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A good smoke at a economy price...the last toro bundle I got had a sweetened tip. I understand this is the Oliva "economy" brand, and although I never got into Oliva cigars, I did like this one, and I may try a premium Oliva based on what I experienced with the Calle Ocho. I won't say it tastes like a $10 premium Oliva, but you can't go wrong with bundle or two of this cigar!
good smoke ,short smoke good flavour,,slighty ''sweet'' for my taste but nicely made overall good quality for a ''quickie''
As a new cigar smoker, Calle Ocho Presidente Sumatra was one of the first cigars that I purchased and one of the reasons that I decided to continue to smoke cigars. While my palate may not be very sophisticated (yet), I do know that I like the overall flavor, the very even burn, the large amount of smoke from the very beginning and a draw doesn't take any uncomfortable power tool effort, like some of the others I've tried, from the half dozen or so brands I've had, this draw is the most pleasant! The best thing about these cigars? They are consistent, I would say the same thing about the first one I smoked through the last one. Bottom line, this is a nice, budget priced cigar that I think is a great choice for new smokers and reading other reviews, experienced smokers as well! For now, this is going to be my 'daily' go to smoke!
At first I was worried about the price of Calle Ocho because I'm a firm believer that the more you dip below the $2.00 mark the higher the chance that you'll run into an unsmokeable but I do remember trying a Calle Ocho while overseas and all I could recall was that I did not hate it. When I noticed that Oalle Ocho had a 2fer deal going on I jumped on it and bought 6 bundles of the Presidente 2-Fer (8.0"x52) and was not let down. The smoke isnt as thick as I would like it but it is still with in my tolerance and I found it quite enjoyable. I have been smoking cigars for a few years now but I do not have the knowledge needed to convey the taste with in the smoke other than its thickness but I will say the taste is somewhat similar of Victor Sinclair's 55 2nd maduro but not as bold. The wrapper wasn't perfect and they do tend to flake off as you smoke it from time to to time but overall this is not a major issue. The burn was uneven at best and had to relight 3 or 4 times to try and even it out during the smoke. To me this still is not a deal breaker. The ash seems to be able to keep 1/2-3/4 inch intact across the smokes I have had so far. Some folks might say that they are wrapped a little lose but I didn't mind it much. Because of the price and the quality of this cigar I believe that Calle Ocho will become my new everyday smoke and I strongly suggest that a non-believer giver them a try.
These are my mainstay cigars. Good construction and taste. I've never felt the need to let them 'rest' in the humidor before I smoke them. Great price too.
Bar none, this is the best stick I have found for under two bucks! I've had many 5-10 dollar sticks that can't even compare to these. I just hope they keep the price low so I can keep these as my go to, number one daily cigar.
Got this in a brown bag sampler. I got the sampler because I am still fairly new to cigars and wanted to get a good variety of sticks. In the same sampler came a 5 Vegas classic. The 5 vegas classic was far and away the better smoke IMO. The Calle Ocho I received had a couple of construction issues, but nothing major. The Calle Ocho started off nice through about the first third and then almost all the flavors went away through the second third. Towards the end I started getting the Mocha flavors that some people had mentioned, which I'm not a huge fan of, and then it burnt out with about 2" remaining. It had an outstanding draw the whole time and it leaves a nice earthy aftertaste for a decent amount of time after the smoke is over. However, I stand by my statement that 5 Vegas classic is a better stick all around. Both are Sumatra Wrapped Nicaraguan filler of medium strength (according to CI), so in the future I will definitely fork up the $1.50/cigar more and pick up 5 Vegas Classic.
Pleasant surprise with this stick. Came in a sampler pack. A good medium smoke with a nice flavor and draw. Nice ash and if I don't have time to smoke the whole stick I'm not out a load of money. Cant beat the price. Excellent smoke for the money. Thanks CI,
Great cigar...fantastic now my everyday morning cigar!
The reviews are right about this stick. Some deal for the price. Delicious from start to finish.
I had been wanting to try one of these, so I was excited to get one in a sampler. It was a little bit underwhelming. It looked splotchy but the flavor was ok, the burn good, and the construction good. I would say they're a good buy, I was just expecting more from all the reviews I've read.
