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Customer Reviews of “Nica Libre”
“I enjoyed this little smoke... medium bodied, semi sweet. Can't go wrong with a fiver of these.”
CC of Petersburg, VA
“Wonderful smoke on the cheap. The "Nica Libre". Flavors as advertised. You can't go wrong here. Jump on this deal. Enjoy.”
“Gotta give props to this cigar again. Just smoked my third one tonight and I must say that each one has gotten better with a little rest. This one is about 30 days old and I think it has hit the sweet spot. If anyone hasn’t tried them yet I’m gonna have to side with SteveR and call these a heck of a smoke for the price. ”
BG of Groves, TX
“I love this cigar. Bought a 5 pack of the exclusivos. I have smoked 4 and all were excellent. I was skeptical when they were compared to padron. I have bought alot of cigars this week however when I can afford to im buying a box of these. Would be cool if they offered a freebie deal with these boxes but these are worth it without one.”
NB of Seekonk, MA
“Maker A.J. Fernandez has done it again. Made a stick as good (if not better) than ones costing twice as much. What a unique flavor, due to that San Andreas maduro wrapper and A.J.'s blending expertise. Medium-Full bodied, but loads of flavor and never harsh. Think of a Nicaraguan version of the Torano Exodus 1959, but at half the price. If you don't know about A.J. Fernandez' lineup of cigars, you're living under a rock. Everything this guy blends is great (Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet, A.J. Signature Series, Diesel, 5 Vegas Triple A, Man 'O War, Man 'O War Ruination, Gurkha Park Ave. Do you get my drift?”
AD of Rochester, NY
“Nica Libre 1990 are a fine tasting cigar. Very smooth with a great draw. Fine mildly sweet, toasty under taste. A cigar any smoker should try.”
RH of Coraopolis, PA
“These are fantastic. Buy them.”
J of Rbrewster, WA
“This is an interesting cigar. The eye appeal is second to none! I smoked the robusto today an enjoyed it. However, I cant compare it to a padron.Where it drew, burned and somked perfectly, It feel short in flavor. Good cigar for the money!”
SL of West Milford, NJ
“I agree that these can stand on their own, without Padron. As I was smoking yet another Nica Libra tonight, well, I just felt I should write something about them. It's not a perfect cigar, but I have personally found the consistency to be very, very good, so that I can actually say I know the experience I am about to have when I pick one up, and in this case, that is a good thing. They burn well, though can flake out at the end sometimes. So unlike some cigars, they start better than they finish, but they still finish better than most, regardless... just hard to beat a great start. The comparison to CI Anniversary is appropriate, though they lack the well rounded flavor that beauty has... but that is another story. These are a consistently good cigar for not a tremendous amount of money, making them one of the better values I've found over the years.”
PS of Shelter Island, NY
“The Nica Libre is a very nice smoke, regardless of price. I've said before, I think a cigar is either good or not, regardless of what it costs. The fact that this one isn't terribly expensive is simply a plus. I compare it favourably to the Padron cigars it emulates, but no matter what, it's just not a Padron. Will I ever turn down a Nica Libre? Absolutely not; I even bought some and I'll buy more. It's a well made cigar with a lovely, early pre-light aroma and the first one I smoked required only a little attention to keep it burning evenly. Strong ash, nice aroma and flavour. A fine cigar that has found a place in my humidor.”
MC of M Leesburg, VA
“A pretty good cigar, the Nica Libre. Medium strength, good draw, even better price. My cigar burned a bit unevenly, and the wrapper was trying to unravel... nothing earth shattering. I would give these another try.”
RG of Tucson, AZ
“This is a great "staple" maduro. Good anytime, especially when you don't want to risk trying something new from your humidor. I put this in the same league as Victor Sinclair Connecticut Yankee (an under the radar winner). Both are consistently flavorful dark beauties that you simply cannot beat for the price.”
AD of Rochester, NY
“This is an absolutely sumptuous cigar, from the moment I burned back a nice even crown of ash of this bad boy, it was a delight puff after each and every cocoa-hinted puff. Nica Libre did a great job blending this cigar, this stick is a coffee lovers delight. It's like an Americano, with a litte hint of dark cocoa. Very nice flavor and the bouquet is out of this world! I had non-smokers asking what it was I was enjoying. The larger ring gauge is the way to go on this medium packed lovely. Enjoy it on an overcast morning where you can get all the elements flowing together -- along with a shot of espresso! My rate on this stick: 90”
CS of South Gate, CA
“All sold out, backordered, and no fan mail? what's up with these? anyone actually smoke one?”
RK of Johnston, RI
“Well, I must say this stick is more than I expected. I received a sampler of these and let them sit in the humidor for a few weeks. I grabbed a few for a night of poker with the guys and a bottle of scotch. Everyone was raving about them before I even lit mine up. Once I got one fired up I was pretty impressed myself. This stick is full of chocolate and coffee notes. For the price, I highly recommend keeping some on hand especially for entertaining fellow cigar lovers!”
