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Bugatti B-1 Torch Lighter Reviews

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Overall Rating 3.91 out of 5 Based on 11 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Bugatti B-1 Torch Lighter”

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3 out of 5
More show than use
I have not had this light too long, however, light a few sticks with it. So far I love it. When in a group it is definitely a conversation piece. The reson I gave this three star is it will not light in high altitude or cold weather. Being I am in both conditions often this makes it a bit frustrating. Thankful, I had a box of natural wood matches. I will need to buy something with better abilities. Any suggestions?
1 out of 5
Peace of JUNK!!
Had to give it a "star" just to comment. This is the BIGGEST piece of JUNK, now I see why they include it in a "discount bundle"..... the cigar punches are loose and fall out, I was able to light two cigars and no more, it leaks when filling, lights for a split second and goes out
5 out of 5
Get it
My favourite lighter
5 out of 5
Perfect lighter
Great lighter for the best cigars!
5 out of 5
What a steal if you can get it in a deal! Solid, should last a long long time.
its going on 4y and still love this thing!
4 out of 5
Bugatti B-1 lighter
It's a great lighter. I needed a new one and I purchased this one since it also had a punch cutter attached. I love the punch cutter and the lighter has worked great since I got it.
5 out of 5
Time tells the story...
I have owned the B-1 Bugatti for at least 3-4 years. If has never failed me and continues to work like a champ. It has the scratches to show that it gets used a lot. The only thing I would say is a down side is that when you use the punches the little piece of tabacco from the cap stays in the punch. I have to use a key or try to blow it out. Not a big deal. Others have used it and tried to get it from me. Not happening.
1 out of 5
Colibri B1 lighter experience.
I got three of these lighters at different times through CI special deals. They looked so nice that I thought I would save them for special occasions which didn't work out too well. The first two I tried never worked at all. They both spray out raw fuel like they have a blown seal inside. One finally lit but the whole lighter blazed up including my hand. The third lighter appears to be OK but I'm afraid to trust it after the bad experiences with the first two. Would not recommend this lighter to anyone, especially at the price they sell for. I thought the name would represent a quality product but apparently not. I always use premium fuel in all of my lighters (Colibri, Xicar, etc.) so I don't think that is the problem. They are heavy enough to make good paperweights though.
4 out of 5
Very nice lighter
only used it a few times so far, but it's worked great.
5 out of 5
Excellent customer service
The point to this review is not the quality of the lighter but the way in which it was received. Almost 2 years ago, there was a mishap with a free item not shipping (lighter). When I reached out I was told on my next order placed to call customer service and let them know and they would add the lighter to the shipment. Since then I had placed many orders yet always forgot to call. When I finally remembered, almost 2 years had lapsed yet when I spoke to CI, they found the information and added it to my next order. Who could ask for more. Signed, a lifelong customer
5 out of 5
Built like a tank.
I initially had a problem keeping the lighter filled. There was a slow leak somewhere causing it to lose butane. I tightened the screw at the bottom and kept refilling it. Might have been an air bubble? Either way, it works like a champ now. Having a built in punch is handy.
Customer Testimonials
First two Bugatti B-1 lighters were duds. CI was kind enough to replace one of them, and so far the replacement works fine. One good lighter (so far - fingers crossed) and two paper weights (these lighters are heavy).
I have had this torch for about 3 months now, and I really love it. The feel is really good and its super consistent. The side button is a really good way to go. 2 different size punchers also come in useful.
I've owned this lighter for 2 years now and use it all the time shoot I even light fireworks with it when my crap bic I was using stopped working and it still works like the day I bought it best lighter out there.
This lighter is awesome! it looks amazing, it has a strong flame, and a large fluid capacity
Got One Of These And It Worked Twice And Didn't Work Again. Not Sure If It Doesn't Work Because I'm In A High Altitude Area. I Always Use Quality Fuel In All My Lighters.
i got 2 of these thru cigar deals. both worked about 6 mos. before quiting, I wonder if they were erjects?? for $100 they should last a lot longer. can they be fixed?? George Hall....
Love this Lighter...I wanted this light so I bought the Pueblo Dominicano cigar bundle for $25 that included this lighter. Just the feel of the lighter is amazing, the torch is dependable, strong, and steady. Love it.
