for me.
Decent cigar at a decent price.
Read Keith's staff review, it is spot on!! It's the reason I bought a box of the Toros, and it's a really good deal at the sale price. I wouldn't pay the normal price for them, but they are an excellent value for a little over two bucks apiece. I have had three so far, and each has been as good as the review. Let's see what even more humidor time will do for them.
Just ordered another box of these beauties. I love medium flavor cigars and have tried many different brands to find a "daily smoker". I found that a lot of those brands were "too much", too spicy, too rich and so on. These however are just like Goldilocks finding the right bed, just right, ahh. These babies are perfect. Smooth, a little spicey, with a nuttiness. I still like to try different styles and brands but these are my favorite daily smoke.
This is my second order of Morro Castle cigars and definitely NOT my last. A smooth, creamy mouth-feel with lots of smoke. Mild-medium body which can be enjoyed anytime. Pairs really well with a strong morning coffee or in the afternoon with an IPA.
Good construction, great flavor burns very nicely. Overall a great cigar for the price.
Wonderful cigar, I'm enjoying the robusto right now. Very "Cubanesque" tingle on the lips and palate, and distinct notes of cedar and spice. Really a joy to smoke.
A good solid medium smoke. Spicy smooth with cedar, nuts and creamy sweetness. This one ends up a little more potent than you realize. A nice morning cigar bordering on full flavor. The Belicoso and Robusto work better than the longer sizes in flavor and keep in my opinion.
Morro castle surely wasn't built with brick, try stone. Raw and rugged is rightfully done justice with a flavorful array that shocks my normally mild seeking pallet. The wrapper masks the sublime orchestral blend which starts with a hostile takeover and ends with a graceful handshake. Great cigar! Daddy likes!
I really like this cigar, although the wrapper is very fussy about humidity, the one I am smoking now has cracked and peeled. A good amount of spice and creaminess, plus some indefinable yet unique flavors make for an enjoyable hour of smoking pleasure. Note; this is the Belicoso size.
Wow...There's a lot of good stuff happening within this cigar. Nice construction, great burn and complex flavors. Spicy to the palate yet not overly on the "peppery" side with lots of satisfying smoke. It was a pleasant surprise this morning and I will be ordering more...
I am not a big fan of this smoke, It was much more full in body than I expected, which is fine, but it just did not round out at all, it was harsh and bitter, like the blend needed about 6 months more of aging, this being said, Like many smokes I have tried, the down time can make a winner out of it, I have 3 more of these, I will wait a few months then give it another shot, The Oliveros XL Bold's have become a favorite of mine after some down time.
I have to say that the Morro Castle Robusto is a clear winner. Tasty, medium-bodied, and fairly complex. I really hate the way people use words like "artisan" (for cryin' out loud you see it everywhere) on a plethora of products. I also grimace when I see "Cubanesque" to describe a cigar. But, brothers, I'm gonna use 'em here. (Well, okay... not the artisan description.) But the Morro Castle is REALLY "Cubanesque" in the sense that it is a great medium-bodied, complex cigar. There is a dryness (think Nicaraguan tobaccos) that adds a dimension not present in some Cuban cigars, but to me this is a bonus, not a distractor. Very, very good cigar. Recommended.
WOW! A.J. Fernandez never fails! Another great cigar from the Master of Master Blenders. I had heard/read a lot of good things about this cigar, and wanted to try it. After 3 weeks in the humidor I finally got to smoke one. Well it was even BETTER than I heard. Often things don't live up to their hype but this does and then some. Not too strong, not too light, just a great smoke. I did have some peeling/construction issues with one of them, but that had no affect on the overall quality of the smoke itself. If you are "sitting on the fence" about trying this one, get off the fence and order you some, you'll thank me (or more appropriately Mr. Fernandez) later. Cheers!
I did not care for this cigar. I bought it in a ten pack that came along with a favorite cigar La Gloria Cubana. I assumed their flavor profiles would be similar, but to my taste, it was not. I like a creamy, mild-medium cigar and found the Morro Castle too peppery and strong. It's a beautiful cigar and wrapper, and it smoked well (though it needed a little attention to keep from going out). If you like a stronger, peppery cigar, this may be for you... but not for me.
This cigar was a very nice surprise. I received 5 belicoso's and fired one up immediately. Perfect burn, construction was spot on, ash held for about two inches before falling and the taste was smooth/slightly sweet. Wonderful, I will be buying these again.
(Robusto) Very smooth, taste stays consistent to the very end. Passed my "light only once" test with flying colors with a very nice burn. A hint of sweetness here and there but not too much. Simply perfect for my evening on the grill. A very good cigar for the money.
My favorite cigar... First tried one as part of a sampler and have since ordered a box. Thick, but deliciously smooth smoke, cool and even burning right down to my finger tips. Reminds me of fine Cuban cigars- but at a fraction of the price!