*** Was fishing through the humidor this afternoon. Thought I'd take some odds and ends off the bottom (oldest & plenty of time resting on the cedar). Had about 5 cigars today (normally one or two) and the Calle Ocho Sumatran toro was the first, and now hours later, the pleasant memory of it stands out. Give any cigar the benefit of the doubt on the first inch, you just can't fairly judge it from the first inch because it may be hot from the light up, etc. This one hit the sweet spot pretty quickly and kept that same pleasant flavor and good smoke volume with even burn and easy draw right down to the last inch. I was thinking of telling guys to get a bundle, especially if they come up on special, and line the bottom of your humidor(s) with them, and then just forget about them for a few months, and you'll be in for a pleasant treat. Will it compete with a high dollar super premium? ... Probably not, but I've been disappointed with some of them ... and this one (for under $ two bucks $ did not disappoint.) I used to give them out in trades when I first discovered them, so that guys would give them a fair chance ... then I just let it go, went on to try other sticks ... I'll probably start passing them on again ... but with the advice to toss it in the humi for a cedar nap. Thanks, CI
Great cigar at any price, all 20 burned and drew perfectly and they tasted great too, the only way to make them better would be a nifty two-fer deal, I'll be buying more very soon, thanks CI
I received a robusto in the brown bag offer...pleasantly suprised...great draw, volumes of smoke; very nutty from the half down to the end; smoked so well it could have been called a "NUB". Cannot say enough of it...nice father in law who had quit smoking had to leave the room, it was too tempting on the smell of the smoke and it did leave the odor of the ones my Great-Grandpa used to smoke in the early 60"s. Will definitely order a box or bundle in the future!
Seems incredible that the poor comments these cigars get are the same one I'm smoking. It's the 1st one I've smoked but definitely not the last. Forget the price, these are great cigars. Though I did use a draw tool on it right after I lit it. From then on I loved it. I also received it in some sampler but soon after I started smoking it I came straight in to the computer to look up info on it because I had never heard of it. Well, I was very happy to find it was a low price. I will be buying plenty of these in the future.
Normally I like a nice mild cigar, but I recently got a Calle Ocho in a brown-bag-sampler, and I have to say I am blown away! Really nice flavor, love the wrapper, and it passes the wife test with flying colors! I will definitely be ordering more of these and they will always have a spot in my humidor!
I have smoked nothing but cheap cigars since Partagas #2 was selling for a buck and a quarter. Some of them were good. Some of them were quite good. These were not. New or aged, moist or dry, they have an ugly taste and they won't burn. I have a policy that one should name what he likes whenever he says that he doesn't like something, so Flor Del Todo is my medium choice and 1876 is my mild choice. So far.
As my interest of cigars have been growing I have decided to help others pick the right cigar for them by rating every one in my collection. These are my opinions and are not meant to be taken too critically. Scale 1-5 Wrapper: (3) Nice, Nice Taste: (4) Yummy! :D Burn: (3) Ussualy pretty good Feeling: (3) Good for unwinding Better then most of the competition. Grab a few, light one up and enjoy!
Hands down. This is the best cigar I have purchased from CI at the price category it is in. It is a cigar with plenty of flavor, great construction, and could easly pass for a higher dollar cigar.One that doesn't have a cheap outer leaf, and is simply smooth with mid flavor. My son lives in Tennessee, and I sent him around 20 cigars in different price ranges. In order to not influence him on which cigars were high end, and those on the lower. This would allow him to smoke a cigar having no knowledge of the price. Unless it was something he was already he had already been introduced. The cigars I sent were 5 Gold Classics, CAO, Mark Twain, Diesel, and other top cigars. Received a text from him today as follows: "This Calle Ocho is the best one I have smoked so far". This is a great cigar that should sell two to three times more than it does. Let's hope that CI doesn't realize this and raise the price
I thought I had written a review on this cigar, and it has been plenty of time to post it. Nevertheless, I will write it again since this is a cigar that can't get enough praise. In an effort to find a good cigar at a good price, I have endured a great deal of cigars ordered for this purpose. I read fan reviews, and ordered ones that had good reviews. Choosing to believe that the reviews were written in sincerety, I either got bad cigars, or my taste is different than others. I've left the Calle Ocho rest in the humidor for a week, and am now on my second one. These are nothing less than outstanding, and smoke far better that a great many high price cigars I have purchased. Sicne they were offering free shipping on; "Make me an offer", I spent $174.00 dollars for 5 different brands, high in quality. If you haven't tried the make me an offer, I suggest that you do, since one of the ten packs I purchased was $10.00 dollars less than purchasing them on the regular CI. Having said that, let me get back to this Calle Ocho. The construction is fantastic, the smoke smooth as they come, an even ash, and most of all; a great draw. While the cigar may be considered on the mild side, it is far more complex than this. The smoke surounds your head when you release it after the draw, and the flavor is much like Alec Bradley Tempus, or Cuavana. This will be my go to cigar, since I know it is going to smoke well. I purchased a box of Flor Del Todos, and they are so bad (at least the ones I received), you will get a 3 inch burn on one side, while the other has come down at all. In addtion, the flavor is that of what a bunch of weeks packed together and smoked. CI policy says; you have 15 days to return them if you smoke one from a box of 20 or more. Come on and give me a break. First of all I would do that to CI, how many times have there been a bad cigar on the first one you smoked. Then after leaving them in a humidor a week or so they turn out to be great. After giving several of them a try, and never able to smoke it half way down. I'm going to send them back on my dime, and loss, then ask them to smoke the ones still in their wrap. Then tell me if this is the cigar that the description said? You won't have to worry about this with the Calle Ocho. I'm a regular customer, with over 30 orders in the last 5 months, and there should be some credibility in that alone. If your looking for a cheaper cigar with a great taste, look no further. While I'm the type that likes to have cigars in a rotaion, I will always order different cigars. However, there will always be Calle Ocho in my 300 count humidor. Maybe the reason their not posting mine, I try to be honest and tell it like it is. However, CI is my place to purchase cigars, and that won't change.
