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Ramon Bueso Odyssey Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Ramon Bueso Odyssey”
Amazing cigar and set for anyone's budget. You wont regret this purchase.
BS of Clarkston, MI
Great stick a must try, loved it from the start with its sweet notes and great changes.
BS of Clarkston, MI
This is a great smoke! I have tried Genesis The Project which is a very nice cigar, but the Odyssey gets my vote!
Just got my box of Odysseys today. Have had many of Ramon's Genesis which I really like. The Odyssey is very good. Am having one right out of the box. Medium with some pepper. I usually don't care for a Coonecticut wrapper but this is quite good.
Not quite as happy with these sticks as the other reviewers. After Genesis, which were excellent, I expected more. Too many of these (four or five so far) have had an angular burn. And the taste is fairly bland.
BH of Chelmsford, MA
Very pleased with the Ramon Bueso Odyssey.. Usually not a big Connecticut wrapper fan, but this cigar had me looking to buy more. Good job!!
MH of Catonsville, MD
The first thing I noticed about it was the powerful pepper taste upon lighting it. Further into the cigar, I didn't notice any notes of cocoa or coffee. This cigar had very strong notes of earth and pepper throughout the entire smoke. Not a bad cigar, but not something I would personally buy a box of. Worth trying, but not what I consider a "spotlight" cigar.
ML of Temperance, MI
I smoked the Odyssey robusto yesterday. Great smoke - creamy, nutty with a slight salty and sweet note. I've been a fan of the Genesis and now the Odyssey will be in my humidor too.
Got this cigar in a sampler. I was really amazed by it. The only thing is at the end, at about an inch it has a hard time keeping lit. But great cigar over all.
JM of Crofton, MD
I had high hopes for this cigar. I ordered them out of the CI Summerfest and let them sit in my humidor for a month. I've had constant burn issues with these robustos. Any nuances or flavor has been killed by having to constantly relight. Maybe I just got a bad batch.
Lots of flavor...complex?...yet very mellow. If you like mild Connecticut wrap cigars, you'd be silly to not have these on hand. If you ever have company that doesn't puff frequently but wants to share a cigar over cards, these have been well-received by infrequent cigar smokers that I know.
First let me tell you that I have tried a lot of boutique cigars from CI, I mean a lot. My humidor currently has more than 500 cigars in it. I personally rate this cigar in the 90's without question. If this cigar doesn't get at least a 92 rating, I will eat one in a hot dog bun. Construction and draw were perfect. The ash held on forever, I broke it off at about 1.5 inches. The initial taste was extremely smooth and within moments activated my saliva glands, which is my body's reaction to a very flavorful cigar. You owe it to yourself to try this stick and keep a regular stock of these in your humidor. This cigar blows most of the main stream cigars away. Trust me.
Let me put it this way... I bought some of these on special along with the 92+ rated sampler... and, while there is nothing bad at all so far about the sampler... these cigars are AWESOME! Taste-wise, they rock... smoke-wise, they rock. The scent gets compliments... from women... Need I say more? These are tasty little bastards!
JC of Houston, TX
One of my favorites. Not to full-bodied, but plenty of flavor. Smoked the first one as soon as I got a five-pack, and loved it. Let the rest sit for a couple of months in the humidor and they got even better. I ordered some more on a special price, and they are aging nicely in the humidor. I have found the construction and burn to be very even, and the flavor consistently fantastic. I enjoy pairing them with coffee.
TM of Ruston, LA
Wednesday 4/9/14. Just received a box of these today after seeing them on the Weekend Spotlight. ($59.95 for toro). Beautiful box, beautiful looking cigars. But what really caught my eye is how much yellowing is on the cellophane. I also got a 5-pack of Man O' War Armada, which we know goes through extensive aging. These also had some yellowing, but nowhere near what I saw on the Odysseys. How long has Mr. Bueso been sitting on these? Will try to let these settle in humidor,but I feel I will try one over the weekend. Will write back after trying them.
