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Gurkha Vintage Shaggy Reviews

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 8 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Vintage Shaggy”

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5 out of 5
Great cigar for the price
Medium body, burn great, tasty.
4 out of 5
Shaggy not too shabby
Great construction, great burn, lots of smoke and flavor. Occasional stem causes a slightly tight draw but nothing bad. High end cigar, low price.
4 out of 5
Good Medium Tasting Smoke
Like the other reviewers, nice smoke for outdoor activities.
4 out of 5
Happy with the gurka shaggys
For the most part I'm happy with my last order I enjoy the gurka vintage shaggys it was the sampler that I got with those I was not very satisfied with but my choice live and learn
5 out of 5
great cigar
lots of taste. burns evenly. i like the large size.
5 out of 5
Great value
Best smoke for the money! This will be a repeat order for sure.
1 out of 5
You get what you pay for.
These Shaggy's are not up to the usual Gurkha quality standards. I just lit up the third cigar in the bundle. So far, all three have had construction issues. The wrappers in all three came unraveled and the binder in another one also unraveled. One of them also had a very uneven burn and another one had holes in it that considerably reduced the draw. I've been a big Gurkha fan over the years, but I will not be ordering the Shaggy variety ever again.
4 out of 5
Best medium/full Flavor at this price point.
Amazing flavor and price. Some variation in uniformity of rolling. Now and again I get one that doesn't burn uniformly, but it is so rare that I keep coming back.
Customer Testimonials
Excellent smooth, mild taste. Great cigar.
Very nice, very smooth.
While I'm not a big Gurkha fan, I do like the Vintage 2001 Shaggy. I don't care about the "shaggy" part. I like the blend of the Vintage 2001. It's a good smoke with good flavors. I liked it enough to buy a mazo of lanceros.
What a great value. I have only had the lancero, but after my second one, there is no doubt that it is easily worth the modest price I paid. Nice even burning with a super easy draw and volumes of flavorful smoke right to the very end.
This is my favorite everyday cigar. Leave them in your herf for a week or more and they are a great shop or fishing cigar. Not too bold, but just right to chew and smoke while working or having fun. Great flavor, good draw; I just can't get enough of these guys. Now you need to know it's not a sit back with your buddies and drink cigar, but a great stick for everything else and at a good price.
Hands down legit. I got the Shaggy in a sampler with the Warlord and Beauty, but this is unique and perfectly complimented the vacation!
Mild tasting without a bite. Excellent after dinner or evening cigar.
Ok cigar. Did not draw too well and burned very quickly. I would stick with the larger ring size in the future.
Decent cigar but not my favorite from Gurkha. Nothing bad to say but nothing spectacular either. I smoked the Lancero this time one of my favorite sizes. I love Gurkha in general but I wasn't impressed with this stick. For the money it was good!
Its good. Really smooth, kinda one dimensional throughout in terms of taste. Stays cool for most of the cigar which is uncommon for me because im a fast smoker. All and all my kind of cigar. Only issue is with the shaggy part. Why they just didnt cut it off is a mystery to me.
I am not one to wax philosophical and explain notes, draw etc. but, I know tobacco intimately, and this was d@mn weird and very d@mn good. Thanks customer service for reminding me what exact name it was so I can order many more. Great addition, and just do it, makes for unique night and great gift with the shag.
I wasn't realy real happy with these. Not much taste and way too mild.
A very smooth medium-bodied smoke, good to the last puff, if you never tried a Shaggy, its your loss.
Loves the taste, but the construction wasn't up to snuff. I couldn't get through some without the wrapper having issues. They had been properly stored so that was not the problem. Too bad because I did like the cigar otherwise.
Tried these in a sampler, liked them so we'll ordered a bundle of 15 more. Great smokes, love the flavor and burn. Will definitely order again!
It is everything the write up says it is! A beautiful cigar with big taste and aroma.