I am always looking for a good everyday smoke for when I am working at the firehouse. A good medium smoke with great construction that will not kill me to leave if I have a run. Well I just found my smoke. Excellent smoke for the money. Thanks CI, keep them coming.
These are budget smokes, nothing more. Yes, they are made by Oliva, but even Mercedes puts out a "meh" car every once in a while. These are very, very "meh". They are good for golfing and that's about it. If you run it over with the cart or leave it at a hole somewhere you're not out much. They aren't horrible smokes but they certainly aren't dark, rich, oily, redolent, toothy, or any other marketing lingo you want to use. What they are are fair smokes that taste just okay and won't cost you too much.
Just got these in the mail. Couldn't wait to open it and smoke one. This was first time that I had bought topedo cigars. The appearance was oily and dark. The smell of the cigar had a nice rich aroma to it. Lit one up right after opening the box. I do agree with another reviewer, seems like the cigar was packed a little too tight. This cigar had a nice creamy and slight spice note to it. The smoke was very enjoyable and not too overwelming. There was a little bit of mocha, vanilla, peppery and sweetness to this. I was pleasantly surprise by this cigar. I would recommend this for anyone out there.
This is a second go around with the Calle Ochos. I bought the torpedoes, and they were so tight you couldn't have drawn a puff with a shop vac. I tried and tried, but to no avail. I had a second out of the bundle, and the same thing happened. I could tell they had an interesting flavor about them, and they smelled good in the room. They had a kind of tobacco perfume smell that was very interesting so I was disappointed I didn't get to smoke one. So I called CI, and they graciously exchanged them for the Churchills (same price) and I had replacements within 5 days of them receiving my returns. I am glad I returned the bad group and glad I stuck with these. They smoke very well, burn well, make a great ash, and they taste really great for a medium cigar. There is a taste I can't quite put my finger on like a very aromatic wood or herbs (no, not that one!) burning. It is a tasty, interesting smoke that burns cool to the nub. I have only had one construction issue with one cigar out of the new bundle which I am pretty deep into now. For some reason, the wrapper just unraveled while smoking. No other problems, just that one. I like this cigar and definitely will buy more. I would expect it to cost a lot more, but at a couple of bucks a stick it is an outright steal. You could easily fool a fellow smoker into thinking this stick cost 2-3 times as much as it does.
I was blown away on how good this low cost stick is. Nice construction, great burn and ash and all around good flavor. It is not a complex $10 stick, but for a $1.50 you cannot go wrong. This is a great everyday cigar. The retrohale on this stick is long and tasty and may be the best I have encountered.
Had one dog in a brown bag sampler before, but this brown bag I had a winner, punch in the face in regard to strength, good draw, flavor. Good value if picked up cheap.
I got this one in a sampler (Brown Bag Sampler) and was unsure what to expect. I’m glad to say that not only was I pleasantly surprised, but this cigar has earned a place in my top five! The first thing that struck me was how smooth it is. I would classify this as more of a mild than medium bodied. There are some burn issues to be aware of, which have been explained in previous comments. That said, I happily smoked this one to the nub and was sorry to see it end. This ‘gar reminds me of the ‘old days’ of smoking and why I got into this hobby in the first place. Well done.
