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Bugatti B-1001 Torch Lighter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Bugatti B-1001 Torch Lighter”
Great lighter, wish they would give with orders again. Thanks.
SB of Morgantown, WV
I got this lighter as a freebie. I love it. It's hefty in your hand and I really like the double torch "pyramid" flame. The cigar punch works great. I haven't seen any others (except the Bugatti B 2002) that feature this. I liked it enough to buy a second one. (as another freebie with cigars). I'll get the B 2002 next. I think it looks nicer.
BN of Issaquah, WA
This lighter comes apart similarly to a zippo exposing the clear reservoir, filling valve, and flame adjustment. The tank seems fairly large. The double torch is strong and lights well. Overall an excellent quality lighter.
JP of Cheraw, SC
tank empties pretty fast compared to a Zippo of smaller size, from the window (which is very nice) the fuel chamber looks almost non existent. Otherwise a beautiful lighter and great flame
AH of Dayton, OH
It works!!! So many lighters like this are nothing but a pain in the bum. This one works great and there is a window so you can see how much fluid is left. A little bigger than a Zipo. I love it!
BS of Farmington, UT
I'm a cheap guy and I love this lighter so much that I purchased a second, but I'm not stupid, I waited for a good deal. To those looking for a lighter that works every time, this is the one. The punch works so well that I have given up carrying a cutter. One thing that is necessary, check the butane tank regularly as the powerful flame uses butane faster than other lighters. I now carry a butane refill container in my glove box. Thanks Cigars International for offering the Bugatti as a freebee.
Finally, a lighter I can trust. Works every time. The punch cutter is never lost because it is part of the lighter. Love it!
ND of Nooksack, WA
I have this lighter and the B 2002. I have a number of butane lighters, many of which are pretty good performers. These two are so good, I felt I should comment on them. The insert is the same for both lighters and they both perform beautifully. This particular lighter reminds me of the Zippos of my youth. And the B 2002 is so uniquely attractive in its own right that I got two of them for two good friends of mine as gifts. The lighters are of such quality that one does not have to hesitate buying them for yourself or as a gift. Nonetheless, don't forget to register it for lifetime guarantee.
This thing is AWESOME! If you enjoy the feel and 'clink' sound of opening a zippo, but don't want the lighter fluid messing with your cigar, then you must give this lighter a try. I love old Zippos and have been looking for a nice torch that resembled one, this is it! Works everytime and is perfect in the hand size wise. Gonna buy a second one just for my golf bag.
RD of Rohnert Park, CA
The reviews seemed good so was psyched when the Bugatti came with a CI sampler. First one wouldn’t light out of the box. CI was great and immediately sent a replacement, but this one failed also. Tried 3 different butane bottles from 2 different manufacturers. CI is great and refunding but would have preferred a working lighter. Guess it’s BIC for now.
JR of Strafford, NH
Very solid, very nice. Got it with a sampler for 12 bucks, well worth it. Lights every time
RB of Dexter, MO
Worked fine for a month or 2 now it lights but the slightest breeze will blow it right out! The whole point of a torch lighter is so that it'll be a little wind resistant. I'm a bit disappointed
DW of West Pittston, PA
Like the majority of us, I've collected a lot of lighters and cutters over the years. Most of my lighters are very reliable (Lotus, Xikar, etc.) and my Colibri cutters are just as dependable. That said, I find myself constantly using my Bugatti 1001 as my go to accessory. I prefer to punch as opposed to clip/cut my cigars and this does the trick perfectly every time. I'm surprised at the reviews that claim inefficient performance with this lighter. Proper care (cleaning) for your lighters can be found online with a simple search. I take a few minutes to do this and the results are clearly noticeable. I love the removable visible fuel tank and the fold-out punch that are featured here. This is a great buy when compared to purchasing 2 like devices.
This is an incredible lighter. I've had some of my cigar smoking friends attempt to steal this lighter many times. My own friends, but that just confirms this is the perfect lighter. I recently purchased another and sent it to a friend for his birthday. He in turn sent me a box of my favorite cigars for my birthday. Never expected that but again it just proves this is an awesome lighter!
TV of Plano, TX
Good lighter. Cons: punch comes off after a few uses and the warranty does not cover the shipping costs at all. Can not be filled with a steel nozzled butane cartridge. You need to buy the more expensive ones with a plastic nozzle.
As far as the light itself goes, it works fine, however the action when opening and closing it is rough and it hasn't closed properly in awhile.
JO of Shelton, CT
Fanstastic lighter, would definitely refer to others!
DS of North Las Vegas, NV