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Cu-Avana Maduro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Cu-Avana Maduro”
ok, ok, I get it, stop it mel!(ala joe pesci)..this toro ate up 2 hours, pleaseantly, of my time...smooth, beautiful white ash, wife loved the wafting of the smoke on the porch, never had to relight it once even though negligent after 5 minutes of puffing on it..awesome wrapper that never canoed on me, cap was taken off with a v cutter and it did not unwravel...this smoke came in a "brown bag" I bought...just goes to show you, oh, every time you buy a brown bag you will be flabbergasted...easily $60 of value for 20 cigars.
JH of Mena, AR
Picked up a toro in a brown bag sampler and I have to say it's a great smoke. The ash was solid and never flaked; the taste was a mildly nutty, earthy taste with a hint of sweetness. The construction is spot on and never needed a touch up. Definitely worth more that what you'll pay.
MC of Claremont, CA
Don't expect any miracles with this Cu Avana Maduro, It's not exactly an Opus X. But for a 2 dollar smoke, I can't see where you could go wrong. These Maduros are not nearly as mild to me as many say. A definite black pepper and coffee note on these, with a real clean tobacco taste. The naturals are Ultra Mild. It's hard to believe the Maduro wrapper could bring the cigar this close to medium, but it does. It's not going to make you weak in the knees or anything, but if you want a great close to medium body straight forward "flavorful" cigar, Cu Avana Maduro is it.
JS of Moraine, OH
Today, I tried one of these cigars in the "Toro" size. The wrapper is dark, oily, veiny and very-well rolled. The cigar lit easily ( I used a V-cutter), and stayed lit with an even ash falling off after reaching a length of approximately 1.3". Unfortunately, the flavor really didn't do anything for me. It was a rather one dimensional smoke that was harsh for about the first inch and then mellowed slightly. I was really hoping it would be a much better smoke, especially based on the construction, which was excellent.
MK of Weed, CA
I really enjoyed this cigar. My taste buds jumped when I lit this spicy cigar with nutty overtones rounded off with a black pepper aftertaste. Did I mention that I like Black Pepper? This cigar was wrapped firmly & didn't crumple or unravel as I bit down on it while burning evenly throughout the entire cigar. I plan on buying it again.
EP of Utica, NY
I was given a box of these a year ago, the first thing I noticed was the the coloring and flavor seemed artificial. I could only smoke a few of these before I gave the rest away. This was the last of the boxed Cu-Avana's before they went bundle, so they may have changed some things.
KB of Shelbyville, KY
Just recently started smoking cigars. Bought a few samplers. And bought a bundle of these just because of the price and the reviews I saw. And I'm glad I did. I really like this cigar. And will buy another bundle soon.
RP of Chicago, IL
we will see if they get more interesting with 6 months to a year in the humidor.
A one note stick. Not unpleasant but rather boring. I will let the rest age for several months to see if they get more interesting.
First time trying these, but as a fan of Intensus and Pvnisher I thought they might be OK. They're actually more than simply OK . . . it's a pretty decent smoke for the money. As others have mentioned, it's a little beyond mild into more medium and it's a nicely constructed stick with a good draw, long ashes and even burn. I smoked this one down to the smallest of nubs and it remained cool and tasty. For the money, can't be beat... I prefer it to Jesus Fuego Oscuro as a possible go to cigar. Not one-dimensional in my opinion, but also not a complex $10 cigar either.
Mild enough, well made, burn nice and even and certainly meets my requirements for mild.... I am a mild/medium guy but these are almost too mild....
TM of Ellicott City, MD
This is a really good smoke for the price. Now my everyday smoke.
RK of Green Cove Springs, FL
Wasn't too crazy about these. Construction varies; sometimes too tight, sometimes pretty good. Overall they had a flavor that I didn't enjoy. That said, not the worst smokes. The right palate would probably like these for the price.
DL of Lakewood, CO
Decent smoke for the price. Great walking the dog smoke. Even burn, smooth draw, mild smoke and great value. I will be buying these again as an everyday smoke or to give out to the " do you have a extra cigar" unsophisticated crowd.
RS of Kitty Hawk, NC