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Palo Prieto Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.19 out of 5 Based on 16 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Palo Prieto”

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2 out of 5
Not very good this time
Brought last about a year ago but this time there was no flora notes nor any pronounced favours. A bit bitey. Disappointed from last ordered.
5 out of 5
Palo Prieto - Dark & Strong
But, not too strong. A very interesting cigar, which I liked very much. No matter how you translate the name, it is a good smoke and I highly recommend them.
3 out of 5
The first couple I smoked
The first couple I smoked had construction flaws on the cap. The flavors were a bit grassy for my taste but the final third had some earthy and strength. Perhaps the eight left in my humidor will improve with time.
4 out of 5
Sweet Smokes. Quality Throughout.
You recognize that the Palo Prieto Gordos are quality cigars from the moment you open the box. Everything about the consistency of wrappers, heft of the cigar, pre-light aroma, right through the opening post light moments and on til the very end says quality. One exception I would take with the description is I found them to be more medium than med/full smokes. No biggie. Spice and pepper in spades. Construction is flawless--never a hint of a run or bad draw. Simply fine cigars. Too bad the boxes of 12 Gordos isn't available in the bargain bin any more!
5 out of 5
Great Burn with tons of Smoke ♤♤♤♤♤
I had been looking at these cigars a couple of times and decided to go for it and bought some. I'll just tell you this they wont let you down the burn is even tons of smoke. It's a nice after dinner cigar with a nice glass of scotch or whatever you enjoy. This is about my 15th one and everyone has been the same great burn every time. If you enjoy a mild cigar this one will surely surprise you, its a awesome cigar to have in your humidor.
4 out of 5
Good Cigar
Mostly even burning, solid ash that will fall off after about an inch. Medium strength. Good but for the $
4 out of 5
Good Cigar
Great cigar for the price. Good draw, well constructed. Good smoke with morning cup of coffee.
5 out of 5
I like the name so I gave it a shot!
I bought a few of these as a sample a while back and was immediately impressed with how well built it is! It burns evenly and smoothly The Palo Prieto surprisingly delightful with sharp earthy tones and a nice oaky nip I like this cigar and would be quick to share it with friends
5 out of 5
Great cigar, one of my favorites!
Perfect size, burns evenly, smooth taste to the end. Tried it during the cigar of the month club and loved it. Highly recommended for those who like a medium smooth taste.
5 out of 5
Good deal, bad deal ... you be the judge
Like heck I'm going to tell you how good these cigars are ... on a fresh palate ... even with a glass of water ... coffee or your favorite one scotch, one bourbon and one beer ... You're just not going to like them if you're used to strong full-bodied cigars. Your palate will be too fried to enjoy the subtle fine qualities of this little beauty that smokes like a gem. I'm not going to tell you that I shared one with some Central Americans who pretty much only smoke Cubans and raved about it ... or to my friend, yesterday, who had given up cigars in order to be able to double his life insurance, but thought he might take sanctuary in a Sunday smoke and kept telling me how good it was as he blew smoke in my face. Nope, not going to tell you a thing ... not even how beautiful and classy the presentation is in the box of twelve. You, my friend, are just going to have to find out for yourself ... but please keep them properly humidified.
4 out of 5
good burn
simple cig. has a good burn, a little loose in the wrap, but it is better then sucking your eye balls out. would buy again
5 out of 5
Diamond in the rough
I bought the Palo Prieto gordos to get free shipping and found a gem. This cigar has a great flavor and burns very evenly. It makes an excellent cigar to smoke on the golf course. I have since ordered this cigar twice for a total of 9 boxes. I'll be getting more.
4 out of 5
Good smoke
Lots of smoke , burns even , a light draw . Great for the price . This is my third box !
5 out of 5
A sleeper smoke!
Excellent smoke! It is creamy with a little spice coming thru and an easy draw. A definite sleeper smoke...
5 out of 5
Great smoke
a great smoke well worth the money. Please looks and feels like it should cost a lot more .
2 out of 5
I did not enjoy them
Won't be ordering these again. They are a very mild smoke, with little taste. The first half is bland and tastes like generic tabaco. Second half was better, so maybe a longer version would be have more flavor. The draw is very fast, so I would recommend using a punch, rather than a full cut of the end.
Customer Testimonials
Boo Yeah! You, my little friend, have secured a spot in my humidor. Love this cigar. Love the price, love the volumes of smoke, love the taste thru and thru. I am currently sitting on over 300 sticks and this beaut was very surprising. Would consider it more mild, but that is OK. Does not disappoint. Worth a try by all levels of smokers.
