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Victor Sinclair Gordo Mega-Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Victor Sinclair Gordo Mega-Sampler”

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This is as good a value as you'll find from CI. The Triple Corojo is my favorite in this sampler; it has a light start which builds in flavor as it goes. The Connecticut Yankee is a quickly growing on me and could surpass the Corojo as my favorite in this sampler. The Primeros is a great 2nd cigar on those days/nights when one isn't enough. It's light throughout with a developing flavor that's not harsh and stays smooth to finish. All the cigars have a consistent burn and hold their ash nicely. I use a bullet on all my 60 rings and it always leaves it with a perfect cut.
I am overwhelmed by the quality of these cigars. As soon as I took the bundle out of the box from CI I realized these were no ordinary cigars. I smoke 2 to 3 cigars a day on a regular basis and I can't do that with Ave Marias, Obsidians, PDR, Nubs and King Habanos, all I the 60 ring size. Too expensive. So, I bought these expecting them to be a cheap alternative to those super premiums. Boy was I wrong. These are no joke. Upon opening the bundle I noticed first, the bundle was heavy, second the cigars were densely packed, superiorly wrapped gems. These are super premiums, no kidding. The only thing that makes these aesthetically different than their $5 -$6 apiece counterparts is the generic band. Which is good because some bands are so large they tear up the wrappers hen you take them off. I sucked on a Vintage Select for a while like a lollypop. When I lit it I was instantly in love. Some super premiums in this size are literally junk for the first inch or two, but this one was instantly gratifying and the draw was perfect. I'd hate to keep this a secret, so please take my word for it. Buy these up. More than you need. You can toss some in the aging chest even if you wont get to them for ten years. You'll be happy you did. I must beg the folks at VS to not stop making these, not to change anything on them at all, and when the tobaccos from the crop these came from are gone, start growing a second generation.
theses are some great cigars for an even better price, i have had a bunch of high end cigars and victor sinclairs are right there with them just not the high end price try them you will not be displeased
....I bought these a couple of times, this will be my third time, They are all pretty darn good. I have been staking up on these cigars $39 four 20 6×60
....sampler is great I love the 60 gauge and this is a great affordable deal.
Decent sticks, great for the price! The cigars are rolled loose, so burn faster than I would like for such a large gauge and length. I like a firmer construction, like La Gloria Cubana, but for the price these are a great daily smoke. I like cigars like this for when I fish too!
very nice group of cigars, a good 45-60 min burn time.
This is an outstanding value if you're a big ring gauge fan, which I am. I love all of these except for the Vintage Select. All the Vintage Selects I've had in the past had a lot of trouble staying lit, and never burned evenly. The other three blends in this pack don't seem to have that problem, as I've tried all three. The best out of this bunch is probably the Connecticut Yankee or Triple Corojo, with the Primeros being a very, very close third. The Vintage Selects taste absolutely great, especially the last 1/3rd, but they're just so tough to keep lit and evenly burning that it detracts from the smoking experience. That said, the price for this sampler is so good, you'd be insane not to pick up a bundle or two. Toss the Vintage Selects to friends at the next barbecue, and keep the rest for yourself.
VS has become probably my favorite cigars. I began with the Serie 55 perfectos, as an alternate to either Nub or those Gurkha Black Dragon shorties, can't recall their exact name...a circa 45-minute interlude smoke. Anyway, fell in love with'em! I love 60-ring cigars so I ordered these. MY GOD, what a great brand! The value is awesome and so is the cigar! Flavor is consistently 'spot-on', regardless of wrapper, Corojo, Maduro, Connecticut...all amazing! Quit reading and buy''ll see. Oh and I've yet to get one that wasn't rolled perfectly. No spines or plugs...wish I could say that about the Gurkhas I've ordered. Also one of my fav brands but a good 40%, I have to fight to smoke. I hate that!
I love the VS Gordo Mega-Sampler. Every cigar is delicious and beautiful in structure. Every cigar is great tasting.
If you like smoking gordo’s, You can’t find a better value for a good smoke. I buy these regularly.