PD of Muskego, WI
“I was skeptical with the" calling out the padron fans " advertising ploy, the pictures of this cigar certainly do look delicious. but what do they look like when you get them? first thing i noticed, these cigars are eye candy of the first order, i dont believe in the phrase " for the money" a cigar is only judged by what it is, irrespective of how much it costs. i am a bit of a snob i must confess, i have my favorites, wich tend to be in the full body relm, but i do like a milder maduro smoke now and then. ive smoked maybe a box or so of padron in my life , i lean toward pepin blends , camacho , and padilla. i purposely smoked a padron 3000 before i smoked this to really compare, first thing right of the shoot , the unlit draw was very similar, after toasting the foot i noticed almost an identical flavor profile , that straight forward clean tobacco taste with the sweet cocoa and light pepper nose, an inch in that flavor held with more earth and cocoa but with less spice, at the half way point im thinking."this is a good cigar" sweet and consistent with the previous mentioned clean tobacco taste,the strength never goes above medium at anytime, wich is the main difference here between this and padron, i would say this could easly be an every day cigar for me, being a smorgasboard kind of cigar smoker i would probably lose interest pretty quickly. but i will keep these on hand , the flavor is very nice and this smoke held 3 inches of ash on the churchill size, this cigar does live up to the hype and worth the price easily. 90 rating from me. the padron was a 92, only because of the body being fuller.”
JS of miamisburg, OH
“Nica Libre is a great budget smoke. The best part of the cigar is the wrapper. Really, really nice. The flavor is straight down the middle, not quite Padron-like but way better than the price. Not sweet, not a chocolate bar, not a cup of coffee, but enough of all to be really a good buy. I like it, alot. Think sensible shoes with flair.”
MA of Quon, WI
“If you are a Padron fan, you may find yourself enjoying these fine cigars. The price is right and they are one of the best bargains here at CI. I always get a great draw and the flavor is amazing at this price range. For once, you can believe the hype.”
CT of Indiapolis, IN
“I can't comment on the Padron comparison, since I've yet to smoke one, however I found Nica Libre to be an economy version of Oliva's Master Blend III. It's very smooth and has great construction, which is probably best suited with its box press. That being said I'm not really a fan of this "light" version of a maduro. I'm more of a RP Olde World Reserve or CAO Brazilia guy. The Nica Libre tends to burn fast and quickly hits its sour point. It's not bad for the price, but not my cup of tea.”
SH of River Grove, IL
“No, these ARE better than Pardrons, hands down. Nica's are an ultra smooth to the last drop stick which ANY puffer would thoroughly enjoy. These are my new favorites. I LOVED the former Jamaican Royal Tobacco Directors, Parklaine and Portofinos, but they are long gone and are something call Royal Jamaican gold, not a comparison to the predecessor. As it is, there is not a better overall value on the market than Nica Libre, and CI does a kick a$$ job of keeping them in stock and in perfect condition. I can't say enough about these gems. Find a better cigar that is not 5x the price, I'll buy you one. Otherwise buy me a box of Nicas”
JF of Crystal, MN
“Excellent smoke. It runs a good race vs a Padron. I enjoyed my first of 4 down to the nub. The consistency of a Pardon is hard to match, so I'll report back once I finish off the other 3. I will certainly consider making it a staple in my humidor, but it won't replace my Padron's or LGC's. Deffinatly worth a dabbling for those that enjoy a tasty, no hassle stick. The advantage over the Padron would be the availability. Something to consider.”
JH of Cleveland, OH
“I am 1/2 way through my second box. this is a real good cigar. I like RP 90s and AB tempus, and CAO Brasil and Italia and now i like these. ”
EK of Rahway, NJ
“Very good smoke. I got these in the Monster Maduro V sampler and was very impressed. Will buy a box asap.”
JB of canyon country, CA
“I have smoked a couple of these and have not been impressed. The taste is flat, with a slight bite that appeared about halfway through each of the cigars I tried. A mediocre cigar at best.”
BF of Nazareth, PA
“Wow! I smoked the Padron 64 and the Nica Libre on the same day. The Padron is a bit stronger and more complex, but for a fraction of the cost, you get a similar smoking experience with the Nica Libre.”
GB of Rohnert Park, CA
“I bought a box of these and have smoked about half of them so far. I have not had a single smoke that has had a decent burn. The first inch or so is flavorful and burns well, but after that....they burn very unevenly. You have to stay on top of this one to even keep it lit.”
AM of Midlothian, VA
“Padron is on my short list and tonight I am smoking my first Nica Libre. I want to second every positive comment previously posted. Bought 10 and let them sit for 2 months or so. Wish I had ordered 20, or 30. Padron is better, but not by much.”
KB of Austin, TX
“Love em!!! Can't beat em for the price and great smoke!!!! I was skeptical that it was just a cheap Padron knock-off, but I learned that it was a good smoke in it's own right!!! Got a box on the way!!! ”
SG of Macon, GA
“here again to rate a cigar for you. This is another favorite of mine. Has some kick and tons of flavor. Everytime i pull one of these beauts out of the humidor i know its going to be a good time. Picked em up in a 6 X 60 size and love every minute of them. A near perfect cigar for my tastes.”