It figures that a cigar of this quality would come from Oliva. Yup, here is another classic example of an inexpensive smoke from the hands of masters; you can instantly tell the difference in just about every aspect of them. I don't generaly like medium smokes, and I sure don't go for sweet tipped ones at all, but I sure do love these guys. These cigars also show me the value of reading the CI catalogue carefully. Much thanks CI for selling these at such a good price and for bringing my attention to 'em. You just gotta love that stupid smiley face!
I smoked another (brand) stronger toro maduro, but I still had some more Yuengling left, so I looked over the cigars I had with me, and decided to fire up a Calle Ocho maduro robusto ... it has been a great follow-up cigar ... mild, slightly sweet, easy draw, lots of smoke ... I'm glad I had started putting some of these in the humidor for some aging, because it's done them well ... really enjoyed this ... so after reading over previous posts, I'll echo what others have said ... please get some more of these maduros in stock (I still have lots of the Sumatrans, which I also enjoy, but this maduro is really hittlng the spot tonight ... I'd really like to try it in the torpedo size ... thanks.) The beer is gone and I'm just drinking water with it now, but I just can't let go of this cigar until it's finished ... very good. Thanks, CI and Oliva.
Even though not mentioned in the description, I think the tips of these cigars are dipped in some sort of flavoring. It had too sweet of a tip to be just natural aging. I'm not into infused of flavorings in my cigars, so this turned me off. I had to put this down as the sweetness on my lips was way too strong for me. If you're into sweet cigars, you might like this as a transition from flavored cigars to natural smokes. I will say the smoke itself seemed like it might be OK for the price, but I just couldn't get past the flavor on the tip.
Calle Ocho is a pleasant suprise. It is very well constructed and burns evenly. It has a bit of mild spice to it with an underlying sweetness and creamyness. Overall a very pleasant smoke that could sell for much more. It tastes very similar to the Flor de Oliva and goes great with morning coffee on my deck. Good job CI.
This is a great everyday cigar that won't disappoint you. The slightly sweet wrapper is absolutely perfect, and is especially enjoyable with a stiff Cuba Libre after a hard day at the office. I'll be keeping these on hand ....
The Toro's I bought some time ago have been resting in my smaller humidor for quite awhile now and I'm down to the last four. May want to order more of these guys as they have really gotten better than when I first tried them with just a week in the humidor. Even outside smoking in the miserable cold, they burn/draw amazingly well and taste rather good to boot ! Will SPRING ever get here ?? Really HATE having to bundle up to go have a cigar !! !! !!
Ok, I had to try these because all I read were consistent reviews about the greatness of these sticks. Gonz (aka, my HERO) recommended them too. Right off the first puff there is a smoothness that is unlike anything (at that price) a decent amount of spice and cedar. The wrapper is a bit toothy and juicy which is amazing! I love this cigar! I cannot believe that a stick this inexpensive can be this good...
Just tried the Sumatra Robusto it is awesome.
This was my first order from CI, and I was surprised how tasty these cigars are and they continue to improve as they age in my humidor. I can't ever wait for my cigars to age when they come in that beautiful brown box that is full of smokey treats like these handmade dominican cigars. I lit one up, and wow, what a ton of smoke, what a ton of taste full of sweetness on the tip, with hearty overtones of leather and a very faint note of spice that wraps this medium bodied lovely in a blanket of cheaply priced near perfection. Trust me, I usually smoke nothing besides the best, the top shelf and I constantly smoke maduros from Rocky Patel to Cain straight ligeros to Cao's double maduro M x 2, to Graycliff's 1666 maduro toro and this cigar is a great, medium bodied cigar for an extraordinary price. I only bought this bundle because one of my co-workers wanted some very cheap handmades, and so we split this box because he is just getting into smoking cigars and I thought this would be a nice place to start for him without spending an arm and a leg. Holy cow, was I right, and was I lucky too?! These bad-boys come up big every single time and I cannot stress enough the quality of these cigars, especially if you can age them for a short month or two. Do yourself a favor, and don't pay boutique prices at your local tobacconist when you could buy a bundle of these for less than 35 dollars, and don't be tricked by anyone who tells you any different. I have been smoking for 35 years and I have spent many nights in Key West with my drink at the local bar and this bad mamma jamma, and woke up many mornings with this cigar accompanying a cup of black coffee and you couldn't ask for a better companion for a buck or two.
I got the Calle Ocho in the brown bag special, and boy was I surprised the second it hit my lips. It has a nice sweet taste to it, and within the first few puffs I knew I found a keeper. I will be ordering bundles of these often, and at CI's prices you would be crazy not to have some on hand at all times.
