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Gurkha Class Regent Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Class Regent”
I only found the Regent sold as singles or found them in samplers. Too expensive that way. CI's prices are so low, I was able to buy a box. They need to rest awhile, but the Regent is a fantastic cigar and worth the wait.
RL of Manassas, VA
New to cigars, but picked up a 10-pack of the Torpedos for a great price. Quality and taste was just as advertised even after resting just a couple weeks. Will definitely buy again. Thanks CI for putting me on to a great cigar!
SS of Virginia Beach, VA
This is the cigar that started my journey towards creating a cigar journal and delving deeper into the hobby. I got it with a Brown Bag sampler years ago, and it is still my go to even after all of the awesome brands and top rated sticks... this is that one that not only calms me down sometimes before/after work, it also gives me a little nostalgia. Thank you Gurkha for such an awesome blend, and ty CI for making it affordable for us all!
Just received the Gurkha Gorge Fest last week which I would 100% reccomend to anyone! I grabbed it on sale so $40 for 16 great cigars is a really amazing value. I tried to let them sit in the humidor for a while but that didn't happen. I had the Class Regent last night with a glass of Laphroaig 10 yr Cask... Excellent smoke. One of my new favorites. Lasted almost 2 hours. Very smooth draw. Overall a great one that I will definitely order again.
RF of Voorhees, NJ
Ahh...this is a smooth smoke! I only picked it up because it was the free shipping deal at the time: only $30. Since shipping was $8, I said why not? So glad I did! Smooth smoke that burns evenly for a long time. Now it is one of my favorites when I want something that is not too heavy or light.
DB of Charlotte, NC
I got this in a Sampler Pack, loved it! It had a nice draw, was suprisingly full of flavor. I just really enjoyed it. It did however smoke like a freightrain, just sitting idle it billowed smoke!
This is one of the most relaxing cigars I have ever smoked. Oddly, the first puff after toast tastes of latakia, but you never get it again. Starts off coffee with cream then turns to a lovely leather. The aroma to me is of sweet pepper and wood. Long smoke, (2 hours+) and with ample plumes of smoke. Would highly recommend for the end of a long day smoke to relax with.
DW of Los Angeles, CA
Had the Churchill. Amazing smoke for the price. Great taste consistent burn good draw. Usually smoke olivas but this smoke really amazed me.
JS of omaha, NE
These Gurkha Class Regents are some very good smokes for the price as in super good!
RP of Greer, SC
I recently started smoking cigars again after a nearly decade-long absence. Further, I was very fortunate to smoke some of the finest cigars in the world and a constant supply of great, new, and hot cigars when I was young... a best friend's father was a wealthy cigar smoker who stocked all sorts of the best and always allowed us to go shopping for him. Now I am older and poorer and just getting back into cigars. I've moved and a neighbor pointed me to a sampler from CI which included this Gurkha blend...I remember the Gurkha line from the late 90s and always thought they were a curiosity. Tons of different types, lots of money, and not exactly the most popular but they were popping up everywhere. WELL, I WAS MISSING OUT- These are excellent cigars at outstanding value! Solid, spectacular construction with superb burn and draw... tasty blend of tobaccos and wrapper. To be honest the wrapper was really nice! Silky smooth to the touch, pretty and seductive shade of Maduro, and while this was certainly a flavorful, non-mild smoke, it was smooth and smokeable with no overpowering spice or heat. I am very impressed and would recommend this to anyone and will be eager to sample some of the other Gurkhas out there.
DM of Dunnellon, FL
I have to be honest. I have never been a fan of the Gurkha line. Every one I smoked had horrible burn issues even after resting for months in my humidor. Plus, their MSRP was too high IMO. However, I was recently gifted a Class Regent. It looked and felt like a well constructed cigar. After it sat in my humidor for a few weeks, curiousity got the best of me. The initial light up was very pleasant. After a few minutes I was very impressed with the flavor. Even my unrefined palate could detect chocolate and nuts throughout the cigar. The burn was flawless throughout and it produced lots of thick, creamy smoke. If you can't tell, I was very impressed by this Gurkha and want more.
SS of La Grange, KY
In past years I had a few of these with a natural wrapper. I was unimpressed; rather bland and several burn issues. Recently I found one with a maduro wrapper in CI's Sizzler sampler. A totally different smoke. Fresh, full flavor and perfect construction and burn. I don't know if they even make the natural version anymore, but definitely go with the maduro, eespecially at CI prices.
Love it! A beautiful cigar.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA