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Nub Connecticut Studio Tobac By Oliva Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Nub Connecticut Studio Tobac By Oliva”
Great Cigar! Very smooth, great burn, very good draw. I would buy more of them if they were on the Joe's Daily Deal more often!
I split a box of these with a buddy I wish I kept all of them. They are a very smooth cigar.
JR of Weatherford, OK
NUB has become one of my favorites that I always keep on hand. A great addition to the Oliva family of truly phenomenal smokes.. Cameroon is my favorite out of the bunch, but I've tried all of the wrappers and have not had a bad one yet. All have nice construction, even burn and clouds of smoke. 2 thumbs up!
MC of Luling, LA
Whoa MAMA! These are....delicious, tasty, yummy, many synonym words ARE there for "scrumptious"? ....not enough for THIS cigar. Nub, in general is a VERY reliable brand for awesome cigars; you can't go wrong with them, and this one is fantastic. I was very impressed by how endlessly milky, buttery-smooth, rich and flavorful and creamy this cigar is. The only thing that disappointed me was when it got too short to smoke any more!! ... it's like glorious mother's-milk from the tobacco-teat!!
ER of Templeton, CA
Unusually large. More like morbidly obese! The Studio Tobac offering, Nub Connecticut, is a whopping 66 ring gauge monster that measures 4". The idea being, that if you successfully ignite the massive foot of this beast, you are instantly transported to the cigar's "sweet spot" & that lasts from the first puff, to the last. There may be something to it, although it could also be as much perception, as reality. Boasting typical Oliva construction, this B-52 of a robusto can last up to an hour +. I try to keep the ash intact for the entire smoke & considering the girth of the ash, it can be done with minimum effort. It starts off a bit harsh, but quickly settles into a creamy smooth, mild bodied experience. With no lack of firmly packed long fillers, the volume of smoke is immense. Connecticut wrappers are rarely my first choice & I prefer the flavor profile of a Sancho Panza when I do reach for a Connecticut, but the Nub is an enjoyable enough vitola. My biggest beef is the price. Unless you can find a special deal, these go for a whopping $6.50+. I can grab 2 of the Sancho Panza Toros or 3 Indian Tobac Reserve robustos, for less than 1 jaw stretching Nub. I limit my Oliva intake to their excellent line of 2nds & enjoy the same fine tobaccos for a fraction of the cost.
I was soooo looking to this smoke and it didn't disappoint. However, the construction was not normal for Nub. As I cut the cap, the wrapper split. Burn was even for a 66 ring. As I got into the final third, the wrapper split even more and it started to unravel. It was a fiasco!! I'm hoping it was a dud and the remaining 4 of my 5pack does better.
SK of Columbia, SC
This chubby little baby is one fine smoke! I absolutely love this size. It feels good in the hand and in the mouth, I even had to rub it on my cheek for a bit. The flavor is wonderful, with notes of cedar, toast, and cream with plenty of smoke. It was a mild cigar for me and will be a mainstay in my humidor. Please give this fat baby a try, it wont let you down. Keep up the good work Oliva!
"I just smoked a Connecticut what a great cigar. its very smooth as well. I will be buying a box of these"
SO of 17050, PA