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Q & A for HUMI-CARE Seasoning Wipes

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06/16/2013 Will these wipes fully season a humidor, or are they just a step in the seasoning process?

A: Yes. These wipes are intended to fully season a humidor and make it ready to add cigars and your humidification device. For best results, follow the directions and use 2-3 wipes.
by Jeff K
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06/26/2013 With these wipes how long does it take to season the humidor? Also can you use wipe after wipe or do you have to let it dry?

by AR of Lockport, NY
A: This is a 2-day process. Use a wipe to fully saturate the interior wood of your humidor. One wipe will sufficiently saturate a 100 to 200-capacity humidor. Close the humidor and let it sit for a day. The next day, use the second wipe in the same fashion. Let it sit another day, and then your cigars are ready to be added. Simply add or charge your humidification element and you're ready to go.
by Steve R
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07/23/2013 Will you ever need to re-season/ re apply again, or is it just a one shot deal?

by SM of Los Angeles, CA
A: I season my humidor and re-calibrate my hygrometers 1-2 times per year but it all comes down to the climate you live in and how particular you are about maintaining a particular humidity % that rarely (if ever) varies. In LA, the humidity is higher than Pennsylvania where I live and does not flucuate as much. I would recommed doing it once a year around November - December to prep for the slightly drier winter months.
by Bryan
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