Morro Castle has been a pleasant surprise. It has been my go-to smoke for a few weeks now and has never disappointed. The draw is always smooth and consistent. They construction has never been flawed. The taste is right down my alley. My only complaint is that someone should really ask AJ to stop using super glue on the band.
Upon my inspection of the mini belicoso, I noted the cigar was a little veiny. Overall, the construction of the cigar was second to none. On the 1st 3rd I noted woody flavors and a hint of spice. The 2nd 3rd was consistent with the the 1st. However, the final 3rd different. I noted a lovely sweet tobacco flavor and a oily profile as well. The one thing that was great about this cigar was the draw. It had just a slight restriction with I prefer. Overall it's a must try! I would definitely buy more.
Great value for what this stick offers, I know it will get better with time, but I couldn't wait to spark this one with all the positive hype, and I can't help but agree with everyone. Prelight aroma alone did the trick and it's one of those cigars that you know you will just get flavorful upon the first couple draws. There was a quite a bit a pepper and I think it was more of an offshoot rather than a balanced and rested cigar, but I didn't mind as it filled the stomach, like an amazing T-bone streak that you cook yourself and feel proud of. CI is on the money, or rather they are not because this is a steal!
I was very pleased with this cigar, but I think it would have been better if I would have let them rest another week or so in my humidor, I got this a week ago and it has been very warm to hot here on the west coast, they could have sat too long in transit, anyway good burn, very smooth, nice draw. It really goes to show you do not need to spend a lot on top brands with high prices. I have to say for the money this is a very good cigar.
I am so glad that I purchased a box of these instead of a 5 pack. They are among the best cigars I have in my humidor, and you will have to trust me when I say there are top brands within the 150 count box. The draw is wonderful, that creates smoke in abundance, the flavor not mild but not full, and is smooth all down the cigar. The time it takes to smoke the Toro 6 X 52, is right at the point your looking for when it comes to how long you think a cigar should last. The description written on CI concerning this cigar is pretty well on target, and all I can add is the fact that another box will be ordered when this one draws (pardon the Pun ) near the end. The only negative thing I have to say; I wish these came in a 54 Toro ring size. You should at least purchase a 5 pack, just to see for yourself what a great cigar this is. If I'm not mistaken, these cigars are made just for CI, and well worth the price.
I bought a fiver to try- they did not disappoint. Nice construction, great burn, a solid medium body. The wrapper was fantastic, and had some notes of sweetness that made it a truly good smoke. Highly recommend.
The Morro Castle Toro pleased me quite a bit. The pre-light aroma is very nice and that, along with a good draw and even burn, makes this medium bodied cigar a worthwhile smoke. I found a bit of a spicy bite on first lighting the thing, but it settled down for me within 3/4 of an inch and enjoyed every bit of the rest of it.
I finally got around to trying one of these the other day and what a tasty treat it was! It was very smooth and with good flavor right down to the nub. Also it burn very even with a good draw. I would definitely say it is medium bodied. Try it, you won't regret it!
Another home run from CI. So many new brands as Ave Maria and the new lower price of La Perla Habana yet this cigar is a must try. Flavorfull, great smoke hold +1" of white ash, medium through but complex enough to keep your interest. Kudos AJ Fernandez. Another staple in my humdior collection.
GREAT SMOKE! Plenty of good ol' tobacco flavor. Only left in the humi for a week tasted great smoked even better! Definately ordering more and recomending to my weekly cigar group therapy meeting.Oh great priced by the way.
This cigar was a pleasant surprise. I usually like a medium to full bodied cigar but there was a deal on these and the review looked nice enough to give it a try. I am glad that I did. Clean, very even burning cigar. Smooth to the very end and it never got hot. I would definitely recommend it.
AJ Fernandez does it again! Terriffic smoke, great flavor, perfect construction and burn, and all for a great price. Another favorite AJ cigar for me!
I ordered ten of these recently in the robusto size. My habit is to smoke one or two for later comparison and put the rest to rest in the hummy for a couple of weeks. Had number two this evening. This was a finger burner folks. A nice medium smoke with with woody flavors. Plenty of aromatic smoke. Great draw. Perfect ash. I had a good inch plus and had to tap the ash tray or smoke the label! I cant wait to see what these babies are like after they rest a while...but it will be hard not to take another "sample" in the mean time. As they say, "smoke em if you got em"!
all i can say is wow!!! this is a great stick especially for the money, its a must try gar. i will stock up on this one,my new go to cigar.Thanks CI for another fine cigar.
This has some earthy sweetness and is really a good cigar. I recommend it. It is hard to compare but is worth a 5 or 10 pack investigation
I went into this one unaware and unsure. But after just 1/2 inch, all my questions were answered and all my fears were calmed. Rich, flavorful, balanced, and complete on so many levels - a true winner.