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La Aroma de Cuba Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “La Aroma de Cuba”
La Aroma de Cuba is a staple in my humidor, the old blend was consistant and flavor was, for the most part, the same from light to that finger burning last draw. So when the new blend by Don Pepin came I knew I had to give it a try. WOW there is a great difference, the nutty,earthy flavor are more pronounced and the spice is excellent from 1 inch in to again that finger burning last draw.
DR of Cumberland, RI
This is one of the best cigars out there! Wish I could afford to smoke them daily; got a five pack off of JoesDaily..excellent construction and burn, smells like heaven and if this is the revamp of the original, I would probably give my left **** for one of those! The LAdeCuba is easily up there with the likes of Rocky's best and I'll bet he is envious...I would swear this was a sun grown wrapper....smoked all of these babies after a month in my humi within 2 days...addicting to say the least!
JH of Crowley, TX
I pretty much agree with CI's description on this one. It has that pre-light aroma that brings you back to the reason you like fine cigars in the first place. Nice tooth and solid construction, no big burn issues, though the Churchill I had was a tad tight at the beginning. But it builds up steadily and consistently in smoke and to a fuller body. The finish is long and dry and the flavors (dark earth, malt balls, cedar) stay the same but develop nicely. Quality value!
RA of Burbank, CA
An exceptional cigar with a flavor that separates it from the regular pack of wonderful cigars. worth every penny!
CS of Rock Springs, WY
If you don't have this cigar in your humidor, it's because you haven't tried one. The construction, flavor, and even burn gives you close to an hour of smoking pleasure. I'm sure there are many who could describe the taste better than myself. However, all you need to know is that this is a smooth smoking cigar from start to finish. While it may be in the category of medium to full, I'm willing to bet that even the mild bunch would enjoy this tasty stick.
DM of Taylor, MI
Consistent one after the other. Anyone who understands crops and weather knows that having a consistent product of agriculture is extremely hard. Ashton seems to do it with this cigar. Earthy,tobacco-y, chewy, creamy, hard wood fire, sweet cedar, roasted almonds. One of the most genius cigars of our day.
JS of Arlington, TN
I've smoked about 200 of these over the past year. Probably the most consistent smoke I've found! Perfect construction and draw, time and again. I'll continue to fill my humidor with these little beauties (robusto) for an anytime go-to smoke. One of my personal favorites. Thanks CI for keeping them in my reach.
LG of Laguna Niguel, CA
This is one earthy smoke. Fully loaded and nicely balanced with charred wood, dark dried fruit and a toasty smokey draw. The robusto is easily the everyday smoke for the La Aroma line up.
PW of Charlestown, RI
This is a wonderful cigar. Every one is as good as the last. They are well constructed, have an excellent flavor and complexity and are worth every penny.
This is an awesome smoke for me when I want some spice. I do prefer the corona. It doesn't seem to be too complicated of a cigar. Pretty straight forward. Another great Pepin creation.
Got this in the 92 sampler...been in my humi for a few months...finally got around to it and completely enjoyed this stick and will be getting more.Smoked it on my back porch 2 days ago when a friend was over and both he and my wife said how great it smelled... they both missed out on the great taste this cigar was! Actually my wife did try it and said it had a nice taste but she doesn't smoke....glad of that, I love my wife but I don't want her in my humi...Nice easy draw plumes of smoke ! I also like the price from CI...!
DE of Gibbsboro, NJ
WOW! What a great smoke. After I read all the reviews I can honestly say I held this cigar to a high standard, and boy did it deliver in all aspects. Burn and flavor were amazing. You get a taste of chocolate, leather, and earthiness. The chocolate flavor was by far my favorite experience. I smoked this cigar until it about burned my fingers, just didn't want to put it down. If you've never had one of these don't hesitate to buy one. You won't be disappointed.
JS of Spokane Valley, WA
Very easy to light. Good construction and burn with several minor touchups needed. Open draw with heavy smoke output. Slightly dry on the palate but thick mouth feel. Medium to full strength and medium flavors. Flavors of silky, soft cream and caramel with a white pepper tingle. Short finish of nuts, cream, leather and the continued slight spice.
Oh so wonderfully nutty! Easy draw and excellent construction each time. Smooth nuts and pepper throughout. Leathery at the end. Sweet aroma that didn't receive any complaints either. Will always keep these on hand.
DW of Los Angeles, CA
Letting those with better use of describing various flavors, I will go straight to the meat and potatoes. Since first smoking this cigar a couple of years ago. One of my 3 humidors will have this cigar resting inside until being smoked. There is no way I could sleep at night without knowing there was a La Aroma De Cuba in my home. OK, I may have stretched that part just a little, but this is a damn fine cigar for all lovers of quality tobacco.
DM of Hixson, TN
Great smoke, smooth medium blend. Most definitely my favorite cigar!
BD of Murfreesboro, TN
Just picked one up at the B&M. The El Jefe is outstanding!! Perfect draw, great flavor and the right amount of strength. Another winner from Pepin. Ash a little flakey but who cares...Great cigar!!!
JS of Clinton, IL
I picked one of these up today to give it a try. While I really enjoyed the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor, this one doesn't really do it for me.
PS of Decatur, GA
I received the Marquis Tubo in my cigar of the month club from C.I. and I have been trying to find it every since I smoked it on the beach on that beautiful day. It was a delicious cigar. Nothing short of astounding... from the aroma it gave off before being lit, to the taste and smell that it had until I burnt my fingers. It was one of the very few cigars that I never wanted to end. I just learned who makes these and that would explain why. I've never had a Don Pepin that I did not truly enjoy. Do yourself a favor and try these.
CC of Muncie, IN
I didn't like the cigar when I first started it, but after digging into it a bit the different flavors came out that left me smoking this stick to the nub. This cigar has strong earthy and nutty accents with a subtle spice that makes me want to smoke more. The one thing that sticks out about this cigar is how well it smoked. Burned perfectly and its smooth draw was even better. I'll definitely purchase this smoke again!
EG of Cincinnati, OH
Tonight, after putting the kids to bed, I decided to grab the El Jefe that's been resting in the humi for well over a year. As soon as I lit this thing I knew it was something special. Exceptional draw, nice even burn and pure deliciousness all the way through! The spice was present during the entire smoke. I can't wait to try different vitolas of this cigar! Definitely a staple in my collection from now on.
MM of Clayton, NJ