Nice package. Great draw. Could use a lititle time in humidor. At sale price I would purchase again.
Picked up a bundle of Gordos on special the other week, and well, AF of Bloomington said everything better than I could have. Glad I didn't pay full price, but thanks to CI I never have to!
Very nice smoke! This is a great cigar for someone like myself, who is trying to expand their pallet into the Full strength cigars. This is my first Palo Prieto cigar (Torpedo), I bought the "Legal Limit 18-Cigar Sampler III". It starts light & creamy with a nice blend of spice and grows slowly in boldness & spice while maintaining it's smooth creamy texture and ends a little heady. Nice consistent burn.
Although the Pelo Prieto is a nice looking cigar, it is too spongy and burns too fast. The flavor in the first third is slightly sweet straw. The cigar is mild in body and strength. Not much happens with the flavor as the cigar progresses. Mostly a paper-like flavor. There is a lot of smoke but it has hardly any body to it. There is no pepper to speak of until the very end. Then it is a very mild spice that would be welcome far earlier on in the cigar. Not my taste.
This cigar is nicely packaged with a gold wrapper. Underneath I found a we constructed beauty. The draw is the easiest I found giving me an initial blast of spice. The cigar burns fast with a continual easy draw that leads to a quick smoke. I smoked about half of it while writing this review. It had a few days in the humidor before I grabbed it but I did not intentionally let it sit. Full of flavor and even the smallest draft leaves the mouth full of smoke all the way to the back. It is a nice smoke, not too strong and leaves a nice aftertaste in the mouth. I'd not order it individually but would not shy away from a sampler which contains it. Overall, it's a good smoke
Tried this stick from the COTM and am pleased overall. I would call it a mild to medium smoke with spice and woodsy flavors throughout. It's no revelation but for the price of entry, it's more than worthwhile. I have a box of gordos on the way. This is a great mellow smoke that's cheap enough to share at will.
Incredible! I smoked a box of these with a group of regular smokers. These cigars are perfect! Very fresh. No lingering after taste. Great for newcomers and veterans alike. I'm buying 2 more boxes of the Torpedos today!
Grear flavor, excellent draw! Only wish they were cheaper. Got a fiver on a deal of the day and couldn't be more impressed. Medium-full body is decieving because this smoke is sooo smooth.
I second that "WOW"! It is everything that it was described to be. Easy draw, nice burn, great aroma, and great spicy taste. Not forgetting the great price. It's a bang for your buck. I have to get some more of these smooth and creamy babies.
Received this as a COTM selection in April. Nice full aroma, easy on the draw. Taste is lacking. Probably would not purchase on my own. Of course, I'm used to and prefer a more mild stick; Alec Bradley American Classic and the Rocky Patel Vintage 1999. But, hey, have at it...
What a beautiful cigar. It's a beauty where the taste is as pleasing as how this cigar looks. It grabs you with a full hit at the first draw, and it's a lovely ride the rest of the way.
I am not as enthusiastic as the previous customers with this cigar. The cigar is lightly packed and not particularly tasty. It has a young tobacco taste. Definitely not smooth. I purchased a box based on previous reviews and had high hopes. I do believe that some age in the humidor will significantly improve this cigar. The packaging is top notch, but that is the high point IMO.
Outstanding cigar at an exceptional value. The puro has an excellent draw with a sharp spicy cedar snap. Head to foot the cigar is consistent with a an excellent taste and aroma. The presentation gold wrapper, draw cord (to get the first cigar out), and overall texture of the cigar is superb. Well said in categorizing this as an old world it is.
i was impressed with this cigar and too attractive to be sleeved, great construction and easy draw with a lot of different flavors and tons of medium bodied smoke.had two and both had great finish.where have the aguillar's been?
WOW!!! I when for the unknown and I hit the jackpot. Definitely, in life you have to try new stuff........What a nice surprise. A complete package: Presentation, quality, draw and flavor.....last but least, Price! Thanks CI for having great cigars and great prices.
After allowing these beauty's to sit in my humidor, I decided it was time to try one, boy what a wonderful cigar. The first third was leathery with notes of earth,a little dry on the finish, the second third rounded out the first with a little spice entering the fray, by the last third it was a well rounded beaut that had me thinking of smoking another,reminded me of the first opus x I smoked but a little drier on the finish. I will definitely order more, a very nice boutique cigar. SALUTE