JS of Prior Lake, MN
“Simply put.... this cigar delivers. Construction, draw, burn, flavor, and value. You won't be disappointed.”
JS of Grayslake, IL
“Been trying a lot of different cigars, trying to find that one everyday smoke that is not only affordable but good tasting. So far, Nica Libre is the winner. They have a nice spicy taste that lasts throughout the smoke. I have always been partial to maduros and this one hits the spot. I know there are people that say a good cigar is a good cigar no matter what the price but the price on Nica Libre is just an added bonus.”
RC of Laredo, TX
“Hey! I like these! My absolute favorite smokes are Padron Anniv 64 Naturals (like the maduros too!), so... a similar cigar (albeit maduro) at a much cheaper (could actually afford them) price? These are pretty much as advertised. As others have said, they are a medium bodied smoke. There are not Padron Anniv's! but.. they are a pretty darn good cigar that I would never be embarrased to share with real smokers. They do have a sweetness not found in the Padron A's, and are not as "deep" in favor/character, but I have enjoyed every one I have smoked, and do not regret this purchase at all! Now... don't you guys go and buy them all up, Rate them a 90.”
JH of san diego, CA
“Great smoke! Got these in my much anticipated Monster Maduros V sampler. Started out a bit mild from what I've been smoking lately, but the flavor and burn just builds until you can't put this cigar down as the nub is literally burning your fingers and lips. This is definitely a staple in my humi from now on.”
JJ of Worthington, PA
“Good everyday smoke or for beginners. Excellent casino/poker night cigar when you don't want to concentrate too much on the flavor profile. You just want something satisfying. Don't expect a Padron from this cigar. It isn't even close. It's like comparing a cheap light beer to a nice hef or porter. That's not to say the Nica isn't good on it's own accord though! Just don't compare it to higher end smokes and you won't be disappointed. This and the Rocky Patel Vintage '90 are the smokes I hand out to buddies who are new to the hobby, or smoke only occasionally. It's hard for me to smoke the Nica when you are spoiled by all the great deals CI gives us on the higher end stuff :)”
BP of Folsom, CA
“I can remember back when the Padron was my everyday smoke at $80 a box. Now this has become my replacement since the Padron has come out from under the radar like a 747. Come on guys lets keep the chater down, and for heavens sake don't let these things get rated in cigar afficianato. No their not Padrons, but what they are is a great value.”
TE of Charlevoix, MI
“Wow. Got these as part of a daily deal - thank God I tried them. I am a Padron nut and have a bit of everything they've made in my humidor. While not exactly like an Anni-series, these definately have a very similar taste. Plus, the burn and draw were flawless right off the truck and for the price it can't be beat. If you like Padrons and want a daily smoke along those lines, look no further.”
MC of Montgomery, IL
“I got one of these in a sampler and let it rest in the humidor for two months. Smoked it last night and found a very pleasant smoke. Alot of smoke and an effortless draw. It went well with some Southern Comfort but with coffee I think it would have put me to sleep. A good cigar for driving on long trips.”
FS of Middle, MD
“These are a good, balanced smoke. They do have a bit of the Padron flavor in them. You won't go wrong with these, especially if you are looking for a great everyday smoke.”
CS of Rock Springs, WY
“So I got this in the 12 Angry Men Sampler and now I'm just going to say, "Screw the sampler" and order a box of these. I got flavors of dark chocolate, very light, leather, a little nuttiness in there, and just down home, downright, damn goodness. You don't have to twist my arm to buy them.”
KT of Afghanistan, AE
“PERFECT, just perfect! I think this cigar is a absolute treat, one that has very few peers. Great construction, burn,killer flavor and a smooth finish. I was on cloud 9 smoking this beauty. I am going to be 2 or 3 boxes just to have whenever.”
EL of Redwood City, CA
“Sitting on my balcony on a cool fall weathered night I unveil my first Nica Libre. The pre-light draw is very smooth and on the lighter side for a Maduro. Hints of coffee and earth dominate the few draws I take before actually lighting. After lighting the coffee notes really come to life. The earth notes then take a back seat to a chocolaty spice that remains for the entire smoke. Through the nose the chocolate and earth create a flavor that sends Padron fans into a nostalgic euphoria. I am now puffing the last inch or so of the cigar and, although remaining on the lighter side, the cigar retains a good pepper through the nose intwined with chocolate notes. I am a Padron enthusiast and would recommend this cigar to any smoker. Although lighter in body the cigar has a very unique flavor and packs a nice punch for the bolder smoker. I just ordered another five pack and intend to order a box after making room in the humidor. Try a five pack and you will not need any review to sell you on the cigar.”
SK of Edmond, OK
“Nica Libre has become a cigar I look forward to smoking every time I take one into my greedy hands....I find this stick to be consistent, beautifully constructed, and, well, simply wonderful....the price is great as well....keep it up RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!”