TS of Elkhart, IN
4/12/14. Well, after only 3 days in my humi, I tried my 1st Odyssey. I must say I am thoroughly impressed. Upon first light you know you are smoking a Connecticut wrap, but it quickly transforms into a nice med. bodied with some spice and sweetness. Good draw, slow, even burn and a clean finish. At times, you forget that it's a Connecticut with all the other flavors dominating (even occasional hints of cinnamon), and other times you get a reminder that it is indeed Connecticut. I have had Ashton Cabinet, AVO, CAO Black, Montecristo, but I think I would rate Odyssey a notch above any of them. If you like mild-med. cigars, absolutely jump on these! Even if you usually enjoy fuller cigars, (like me) these are still a highly enjoyable change of pace. I'm sure additional aging will only improve an already very good cigar. Very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you, CI, for the tremendous deal I got on these!
TS of Elkhart, IN
A friend at work gifted me an odyssey to try out. I lit it up to give it a whirl and it fell flat on flavor as well as construction. When I fired it up the fire ran about an inch inside the binder and actually burnt a hole through the wrapper. I've never had or seen this happen. It unfortunately was all down hill from there including 3 re-lites to even out the run away canoe amidst rapids. Anyway it was the thought that counted, heaven knows I've bought some real jewels myself. Thanks Bono!
RS of San Jose, CA
Great cigar from the moment I lit it up till I got to the end. Great aroma and great taste to the finish.
CV of Alvin, TX
Right out of the box a great great cigar - my new favorite! I have tried a good amount of brands from CI and this is an awesome find. Excellent construction, great burn all the way and no touch ups or relights on a Churchill. First third has a nice pepper flavor which turns into a nice integrated cream and smooth very long lasting finish. I was still enjoying the finish hours after the experience! Medium strength is accurate and the nicotine is not overwhelming at all. The Genesis was a good one too however the flavors were a bit one dimensional IMO - this is excellent!
RC of Cordova, TN
I have never reviewed before. This is Part 1. Part 2 is on the Genesis The Project page. This is not a bad tasting cigar. Smooth, some creaminess to it. I really don't get too much else. That's as good as this review is going to get. I only have a few left from the box I bought. I had let them sit for 1 week in my humidor before giving them a try. My humidor is always right around 70%. The wrappers on every single one of these have split while smoking. Plus, the burn is not even at all. I won't buy either of these again. I cannot recommend them at all.
I caved in to the pitch and hype and bought some. While well made and flavorful, these babies ain't all that mild. I'd say more like Med/full. Nice aroma, burn well, but a bit to manly for my taste.
TM of Ellicott City, MD
These are some awsome stogies, we'll worth the money. Smooth, even smoke and tastes great, and can't beat that aroma. I'll definitely be ordering another box of these.
SB of Hilton Head Island, SC
Nicely constructed medium strength cigar with very nice, somewhat complex flavors. I got 2 boxes of the robusto size from c-bid and another box of the Toro size. My favorite so far has been the robusto, while the Toro did not have the same flavors. It was less refined and stronger and lacked the complex flavors I got from the robusto. On closer inspection, I noticed that the robusto wrapper had a nice oily reddish hue (looked more like a Habano wrapper) but the Toro's wrapper was a lighter greenish color without any red coloration. I don't know if anybody else has noticed the wrapper color difference, but without the band they looked like they came from a different maker.
I was very surprised by the cigar!! This is my first time smoking this brand and had a very smooth draw and a phenomenal taste. I got this one out of a sampler package and it will be on my list to buy from here on out
AC of De Pere, WI
Super deceptive stick if you think Connecticuts are all mild and lack complexity. This is one of the most complex sticks I've had and has a ton of flavor. I got it when it first came out on an email special price. I'm hoping they put the Odyssey on special again like they just did with the Project....
I agree; this is a great stick and bargain as well.
GL of Kansas City, MO
I have to say this is one of the best I have smoked so far. I will be back to buy more.
CW of Phillipsburg, OH
Got these in the mail a few weeks ago and put em right in the humi. Had my first one today and hoy moly these cigars are LEGIT!!! Expected nothing less from Ramon and his crew. Plenty of creamy tasty smoke.
Total surprise. I'd compare them to Monti or Ashton's best.
Great cigar! This is another home run by Ramon Bueso. The cigar is of medium strength, but the purity of the tobacco and taste is second to none. Worth a purchase and smoke as you will be happy you did.
AB of Pleasanton, CA
Smooth operator! It's not as strong as Genesis but it taste great.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA