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El Gordo #43: Romeo + Herf-a-Dor Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “El Gordo #43: Romeo + Herf-a-Dor”

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bought one gave to my b-in law for fiftieth b day now I want one for myself
The travel humidor is amazing, strong with plenty of room inside and not so large that it is awkward to pack or carry. The lighter is of strong construction and well finished, I was impressed by that. And the cigars were good, I don't have much to say for them being as they were my first ever cigars, coming from a recreational pipe smoking background, I don't have anything to compare them to. But I will say, I enjoyed smoking them! this is a great deal. thank you CIGARS INTERNATIONAL.
Very nice. Solid construction on the herf-a-dor although it has a kind of chemical smell to it right now. Either the padding or glue has an odor that I don't want in my cigars. I'll leave it open for a few days and hope it clears up. I haven't smoked the cigars yet. I'll wait 'til they sit for a few days before I do, but they ARE RyJ so I'm sure they'll be good. The lighter was a nice surprise. Nicer than I expected.
Great deal. Exactly as advertised and at a great price.
Needed a new lighter and wanted a travel case, so I thought this would be a good option. The lighter is really nice, very happy with it. Lights every time, very consistent flame. Wish it had more butane capacity, but still like it. The case is better suited for higher RG cigars (my preference is around 50). The RyJ's that came with it weren't stationary with even a mild shake. The case seems pretty strong and tight though. Of the cigars themselves, three are resting and two are in the garbage with wrappers so cracked that one split when cutting and the other when lighting. Probably shouldn't have tried them straight OTT, but I didn't realize they'd be this dried out. If the last three cigars are salvageable I'll be happy with the combo.
What a sweet deal, only at CI!
Nice durable travel Herf-a-Dor. I also enjoyed the Romeo and Julieta 1875's that came along with it. I needed this before I took my trip to Vegas so I could have brought my own cigars.
Nice uncomplicated smoke and a great deal with the Herf-A-Dor and usual CI never disappoints!
Worth the money. Lighter and herfador are great for short trips.
Awesome deal, truly will enjoy it.