DC of Goodlettsville, TN
“Good cigar, something different. Every fan mail, description, and review it seems I am reading about hints of chocolate and coffee hints. Well I can say I didn't find any of that in this cigar. Why isn't to say this is a bad cigar at all. In fact I found it a bit different than what seems like a large portion of stogies out there that fall in the same general taste realm. Tobacco taste, with maybe some sweetness and mostly bitterness or a slight spice. Generally good but uneventful. The Nica Libre I had this morning was definitely different. It had a definitive bitterness to it that was refreshing, I tasted hints of olives, and mediterranean type flavors in the first half. Second half remained tasty and not packed with bitterness and the tarry taste that alot of other cigars take on with the final third. At some point in the 2nd half, one puff hinted strongly of meaty bacon. Good interesting cigar. Stayed pretty oddly cool the whole way through as well. Definitely an excellent change of pace cigar and a smoke worth having around for when you want it.”
MA of West Islip, NY
“Just finished a 1990 Box pressed. I first thought I got a dud as the flavor was very weak and the ash falling off often and quickly. Once I got through the first third the cigar finally came to life and was quite pleasant. The flavor pallate was as described by others. Have 2 or 3 more in my humidor and they will all get smoked eventually. I prefer the Rocky Patel vintage 1990 or the RP decade, but you will probably be more than satisfied with this stick. I rate it 85 on first attempt”
MW of Fort Worth, TX
“Nica Libre are basically worth their price. Its a decent flavor, but the burn is uneven and the ash doesn't hold at all...”
JP of Yonkers, NY
“bought a few of these. it had a strong peppery taste on the after taste. I didnt taste much of a chocolate taste. i think there could have been a bit more smoke. the ash stayed on well past the one inch mark. Just had a bit too much spicy finish for me.”
CH of Brazil, IN
“Like so many of us, we find expensive smokes that we love but can't always afford, then set out to find a "cheaper" stand-in for them. I got a 5 pack sampler and stuck 'em in the humi for 6 months. While taking inventory I came across them and figured why not. WHY NOT!! Ok. These are by NO means Padrons but they are amazing for the price. I blew though the sampler in a few days and have since reordered several boxes. I keep them on hand at all times as a "Go To" stick. Very well constructed. Even burn firm Grey ash. I could go on and on but i'll close with this. Buy them. If you don't agree with me? I'LL REFUND YOUR $ MYSELF!!!”
DM of Herndon, VA
“The first thing that came to mind for this smoke, at the pre-light “first puff,” was the term ‘earthy.’ Though this ‘gar does live up to the ‘maduro’ distinction, it’s not overpowering. Instead, the smoke is balanced and pleasant throughout, leaving you only wanting more.”
FS of Orlando, FL
“Very good mild cigar flavor full, burn even holding nice ash and last price make it perfect for daily smoke. Friends at first turn it down been dark maduro wraper, after try one all got hook. A regular in my humi.”
ER of Middleburg, FL
“Tried a couple samplers of this Nica Libre. Now getting ready to order a box of the Principe or Torpedo. These cigars are an excellent value. Medium bodied smoke with a good flavor. Maybe the best cigar I've smoked at this price. I highly recommend it.”
TJ of Binghamton, NY
“These are great for the price. Love them in the toro size and have a box aging right now. The Padron comparisons aren't out of line by any means, but it's definitely not on the same level. Quality cigar though. Haven't had good luck with the special edition ones for some reason.”
DL of Atlantic Highlands, NJ
“Yesterday I tried a Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 and thought it was outstanding. Today, through a sampler I ordered here at CI, I tried a Nica Libre 1990. The Nica Libre was a step above the Rocky Patel. I have never had a better cigar in my life. Everything about it was perfect. Perfect look, perfect smell, perfect draw, perfect thick smoke output, perfect burn, and the taste... WOW! Silky smooth dark chocolate with hints of cinnamon and coffee. If you want a perfect cigar, get yourself a box of these or 2, or 3. In fact, that sounds like such a good idea, I am going to go buy a box for myself right now.”
PG of Green Bay, WI
“I could go along with others, and not rock the boat on how I felt about this cigar. Since I've never been one to give myself over to hypocrisy in order to avoid criticism. This review will be written from my perspective of the Nica Libre. This is the worse cigar I have ever put in my mouth, with a bitter taste that I could only take for about an inch of the cigar. Maybe I received one that was dropped in the toilet while being rolled, since it seemed like something swept up in the rest room. I've smoked many different brands of cigars, going from light to dark, mild to very strong, short & long, different size & shape, and paid less than a dollar to over $25.00 dollars a stick. My hat is off to all those who found this Nice Libre to be on their good list. However, having an education that deals with the emotions and feelings of the mind. I have spoken with many people who will go along with what others say or do, in order to prevent critisim from others. It is my feeling that not all who write reviews express their true feelings due to fear of what others may say.”
DM of Taylor, MI
“Not a bad cigar but not great either in my eyes. Good draw with plenty of smoke and it held an ash well past 1 inch. So no problems with construction. I just didn't get a lot of flavor. I give it an 84.”
