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Augusto Reyes Grand Cru Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Augusto Reyes Grand Cru”
I really enjoyed this smoke. It's strong (which I like), has a peppery flavor for me, which I truly enjoy in a cigar. Just wish it had more complexity. If you can get them on sale, it's definitely worth it. Just not as good as Diesel.
CC of Muncie, IN
They aren't kidding when they say this is the strongest of the AR series. First one I smoked out of an Augustus Reyes Toro sampler pack just about knocked me off of my recliner..very strong without tasting like burning boot leather. I let the other two age for over a month more in my humidor, and it really smoothed out this cigar. The resting time brought forth their ample flavor, and I didn't feel like I was mummifying my lungs. A very good choice for a full bodied cigar...just age it for a while to bring out it's full potential.
Fantastic cigar and for the price it's a no brainier. Full bodied blend that kicks you in the chest so def not a morning cigar. My suggestion is to kick back with a cold beer and enjoy a pleasant hour of relaxation.
BA of Clarksville, TN
I wish they were a little tighter. They burned even. A little squishy though. Well worth the money in my opinion!
I thought the burn was a little quick. They did burn even. Felt a little squishy. Still well worth the money. Strong yet smooth taste!
I smoked one right out of the box and did not enjoy it at all. I will age the remainder and try again. Definitely squishy as the other reviews said and burned quicker than I prefer. Not much on the flavor either.
You have to consider the value in this medium/full body offering. It is a solid smoking cigar with a unique earthy flavor, and a great addition to the Reyes cigar collection. I've had quite a few of these. Slightly inconsistent and yet well constructed, at a good pricepoint with a unique flavor makes this a great choice.
Great cigar, beautifully made and aged. It's to mild for me, I can't taste them until they've been relit twice. If you like a mild cigar then this one is for you.
DL of Eugene, OR
Very well built, draw is good, very satisfying taste. Will buy again.
LN of Carthage, MO
Surprisingly good for the price. Bold yet smooth, a nice flavor, not too strong.
LF of Mesa, AZ