At first I was skeptical about this particular lighter. I just received my gunmetal B-1 with a few other orders from CI. This lighter is stunning, it's heavy yet very versatile. You can fit it anywhere. I see a few people complaining about a few things, so let me perhaps help with those complaints. Complaint # 1 - "The torch doesnt stay on past a few seconds". Solution - All you have to do is turn down the flame power to about 70% with a little flat screwdriver. Then the flame will stay on until you let go. Complaint #2 - "Butane splashes out when I fill it up and light it" Solution - Turn the flame knob all the way (-). Bleed out any air by pressing in the flame nozzle. And fill up with highly purified butane. (I use Xikar Purofine gray can - it has only 15 impuraties per million parts.) And not too expensive only 10$ for the largest can that lasts me like a month and I use it nonstop.) Mark my words, this lighter is amazing if you only know how to use it. All the solutions above were tested by myself because I, too , researched here before buying and found some negative feedbacks. Smoke well my friends.~
Was great for the first maybe 2 months before the ignitor quit on me. Looks great sitting in my drawer. Sadly that's not its intended purpose.
Just got this!! And what have I been thinking off for past few years. Never again will I use a cheap lighter purchased at Wal-Mart.
Not very good. I can only light about 2 cigars before re-filling. Doesn't stay lit. Doesn't have a window to view gas level and is not very adjustable. Punch cutters are loose and may fall out. Not nearly what I expected.
Fantastic lighter.
My kids like it almost as much as I do! Good looking lighter.
Someone put it right. When Bugatti isn't making million dollar automobiles, they have a solid following in high tech lighters. Side grip ignition is THE go to for ease of use. Flame is pinpoint, solid blue and pretty darn windproof. Add a razor sharp punch to it and you've got something really worth bragging about. A DUAL Punch, no less. One nice thin one, slightly wider than a golf tee, and a wider one for cigars with a stronger draw. Both punches are clean and precise and refuse to mutilate the most delicate caps. A proven winner that has stood up to the hardest test. Me.
Not a fancy thing, but elegant and highly functional!! I think it works better than any lighter I've owned over the years. As for its built in punch duo, it's the only way I cut cigars. I prefer the smaller gauge punch most of the time as its clean and provides for a great concentration of smoke across the palate. For those that complain of the punch not ejecting the plug; that's because it doesn't have an ejection device. Duh! I just send a quick breath (blow it out) from one side and the plug is quickly ejected.
This is my current lighter.. Fits in my pocket and people love using it.. I've only had it for a week, but everyone that's used it has commented on it. Seems to be solidly made and works well.
I've had one of these for the last 3 years. Always consistent, always dependable. Impervious to wind. Nice hefty feel. Large fuel capacity lasts me all day and evening with one refill each morning. And if I forget till the next afternoon, it still lights! If you follow the instructions to "keep the burner clean with compressed air" and burp it regularly this thing will last and last and last. I've dropped it many times without incident. I've worn the finish off the sides. So what And, I prefer a punch, so this lighter is perfect. Well worth the money!
Had trouble with the first one, CI customer service replaced it no questions asked. It is a great lighter, the best I've owned. CI customer service can't be beat!
An okay jet flame lighter. I do, however, question the wisdom of placing two punches, one large and one small, so close together. This sometimes makes it difficult to punch without the second punch damaging the side of your cigar. I never use the smaller punch, so I went ahead and popped it out (you can do that). I have been using mine for a while and the finish has really started to wear....I got this lighter cheap, though, so I guess I shouldn't complain. And, yes, it still lights.
Got this torch in the father's day bundle, the first one wouldn't work. Got a replacement and its been great. The built in punch is very convenient. CI's customer service was fantastic.
This lighter looks very nice and for the most part works great. The punch works nicely. The only thing I can find wrong with it is the fuel tank. I can only seem to get it to light two cigars before it runs out. I have bled the tank, tried different butane and adjusted the flame.
Such a great lighter! Sleek, stylish and easy to use. The first lighter I received had a manufacturer's issue. CI didn't hesitate in sending a replacement! Thank you, CI, for the great products and tremendous Customer Service!
I have only had mine for just over 1 year and the large punch broke off. I am an occasional smoker and may have used the lighter 20 times. Not really happy with it.
I just got mine in the mail yesterday and I filled it with xikar triple refined butane and I cannot get it to work. It stays on for about 5 seconds and then goes out but this is after I have clicked it about 20 times. I adjusted the flame level and I purged it and even went online to see if I was doing something wrong. The lighter looks awesome and I can't wait to get it to work. Any suggestions?
No, it doesn't have a fuel window. No, it doesn't have a thumb-knob to adjust the flame height. But it WORKS. Unlike all those other jet lighters you buy and throw in a drawer 3 or 6 months later because they just go click-click-click (or click-halfsecondflame, click-halfsecondflame), this one JUST WORKS. I don't care about there being no fuel window because this guy holds a good amount of butane (and I carry a spare can with me for refills anyway). I don't care about there being no thumb knob because not only does this thing JUST WORK, the flame height is CONSISTENT. Get your screwdriver, set the flame height ONCE to a good cigar-lightning height, and FORGET about it after that. Also, you don't ever have to play the stupid game of "set flame height to max because it's not working again!" So, a thumb knob isn't needed! Plus, this guy's built like a tank, all metal, can't kill it. I've dropped it more times than I can count, and it doesn't care. The side-ignite is great too, keeps your fingers away from the heat, and is slick-looking too. Look for a discount deal if you can, but I love this thing, and I recommend getting one!
