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Nica Libre

Posted by Steve R

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When I see a dark, box-pressed maduro I am sold. I have to try it. It’s like driving past a Taco Bell at 1am after a night out with the guys. You don’t need it, but you want it and you’re counting the change spread throughout your car to get it. Speaking of which – remember the good old days when you could score 10 soft tacos (with sour cream no less) for just 5 bones? Yeah, those days are long gone, but man what a steal! These days you have to pay more for sour cream....they call it a soft taco supreme. What the hell is that noise all about?

Nica Libre had me at hello. Even before lighting it up I knew it was right in my wheelhouse.

a) The cigar has a dark San Andres maduro wrapper from Mexico. I love this leaf....Jonathan Drew uses this leaf quite often and for good reason: it offers a classic, rich maduro flavor and thick, toothy texture.

b) It’s chock full of aged, Cuban-seed long-fillers grown throughout Nicaragua. I love Nicaraguan tobaccos. They’re rich, hearty, and loaded with dark tobacco flavors, dark chocolate, and espresso.

c) A sharply box-pressed frame tends to deliver the smoke in a dense, concentrated format that optimizes bold blends quite nicely while keeping the smoke cool and refined.

I pulled aside a 5-pack of Torpedos and am now enjoying my 4th from the bunch. Each cigar was equally lovely in appearance. The wrapper is dark and toothy with a consistent, dark chocolate hue and nice oils. The cigar isn’t overly heavy in the hand, but the roll is nice and promotes a slow burn. The Nicaraguan long-fillers create a nice white ash that holds strong for nearly 2 inches each time. As for the flavor? Well, that deserves a paragraph of its own....

Each Nica Libre was medium in body but dished out a flavor profile worth of the full-bodied realm. The smoke is toasty and rich with a nice chewy element. I pick up leather up front followed by a deep series of roasted coffee bean and chocamine. For those that aren’t health nuts, chocamine is a natural dark chocolate powder that serves the body well. It’s good stuff. Anyway, my palate picks up a gentle sweetness after each puff. It’s a silky sweetness that seems to cling to the sides of my mouth and tongue. The aroma is thick and toasty with some zest. A touch of black pepper creeps its way in and gradually becomes more prominent toward the nub, but never rivals the rich, dark flavors or sweet finish. Rich, toasty, medium in body, and eventful throughout.

If you haven’t noticed, I am a huge fan of this cigar and recommend it to anyone seeking a nice Nicaraguan-made maduro that won’t break the bank. Padron fans....Oliva fans....RP Fans....take a long, hard look at this one.  

Nica Libre

Posted by Keith

Nica Libre is the real deal. A flavor-packed, quality handmade with an exceedingly reasonable price per stick. Its chocolate brown San Andreas Maduro wrapper is thick and toothy, laid overtop a generously packed long-filler combination of hearty Nicaraguan black tobaccos. After rolling, the whole package is delicately finished in a soft Spanish box-press that aids in coaxing out all of Nica Libre’s hearty richness. Like clutching a late night, post-six-pack grilled stuffed burrito, Nica Libre simply feels great in the hand, primed for flavory goodness.

In fact, pre-light you can almost taste Nica Libre’s goodness. The wrapper has a saliva-inducing appearance and emits a deeply fragrant aroma. As it burns it dishes out a full array of rich, meaty flavors. Noticeably toasty with an undercurrent of coffee notes, nuttiness and leather capped off by a long, somewhat peppery finish. Nica Libre is medium-bodied all the way through and delicious every inch of the way. Flavor profile aside, the construction here is also noteworthy – densely packed, with a crisp, slow burn and an ideal draw. An all around winner, head to foot, snip to nub.

Not overly complex, it's solid, satisfying and well-balanced, bringing a flavorful everyday option to the table. To me many cigars in the $2.50 - $3 price range tend to be either mild and tasteless, or harsh and poorly made. Nica Libre is, refreshingly, a welcome breath of fresh air in the world of fuller-flavored, tasty everyday handmades at a terrific price.