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Stainless Steel Cigar Stand Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Stainless Steel Cigar Stand”

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This is a weird item to review, but I really do like it. If your boss (wife) dosen't like to sit outside and chat with you when you smoke, then you need something to do for the hour or so. Between puffs this is a nice and clean way to set down your cigar while searching for more CI deals on your phone or computer. All in all it's a great product. (especially if you only need a couple more bucks to get the free item when you spend enough)
I just got stainless Steel cigar stand and it came part on me I would not get this cigar stand
Great idea, poor design. This thing was great while it lasted; convenient, functional, and folds beautifully for easy storage/travel. However, the hinge is held together by one tiny speck of welding that gave out after about 3 weeks of gentle use. I kept it clean and stored it in my humidor after every use. One day I opened it and it fell apart into two pieces. I would love to see the welding or overall design improved on this item, then I would definitely buy it again because its truly an awesome little product, if it only lasted. Thanks CI for thinking of new and awesome stuff for us, please work on this item, because as of now it is two useless pieces of metal after a couple of weeks. Cheers.
Broke on the first use. Going to purchase a different stand.
For $5 this is a handy tool to keep in the herf-a-dor when you don't have an ashtray. I work a lot outside, and hate to mess up the head of my cigar with slobber holding it in my mouth the whole time. This tool is just the trick, folds flat and stores nicely in the herf. Read a tip by someone to put this on your wish list for when you need another few bucks on an order for free shipping or a gift. Whoever that was, thanks champ.
What a great item, so simple yet so useful. Perfect for that occassion when there isn't an ashtray around, and you don't want to set it down on a grungey surface. Their price is the best online.
works for the job