DW of Brambleton, VA
“Wow, just wow. Not something I would have ordered, yet there was one in a free sampler I received. Loved the first one, so I made sure there was another in the second order that month. Same results, great burn, spicy open, then IMMEDIATELY into a coffee/chocolate taste! This thing billows creamy smoke. My fingertips have been scorched three days in a row, and they only needed a week in the humidor to reach perfection. Yesterday I bought a box, because the ones I have left aren't going to make it very long in my humidor.”
JS of Spring Lake, NC
“I'm not sure which one of these I had. It came in a sampler and was box pressed. It didn't have the same mouth-feel as, say, the CI 10th Aniversay Epicure, but it had a way better draw. Lots of good smoke volume. Nice solid white ash with an even burn. But beware, this cigar has some serious nicotine in it. Middle of you tongue, back of your throat, all the way down to your gut. I would definitely reserve this for end of the day after you've eaten kind of smoke.”
JF of Springfield, VA
“I received this in a 5 box sampler of different brands. Without a doubt it has been the best one so far. Enough strength to please the robust crowd, but not enough to go over the edge. The ash was even as it burned, and the flavor filled your mouth with different taste that I don't know where to began. It is a cigar worth smoking over and over, and at least worth your money to give it a try. It will be one that I will come back to in the future.”
DM of Taylor, MI
“I have been in the market for a go-to cigar for quite a while now. I am a huge fan of the Padron 1964 Anniversary addition cigar....but who isn't right? Read a few reviews, watched a few videos on You Tube and found the Nica Libre line. I went ahead and bought a 5-pack sampler which is extremely reasonable in price. Once received, put it into my humidor and let them sit for around 5 days. Fired one up, and was very impressed with what I had between my fingers. Cigar looks great, wrapper was fantastic, not over bearing, great tastes, burned well, until the end and even then it was still pretty much and even burn. I have found my everyday smoke, great taste, great price, what else can you ask for. Thanks!”
RH of Pittsburgh, PA
“At first glance, packaging looks very derivative of Padron 1926 labeling, but isn't cheap bundle price, so seemed like poss rip going in, but I've smoked several of these and they're good solid, interesting, medium but rich. Some of the best cigars I'm smoking right now. Torpedo I smoked tonight had a tough draw, but flavors come through as billed, nice tobacco, nice blend. I'll take 10 any vitola for $22 and below on Joe's Jam.... :-)”
CS of New Hope, PA
“I received one of these in a sampler pack as I am still searching for that perfect cigar taste for me. As with any cigar I order online I stuck it in the humidor to rest for about a week and fired it up yesterday morning on my ride to work. It was a pleasant smoke I must say. The flavor notes that others described were there and after the first inch to inch and a half the cigar really became very tasty. I don't see me ordering these by the box but if I get another in a sampler I won't hesitate to light it up.”
JM of Opelika, AL
“Because I am a first time customer of CI, I ordered the Ultimate Pour and the McTwist Samplers to get a wide variety of cigars for a great price. Four duplicates of different sizes between the two packages, so started smoking the duplicates first. The Nica Libre really surprised me!! For a very dark cigar it was very mellow and went great with my coffee!! Wrapper was a little dry leading to an uneven burn, but nothing that wouldn't be corrected with a little time in a humidor. The McTwist sampler has been a real joy, especially the Padilla Habano. I didn't expect to find a $7 cigar in a low price sampler, but it was a fantastic smoke!! Probably going to keep ordering this sampler, age them properly in a humidor, then sit back and enjoy the great bargain!! Can definitely see possibly ordering extras of the Nica Libre.”
BW of College Station, TX
“As my interest of cigars have been growing I have decided to help others pick the right cigar for them by rating every one in my collection. These are my opinions and are not meant to be taken too critically. Scale 1-5 Wrapper: (4) Feels perfect against your lips Flavor: (4) Rich smooth and oh so devine Burn: (2) This is where these fail, cigar burns very uneven and becomes limp after smoking Feeling: (5) My friend was talking about dinosaurs and doesn't even remember it... Epic... Yeah... Get one of these, you will thank me later”
RM of Norristown, PA
“Got one of these in a sampler. It sat in my humidor for a several months. I finally got to it a couple of weeks ago, and was pleasantly surprised. Nice little cigar it is. Have another I would.”
KB of Shelbyville, KY
“I don't know about the Padron comparisons. This is no Padron. I have only had one with a good bit of rest. This is a real good cigar. Worth the money. My only suggestion to CI is drop the Padron reference. Let this solid cigar stand on it's own, with no crutch. ”
KB of Shelbyville, KY
“Since the day I accidentally stumbled across the Nica Libre I have fill in love with the smoke. As an anniversary '64 Padron fan, I love this cigar. Now I have found the perfect addition. Samuel Adams Imperial Double Bock. This malty bev erage does nothing but add to the cocoa coffee and even leather tastes. What's more, it is perfect for the cigars spice. Brings them out even more. Five Stars.”
