HUMI-CARE Power Stick Humidifier Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “HUMI-CARE Power Stick Humidifier”
“Awesome idea! I bought it for my Whitetail Desktop Humidor (50ct). I unpackaged it, filled it with distilled water per instructions and in 20 minutes it was ready to be installed. I used 3M Command Velcro medium strips and installed it on the front inside part on the lid. Works like a charm and can easily be removed and reinstalled for refilling, plus its so slim you can't even see its there! Works great and I highly recommend giving this a try in your smaller units!”
SM of Linwood, MI
“I got one of these and it worked great until it dried out...I can't find the gel balls any more, I went to refill it and the thing is empty. I don't know what I did wrong.”
“Overfilled my jar of Humi-Care gel and poured out the excess water into the sink and out went all of the gel with it. Too clumsy for the jar, decided to go with the Power Stick and it's great! Impossible for crystals to fall out and maintains perfect humidity! Keeps my 50 ct around 70%”
MJ of Paxton, MA
“Humi-Care Power Stick + Cigar Juice = Knockout Combo. I have trouble keeping my humidor around 70% humidity out here in the desert. After I charged up the Power Stick with Cigar Juice, my humidor now maintains a steady, suitable environment for maintaining my cigars.”
“Great product by Humi-care. I have been very happy with all the products I have bought from Humi-care and this is no different. It works great and the crystals absorb water fast and hold the humidity for a long time.”
SG of Marshfield, MA
“Awesome little guy, keeps my sticks at a perfect 68-70% humidity. Definitely recommend this for small to medium humidors.”
“Great way to keep your humidor at 70 degrees.”
MD of Oak Lawn, IL
“Great price for storage”
BG of Somers, NY
“nice little humidifier fits right in my 20 count humidor got to wait to see how good it does”
JK of marshalltown, IA
“I bought two of these to help with the humidity of my big humidor and it works quite well. Its compact and does a great job even distributing the humidity. Good buy thanks CI!”
AS of Winter Park, FL
“I bought a 40 count travel case, ( I'm always on the go) that ended up not having built in humidification. No problems... the Power Stick fits perfectly one of the cigar slots, and keeps every stick in perfect condition.”
SM of Kokomo, IN
“Packs a punch to be so small.”