At first I was very disappointed with this cigar, it had burn issues, a tight draw and the wrapper split about half way thru, but the flavor was good. I thought this would be a good give away cigar. After 6+ months in my 65% humidor my disapointment turned to delight. The burn isssues had dissapeared, the draw was near perfect and the wrapper didn't split. Smoke output was high and there were very nice flavors of oak with a light sweetness along with a pleasing spice that lingered on the palate. This cigar (torpedo) is a 1-1/2 hour+ smoke and pairs nicely with a hearty red wine or a spiced rum. Don't smoke this right off the truck, you will be disappointed!
Top notch smoke.
Excellent Smoke
Was surprised about this smoke. Did not expect much as previous shaggies left me disappointed. However, the burn was pretty good, flavor profile was mild to medium and the price was dirt cheap. Definitely let it sit in your humidor for several weeks which enhances the blend. This is a 7 out of 10 In my book. Good for a smoke to give to you friends and when you are hanging outside doing chores
Dollar for dollar the best Gurkha. Simple but tasty. Looks are deceiving.
An okay Gurkha Shaggy. Smoked one right away but burned uneven. After two weeks in the humidor burned great. Nice gentle smoke. Will be getting more later.
I bought 10 of these for a great price. I have to say, it burned almost perfect. Good ash. Had a nice, sweet, leathery taste. I enjoyed it, and I have 9 more to smoke.
I've not found a Gurkha I didn't like. This is no exception. It had been long in my humidor so I had forgotten about the shaggy foot and thought it was a bad stick or something. But because it was a treasured Gurkha I lit it anyways which led to a widening smile upon my first draw which was like a metered but easy breath. Lots of smoke with light toasty flavors and a slight hint of sweet. Like nearly every Gurkha, I smoked it nearly to the nub. I say nearly because it got hot but perhaps only because I was really enjoying the flavor which did not burn but stayed delightful to the end! Looking to buy more!
Well I received the Shaggy's. A little disappointed for a Gurkha, uneven burn but still tasted like a Gurkha. For the special price that was on them it still was a good deal. I'll have to try some other Gurkha's later.
The draw on this stick was very hard.... It produced a tremendous amount of smoke however. Too bad as I liked the taste very much.
I just smoked this cigar for the first time and was at first impressed I liked the flavor and had good amount of smoke but about half way it started having this funky taste and just completely turned me away from this cigar. Most likely won't smoke another one although I will be trying other kinds of sticks from Gurkha I will continue to look for a favorite
A beautiful damn cigar right here folks. The flavor is outstanding and for the price, there couldn't be a better deal. The more you sit on them the better they get. I may buy this one again.
Couldn't pass up the Lanceros at that price, as the Shaggy Foot is one of my favs. Smoked one today right off the truck. Every bit a Shaggy Foot all the way. Draw was a bit tight - so the rest went straight into the "dor". Will definitely be picking up more in the coming weeks.
I ordered the Lancero on a last minute checkout deal. Real Gurkhas at that price, of course I have to get it. Gurkha is my favorite brand and the cigar was great. Smooth and great flavors like a Gurkha should be. I had a tight draw myself and the wrapper split too. You gotta leave these at the top of the humidor.
Got one of these in a sampler (Gran Rothschild (Toro) (6.5"x55). I enjoyed it very much, nice smooth draw and a ton of smoke. I didn't have the issues stated in other comments, although this could be because I placed them in a humidor for a week or so off the truck. It had a very cedar flavor, and a ton of smoke. I got a complaint from a girl across the bar because I was putting off so much smoke. Very even burn and a nice ash that I was able to get to about 2 inches before it fell off. Will definitely order again!
i ordered these at special. had one off the truck, it seem a little wet and heavy. draw was very tight. very little smoke, had to keep puffing. taste was kinda off because off lack of or little smoke. will let them rest for awhile before i pass true judgement. don't think they will be on rotation or buy again at regular pricing.
i agree had one off the truck seemed wet, heavy and had funky taste, little or no smoke draw was not good i will let them rest for awhile good thing i got them on a great sell don't think i would buy again a regular prices somewhat of a let down by Gurkha
I've only had one if these, but the one I did have the draw was very tight, and smoke output was next to nothing. Flavors were enjoyable, but would have to double or triple draw to get a decent amount of smoke causing it to burn very hot and distort the flavors...