JT of Hagerstown, IN
“one of the best cigars i've ever had for the price. coffee notes and some nice semi sweet chocolate cover the mouth”
JB of Marrero, LA
“I got the Nica Libre Imperial in the Honest Pour sampler. I was looking forward to this stick because of the great reviews I've read. Plus it just looks really good. Starting off, I was fairly impressed. It had some nice flavor, a little sweetness, and was not an overpowering maduro stick at all. I like maduros, but not super strong ones, and this was not strong. It was surprisingly mild and smooth. It had been in my humi for 4 months, so that may have contributed to its smoothness. As I continued to smoke it, I liked it less. The sweetness went away, and the flavors became more boring. I would have liked more flavor. Also, it got pretty hot on the draw sooner than I would have expected. I could have smoked at least another inch had it not gotten hot and bitter. Probably 2 inches left on the cigar when I put it down. However, overall it was a pretty good cigar. I don't know if I would buy more than a 5 pack based on my experience, but I would smoke it again. It gave off a nice aroma too.”
RB of Bloomington, IN
“I just smoked my first Nica Libre today and I enjoyed it. I had some burn issuses but not a deal breaker at all. This stick has so much flavor and a great draw. After smoking just one I'm ready to by a box. These will now be added to my rotation. Also this is not a Padron by any means it's a Nica Libre.”
MB of Waggaman, LA
“Best cigar for the price by far! Get your hands on a box of these and enjoy, I've had some of the most expensive cigars and this one blows a lot of 'em away. I get a awsome chocolate and rich tobacco flavor, a creamy sweet feel on your mouth is left behind with each puff, get you some.”
JB of Marrero, LA
“Well I've just finished smoking my second one of these from my box purchase and I am not disappointed. I've heard the Padron comparisons and I've also heard the reviews saying they are not even close to the Padrons. Now that I've had both I can say that no, they are not Padron '64's but that said they are very good on their own. They are very pleasing to look at and they're even better to smoke. I'm going on a deer hunting trip soon and I will be stocking up with these to bring with. I'll of course have some of the more pricey occasion sticks with me but these will be my every day/hand out cigars for the trip and for a long time. Well worth the money.”
MP of Huntersville, NC
“Really enjoyed this one from the "brown bag sampler". Great complex flavor and perfect burn. Stronger then I was expecting but in a good way. I will be buying more of these and at a decent price. There are many that are a lot worse out there, but triple the price.”
BG of Grand Island, FL
“Not a bad cigar overall. Burns good. Since I am a mild cigar smoker, take the flavors I describe lightly :) Spicy, Coffee, slight chocolate, but overall - great cigar to have after a steak dinner - one that uses freshly ground pepper for the meal to compliment the "spicy" note of the cigar.”
TP of Highland Village, TX
“I succumed to the lure of advertising and got in on a sale offer for these maduro cigars and I must say, that promotion worked very well: I really like this cigar. Maybe I'm a bit unsophisticated, but this seems to be as good as many maduro-skinned cigars that I have smoked at far higher prices. When I received my shipment, I could not be smart and wait for them to refresh themselves in my humidor for a while, but I did set the majority of them aside and let them season for about a month, and that made a huge difference in the smokability of the cigar. Any roughness in taste, any tunnelling, and any self-extinguishing problems I may have had early on went completely. It turned into a very mellow, mild-to-medium bodied cigar with no disppointments. I have made room in my humidor for a box and am anxiously awaiting their arrival.”
DC of Gainesville, FL
“I had to write something!! I bought a box of these on special hoping to find a good every day maduro. I heard all the references to padron and all the good fan mail and pulled the trigger. I have had four already and these things are awesome little smokes. Perfect draw, nice and strong and great flavor. Far exceeded my expectations. I think I like these better than the padron 1926 and you can't go wrong for the price. I will keep a box in my humi permanently. Great affordable every day maduro.”
AJ of Honolulu, HI
“Nica Libre is by far my go-to cigar. I truly enjoy these Nicaraguan smokes. Delicious every time, always wanting more!”
“Took a Nica Libre Torpedo out of the humi tonight and enjoyed the feel and aroma. I remember liking this cigar a few years back. It lit up quickly & produced billows of smoke. Everything went downhill after the lighting. Radically uneven burn as well as a reluctance to stay burning, acrid ammonia-type taste, and the draw was way too easy, as if there was nothing inside that wrapper. As cheap as I am, I couldn't even smoke it to the halfway point. Had to wash my hands, 'cause even they stunk. Wow--sure hope the rest aren't this bad. Why did the other reviewers get good ones?”
“Nica Libre 1990, good flavor, very smooth, even burn. I let it sit for about 2 months, great undertones, and lingering flavor. Will certainly buy again ”
“I got one of these in my sampler bag and was pretty excited to try it with all of the positive reviews on here. I don't know...maybe I had a bad one but I was pretty disappointed with the one I had. Construction was great, looked fantastic, great draw, smelled really promising before lit (hints of dark chocolate, clean earth, and dark roast coffee). Flavor...first half was not what I was harsh..almost acrid and overly peppery (slap you in the face black pepper and choke you pepper flavor). About half way through it mellowed and the peppery notes dropped off and I started to get hints of high cocoa content dark chocolate and burned coffee. Needless to say the second half of the cigar was enjoyable. First half was pretty bad. I may try one again to see if it was just a fluke with this one.”