WOW!! I dont write reviews very often but this is my second review on the Calle Ocho Maduro Robusto. The cigar is flat out AWSOME!!! Bought two more bundles and been smoking them like crazy. The cigar is a tasty treat.Very strong with tons of coffee like flavors but very very smooth on the finish.This may be the best cigar ive smoked in the $2 - 5 dollar range and at $1.65 each price, that CI has blessed us with, its like stealing !! Get some fast cause im guessing the prices will go up. Im just hoping they dont go up too much. PLEASE CI get more maduro Calle Ocho's and get em fast!! CI rocks !! Best internet cigar shop in the world!!
Man oh man these Calle maduros are bad ,bad ,badddd as bad can be ...wink wink LOL!! Wish I could lie but I can't. CI is de BOMB and so are the Calle Maduro Robustos!! Just being a pig and trying to save the remaining bundles for me-self !! AWSOME cigar from start to finish. Please CI Get more SOON !!!!
The Corojo is good but the Maduro is GREAT!!! Bought robusto size in both wrappers and the maduro is truely excellent!! Full body and tasty to say the least!! Please CI get more Maduro sizes in stock !!! Carlscigargang in michigan loves Calle Ocho Maduros and CigarsInternational !!!!!!
I had my first Calle Ocho in the Po boy sampler and was blown away. So smooth and creamy with a hint of coffee. I just ordered the Sumatra Lonsdale and let me tell you I tried really hard not to light it up as soon as the UPS man dropped it off but I couldn't resist it. First, the cigar is well constructed. The punch went right in and came out clean. The draw on this is perfect as well as the beautiful white ash. This is a wonderful mild cigar as the smoke is so creamy and smooth. I just can't get over how good this cigar is. I'm going to go as far and say this is better than a RP Connecticut even though the wrapper is different. I'm definitely going to order a couple more bundles while they last. I can't wait to let it sit a while longer in the humidor as it can only get better. DELICIOUS! Thanks CI!
Calle Oche Maduro Torpedo are the best $2.00 cigars I've ever smoked. I got them not really expecting much but wanting to give them a try. I poured a glass of my favorite adult beverage, and lit it up, and BAM!, From get go, it was so flavorful, and smacked full of mocha and nut flavors. I smoked that sucker down to the nub. The next day I went to the CI website to order some more bumdles and all that was left was robustos. Please CI, I BEG YOU!!!! Get some more large size maduro Calle Ocho cigars in stock~
Bought 2 bundles (Maduro's) on CI sale and when I tried them they knocked my socks off. Smooth even burn, just the right blend of spice. I have since bought several bundles of what's left, only rubusto's. Hope to get more. Best under $2.00 cigar I have ever found.
The other night I was going to try one of the Calle Ocho (Sumatra toro) cigars for the first time. I had an extra one with me. I was just part way into it and noticed some Cuban like flavors. Then a couple guys came into the area where I was, to play pool and commented favorably on the cigar. One especially expressed an interest and mentioned having had many Cuban cigars, especially Cohibas which are his favorite. So I offered him one and he shared it some with his (adult) nephew. They really liked it, the flavor, draw, construction and the way it held the ash (the uncle is really into seeing how long he can maintain it). Before they left, I had made some friends, they had really enjoyed the cigar and said anytime I want to get together for a cigar (they'll bring some) or a lesson on their Harleys, just to give them a call. Did I mention that the older one was born in Cuba? My last question before they roared off on their bikes was: how much would you pay retail (having tried it) for this cigar, if you were walking into a shop? I'm not going to say ... but you'd be shocked ... I was. He really liked it, so did I. (Having written this, it strikes me that, "it is in giving that we receive" was proved again.)
I bought 2 bundles of the Toro's on a CI daily deal. I was hesitant but the description sounded good. When I received them I had time to spark one up right then. I was not dissapointed. It was mild to medium in body. Peppery with a "hint" of coffee. It smoked very well with a glass of Zinfandel. I will definetly buy more of these. For the price it is a nice cigar.
Well made, great draw, tons of thick smoke, took it down to the nub. Bought the Maduro Toro on a weekly special, wish I bought more. Once again CI has made me a believer!
I tried one of the Calle Ocho Corojo Robustos as soon as I received them. It's a good thing I like the pepper flavor because this cigar starts with pepper and ends with pepper and doesn't skip a beat anywhere in the middle. Pretty decent for $32 a bundle. Coffee is definitely there like the description says but I did not find any of the cedar that was mentioned. Maybe as they mellow in the humidor.