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Customer Reviews of “Camacho Corojo”
“Honestly,I still don't understand what is so great about this cigar after smoking five of them.I think it's overrated”
SN of Austin, TX
“I have been smoking the Camacho Corojos for about 18 months, and I am still overwhelmed every single time I light one at just what an excellent cigar this is. When I first tried these (a 5-pack), they completely kicked my arse. These are, as the CI description says, remarkable, potent, and remarkably potent. But... I don't think there is another cigar that generates the wonderful flavor and aroma that the Camacho does. Give these a try. If they seem to overwhelm, put on your big girl pants and stick with it. Like a single-malt scotch, I think the Camacho Corojo may be an acquired taste. Once you get it, you will want more. After one-year of humidor aging, the potent flavor mellows a bit giving a smoother experience with all of the richness that the younger cigar offered. A highly recommended cigar.”
PJ of Crystal Lake, IL
BC of Millville, NJ
“wow... what a smoke... (Camacho Corojo)! I felt light headed after half-way on the cigar. I normally feel that if am just sittin around, but this happened when am walking around the golf course... great flavor awesome taste down to the nub... two thumbs up!”
RN of san diego, CA
“This cigar is quite nice, though required a wee bit of attention to keep it burning evenly. Lovely pre-light aroma, a firm ash and strongish, enjoyable flavour. It gets high marks from me.”
MC of MLeesburg, VA
“Well, being naturally skeptical about any salon style over priced stripper club specials. Camacho just simply didn't appeal to me right off, however. (Camacho Corojo) I was in the mood for a experiment and tried the Corojo offering from Camacho and was pleasantly suprised. It had delicate notes, it had full-bodied moods as well. The moderately dark, oily wrapper was a pleasure to burn back and had a consistent draw wll the way through; also the aroma was consistent and plentiful all the way through. My rate, this stick: 87”
C of SSouthern, CA
“This was once a great cigar--one of my favorites--but I believe the quality has gone down hill over the years. It use to be rich and smooth, now it's harsh. In addition to tobacco of lesser quality, I also believe that it's no longer made as well as it was just a few years ago. Perhaps my latest batch of Camachos was just mistakes that "slipped through the cracks." But I'll never know since I'll choose other brands in the future.”
WC of Menomonie, WI
“Excellent full bodied, full flavored cigar; in my top 5.”
LZ of Gainesville, GA
“this is a classic, camacho is with out a doubt my top shelf favorite. the corojo is very full in flavor and strength. i like corojo wrappers . the cusano 1997 and the vigilante close out i smoke as well , they flavor is leathery and salty to the taste. but this camacho corojo is in a league by it self. this has a party of flavors going on ,rich, meaty, toasty ,leathery, salty and strong coffee. all the camacho cigars are intense in what my dad calls true cuban flavor. he has smoked and loved cuban cigars , he says this brand is the real deal. also he likes pepins cuban classic and the original cubans bundles. these are a mans man cigar, if you think pepins are full bodied , these are more so.”
JS of hamilton , OH
JB of Hagerstown, MD
“Having another one of these as I type. Beautiful cigar, smooth, full flavor. Great draw, volumes of great tasting smoke, but what gets me the most is the wrapper. Beautiful color and feel and a flawless construction. High marks from me, just make sure you have something in your stomach, as it can be a knocker!”
JW of Canton, OH
“Camacho Corojo has always been my favorite cigar, but I haven't had one in awhile because I always like trying new stuff. I thought for old times sake I would smoke one again. I bought a gigante the other day and smoke it. I remembered instantly why Camachos are my favorite. Perfect draw, lots of nice thick smoke, And great flavor. I thought to myself "Why do I even bother with these other cigars?".”
MK of Kutztown, PA
“If you don't try these you are stupid! These are some of the best cigars out there. They are sweet, medium-full and robust. They leave a great taste on the palate.”
CS of Rock Springs, WY
“Great cigar!”
MG of Cherry Hill, NJ
“A full bodied well balanced cigar. My favorite is the corona Nacionales. The best I have tried yet. Starts out peppery and earthy then evens out with notes of mocha, raisins, dark chocolate and toast all the way down. A treat to have during the day. Construction, draw, and wrap are perfect. Not a cigar for the mild-medium smoker. All sizes are equally as well.”
PW of Charlestown, RI
“The Figurado is a big decadent smooth cigar. Rum raisin, nutmeg & molasses dominate this well balanced torpedo. Perfectly constructed, it also develops a light earthy clay taste with cedar in the background. Not as much kick as the smaller sizes but pleasantly relaxing all the same. The smoke and aromas are fantastic. Well worth it.”
PW of Charlestown, RI
“A flavor house packed with dark chocolate, cocoa, and creamy dark roast coffee! This cigar is a few pinches above medium bodied. Delicious cigar from the toast to the toe!”
JS of Arlington, TN
“A Medium To Full Bodied Creamy, Spicy, Treat, a Must Have Cigar For Anyone's Humidor.”
MF of Bogalusa, LA
“Corojo lovers need to try a 5 pack of these magnificent specimens! Full flavor meets great taste in an immaculate package. I can't put this one down to let it rest, yet it never becomes cloying or harsh. I've tried them all & Camacho Corojo is the best. Highly recommended.”
“This is the only Camacho I have had so far in my cigar infancy, however is one of the best cigars I have had. It has a very unique taste full of good flavor and is full bodied. I will definitely have this one again and would recommend it. I can see why it was given such a high rating.”
“These cigars are great! A excellent addition to any humidor. They have become my go to sticks. If you haven't tried one you need to.”
“Many cigar makers like to compare their smokes to Cuban cigars. The Camacho Corojo is one of the few that can rightfully make that claim. This is a powerhouse of a smoke, new cigar smokers need not apply.”
“Definitely full bodied but good. Lots of after taste but still smooth. Lives up to camacho quality.”