EB of Ephrata, PA
“The sheer volume of fan mail shows that Nica Libre has impressed quite a few cigar smokers. Is it comparable to a Padron? Not really, but for the price, I can see why so many folks find it an acceptable replacement. The box pressed robusto is dressed in a very dark maduro wrapper that gives it a wonderful flavor profile loaded with chocolate & mild spice. Overall, it is medium bodied. Construction is a bit soft, yet it draws perfectly & emits clouds of thick white smoke. I like this blend & can recommend it to maduro lovers & medium bodied cigar smokers alike. Not as complex as some of my favorite maduros, yet I can see this blend becoming a regular in my rotation with a spot in my humidor.”
“Man, I love these things. They're my summer bang-around smoke for when it's too hot to sit down for a 3 hour roast with ole' churchill. Great construction, great sizes, great draw, great smoke. Can you tell I am into these?”
LF of Saint Paul, MN
“Really good smoke. Burns nicely. Has a great taste a good stick.”
JT of Fredericksburg, VA
“Nica Libre 1990 Diplomatico, often compared to Padron Anniversario. The lighter side of medium-bodied, smooth smoke, not Padron caliber, but easily stands strong on its own.”
JM of Waipahu, HI
“Mocha, smooth, nice burn, nice draw, a favorite of mine, buy em and enjoy em!”
“A beautiful appearing cigar...wrapper is rich and the box press perfect. I smoked one upon arrival and was surprised at how mild the cigar had some good flavor but not as much as described. Certainly not "a candy bar", but altogether not a bad smoke. Would be a great affordable everyday cigar. The rest are going in the humi for a few weeks and I will try again.”
“Great smoke, period. I love the box shape, never thought I'd say comfy smoke too! Buy them! You won't be disappointed.”
“Great cigar for what it has. Good smoke, excellent construction and great aroma. Cigar needs to rest in a humidor for a few months to mellow out the flavors. Excellent price in my book.”
JF of Orlando, FL
“I'm a noob to cigars at this date, but here is my take on this one. It started out smooth and dark/full, quite tasty, burned fairly even, and finished off not too harsh with a tad more bite than in the start, but with quite desirable flavor almost to the point of excess for my taste. I have only smoked a couple decent sticks like Oliva Cain thus far, aside from this one, and found the Nica Libre 1990 to be just slightly less desirable, albeit more affordable....Thanks CI for the selection and prices!”
SC of Pflugerville, TX
“All I can say is wow! I'm usually hesitant about a cheaper cigar, but this one has to be priced wrong! I'd easily pay 7-8 bucks for one of these. Outstanding cigar with the perfect draw.”
SF of Booneville, MS
“Fantastic cigar. Just enjoyed no. 14 of a box of 20 toros last night (had been loved by my humi for 8 months). I have found these to be incredibly consistent and very good (and seem to continue to get better with age). Cigar construction was great, draw was excellent and the burn was razer sharp. Started with a meaty note and then transitioned to milk chocolate with a minor note of white pepper. In the second 1/3 the cigar was full chocolate and cream (note of pepper not present), with a light gray ash that held for 2 inches. Then, at the start of the final third, the flavor really hit stride by transitioning to dark bitter sweet chocolate with a pronounced cayenne pepper building through the end...smoked it down to half an inch with the burn great and draw perfect until I finally put it to rest. For maduro lovers, especially those who like San Andres wrappers, this cigar is a must.”
“Other than the poor construction, draw, canoeing, and horse-manure flavor that actually made me gag, they're perfect. This is the third review I've sent in for this cigar that never makes it to the boards, I don't know why I think this one will either. How about some balance to your reviews CI?”
“My wife (God bless her) bought me 20 of these in the Weekly Cigar deal and I couldn't be more happy. Smoked two of them after letting them set in the humidor for a couple of days and they burned well and tasted great. I would rate them about medium in strength. They are very smooth with some mild sweetness.”
KA of Chandler, OK
“I don't know what all the good reviews for this cigar are all about. I've been smoking cigars for years and will say that just about every recommendation from Cigars International has been right on. And I love Nicaraguan cigars. I tried one of these last night and gagged on it. Terrible taste. I'm throwing the rest away....”
CC of Woodford, VT
“Picked these up on a special. Let them sit in humidor for a month. Great smoke have not put them down need to restock with another bundle.”