The first one was a dud. CI replaced it and now I love it, my hands down favorite!!!!
I've been using Colibri lighters for years and I have to say that this lighter is by far the best lighter I've used yet. It's rugged and dependable. So far this one has lasted long and is still going strong! The only weak point is the built in punch, meaning it doesn't discharge the plug cut from the cigar, but, I really don't use that feature all that often so it's not an issue. I give this a thumbs up! Get one!
Have had mine for a couple of months and has never failed me. Great lighter. Got it for $30.00 on make me an offer.
No doubt about it. This is probably the best constructed lighter I have ever owned.The side igniter is great, and will continue to burn with little finger presure, and stay lit for a moment after release.It also has the ability to hold a large amount of fuel. However, the only way to adjust the flame is by using a small screw driver, while my other ones at less the cost can be done by turning a small knob,nor can you see the amount of butane in the tank, and the punch doesn't discard the tobacco when the punch is made. The best way to purchase this lighter and well worth the cost, is looking for it to be offered on one the great deals offered by CI. I only paid $10.00 dollars for it, by purchasing a box of cigars being offered. While I'm not sure it is worth $50.00 dollars, it is worth far more than the money I spent. Again, if the complaints I had are not importanT to you, then this lighter with a torch for a flame is solid as a tank.
The Bugatti B1.....Solid all metal construction, easy sidebar ignition, large reservoir and it's a great looking lighter. So if your in the need of a good dependable it is.
Now i have been carrying a Xikar Crossover with me for the last two years however, on another great CI deal, i got the Bugatti B1 Torch lighter for 10 bucks. Looked OK, had a nice weight to it and it felt good in my hand. Well i decided to carry it with me for a month to give it a fair test. It did well lighting up the first time, most of the time. I really liked the side starter as my fingers were well away from the flame. In the wind it performed nicely. I noticed the large reservoir was giving me a nice total burn time. No complaints there. The built in cutters, if that's your choice, was a nice touch. My opinion was, well, it was a good lighter so I gave it to a fellow smoker who was thrilled. He's making good use of it with no complaints. Me, well, i never give up on something that works.... yet i would have no problem recommending the Bugatti lighter.
2/26/11 Good lighter overall, heavy and durable. But like most torch lighters..the damn torch fouls up. But they all do that. The punch is the best part for me, I keep the lighter on my desk and constantly use it for the punch alone, if not for the flame as well. I don't recommend carrying this in your pocket with change or a knife or any other metallic objects since the finish tends to rub off easily.
The best lighter for the price, if you do not jump at this great deal you are insane
Hands down, the best lighter i have ever owned at any cost. This thing makes my Lotus and Xikar lighters look like bics.
My Bugatti B-1 Torch just arrived today, and let me say this, "This torch is AWESOME"!! Hands down, the best. Love the easy side-ignition.
Great torch. I purchased this torch last week mainly because it was on sale for $17. Tested it out today Great light, durable, can light a cigar very fast. Perfect product, great as a gift.
Got this with a cigar combo and it's one of the best buys I've ever had. This lighter is gorgeous. Everything is tight and functional, very well-constructed. The built-in punches are nice, I prefer a regular cutter but it's nice to have the option. All in all a great buy.
The Bugatti B-1 lighter is a real winner that I picked up for a measly $25.00 from CI. I love the built in punch cutter so I don't have to carry one with me. It's a work horse of a lighter that looks great and is not a fuel hog. I've worn out a lot of Colibri lighters over the years that cost me big bucks. The Bugatti is solid and lights perfectly every time. Worth the full price if you can't pick one up at a discount. A great accessory for the serious cigar smoker.
Great torch! Picked it up for 10 bucks as a promotional deal at the store. Definitely worth the 50 bucks on its own!
I got this item as a gift and I'm nothing short of impressed. The construction, weight the finish its all very well made. A+ lighter
it berry berry goo.......
I am absolutely amazed at this beast of a lighter! I have a tri-cutta Colibri and I thought that was a nice lighter. The Bugatti blows it out of the water. Solid construction, and it will toast the foot in no time! The lowest setting on the Bugatti is the equivalent of the highest setting on my Colibri.
This is the best torch I have owned. Powerful, reliable ignition. Toasts the feet of any cigar as fast as my Vector Triple Torch.