“This cigar was given to me by a friend(more like a trade),i had given him one of my cuban cigars (bolivar royal corona).I knew that it was not the same quality as my cuban,but i accepted it not to insult him.Well,to my surprise this cigar was reminded me of a padron(same look and construction).I really enjoyed this cigar,didnt want to judge it before i finshed it and have to say i was impressed.It was a smooth easy burning cigar with a nice finsh and plenty of different flavors.The cigar was very well constructed and smoked like a premium,so imagine my surprise when i saw that these cigars are not pricy at all. the only advise i can give you guys is that this cigar is better than many cigars that are priced lots more than this.I would buy one,or a box real soon,didint feel bad at all giving up one of my cubans for this..and i do love my cubans as i smoke 2-4 a day of them..leagally of course since i am a Canadian. ”
“I got these in The Devils Brew sampler because I wanted the Black Ops Maduro. Threw them in the humidor and forgot about them. I was going through the humi to see what to smoke and I came across this box pressed stick and I am not a box press fan so I decided to smoke it and get it out of my humidor. My only regret with this Nica was there was only one in the sampler. Now I am back on CI to find a box of them. From the velvety smooth wrapper, the earthy pre light draw, to the 2" ash and nice even burn and with its medium spicy kick was just a great smoke. And from the look of the prices, at 3 bucks a stick you can't go wrong.”
JC of Odessa, TX
“Have smoked about 5 of the 6x50. The first half of the cigar is pleasantly sweet and nutty tasting. At about the halfway point it gets extremely dry and hot. Also experienced canoeing and had to touch up the burn two or three times. Will probably purchase a pack or two when they go on sale, but they will not become a permanent part of the rotation.”
“Bought a couple of 10 packs on special ...the 6x54 Toro. the first half of the smoke is slightly sweet, nutty and caramel like. At the halfway point the strength really ramps up and the taste goes from creamy to a bit harsh. I really enjoyed the first half, but not so much the finish.”
“.....Love my padron's but this should be interesting. I have a pretty hard fast rule not to judge ANY smokes until aged a minimum of 3 months in my hummi and aged properly. Especially when giving a review. So after receiving, I smoked one just to get a baseline. As others have noted, smooth, nice light aroma, Light creamy flavor,, all around ok but certainly not the padron killer. NOW,,,, 3 months of aging and "this" is NOT the same cigar!!!!!! I could not believe how everything changed to the so-much-better with a few months under it's belt. Now we are talking a real potential padron killer in the making. Obviously not an Oliva V series melano/figado's, but talk about a smooth as silk smoke, like a padron. So if this good after 3 months, I need to do a little more aging on these babies so bought 3 more boxes to "store" away. What ever you guys did, don't change a thing. Folks- if you have the time, and can be patient, stick some away and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised! Note that this a MILD smoke, nice creamy flavors and aroma. When I smoke, I want the best and this one is just a shocker.........”
GN of Helena, MT
“A nice surprise of a smoke and even better with it's price. A working man's cigar with as much flavor as those twice as much. Aside from an occasional uneven burn the draw and consistency has not let me down. I will purchase another box.”
MR of New Egypt, NJ
“DON'T EVEN THINK! JUST BUY IT! I had the Churchill. When it arrived, I was delighted that it was box-pressed. It has a sweet aroma before lighting up, and the cold draw is very smooth and sweet. After the first quarter (this is a 7-incher), it gets slightly roasty. Pass this point, and you get mild coffee-ish hints. But all along the way, there is an underlying palm-nut (if you come from tropical areas, you'd recognize this) aroma that follows along the draw. Nothing really dominates in an overwhelming manner, but this is a MUST BUY. My cigar was stored at 73% humidity plus warmness for around 5 days.”
MC of Newark, NJ
“If you're interested in an outstanding cigar, you've found one. If you think the cigar band or the price makes a difference, then waste your money on a "premium" brand.”
ND of Morristown, TN
“STOP BUYING Nica Libre's and driving the price up! I smoked a lot of cigars over the past 10 years and CURRENTLY consider this one of the best value (price versus taste/burn/consistency) smokes around. Would like to see the price of Toros (6x54s) CONTINUE to hover around 60 bucks for a box of 20.”
RC of Henderson, NV
“,smooth, and creamy theres no way u can go wrong with this one. Box press torpedo....imagine if they came in gordo size. If they do email me CI. Thanks CI for sending fresh and well packaged stogies. I will definetly buy more Nica Libre before they run always my aficionados "Keep a happy face and smoke with pride".”
JH of McAllen, TX
“This one has always been one of my CI favorites. It's built solid, smokes perfectly every time and has a very nice medium flavor that is always the same. I'm a big fan of box pressed and this one ranks right up there. Some folks say that the last inch or two is harsh but I don't see it.”
“one of the best cigars I have had the pleasure to smoke, and very reasonably priced”
“This is an "ok" cigar. I would give it 6 or 7 out of 10. I has a good flavor and the first 10 I have smoked have all had an even burn and good draw. Would I buy them again... no I don't think so.... but I'm not tossing them either. Decent cheap everyday cigar.”
MA of Kissimmee, FL
“Nica Libre is easily my most favorite cigar yet, and for such a good price you can't beat it. It is spicy, complex, but still a very balanced and tasty cigar. I have smoked over 30 of these so far, and I plan to buy more in the future!”
SW of Abingdon, VA
“Nice medium bodied smoke, nice draw and even burn on all five; just bought a box and the same on the first two. A nice everyday stick. Can't go wrong for the money.”
JR of Freehold, NJ
“Love it with Scotch.”
MS of guntersville, AL