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Gurkha Mild & Mellow Sampler II Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Mild & Mellow Sampler II”
great smokes, my favorite out of them has to be the vintage shaggy lasting 2 hrs. great taste, nice ash, nice thick smoke, will definitely buy them again
CS of Antigo, WI
The Gurkha Mild & Mellow Sampler has to be one of the hottest deals in the cigar business, and even better when CI runs a special. The Elegance and Status are my favorites in this selection and by themselves are worth the price. They are pretty similar in taste and are both flavorful and VERY smooth. The Beauty is a very mild rather one-dimensional smoke that I don't feel is worth it's standard price, but you can't argue with its inclusion here. The Shaggy is a wild ride for sure and is most definitely like smoking two completely different cigars. So if you like your cigars smooth and mild to medium in body, you'll want to check out this sampler. Please keep rolling out these smokin' deals CI!
CP of Monument, CO
Ordered this for one reason, and one reason only...where else can you get Gurkha cigars for $2.49 EACH ??? Heck, a 5'er of the Gurkha "Beauty" Gordo (5.6x56) cigars will set you back $60 bucks by their lonesome !!! Another of CI's insanely discounted "NO BRAINER" deals that you should purchase in MULTIPLES while supplies last...I am!! 8^)
SB of Fontana, CA
I just had the Gurkha Status as soon as it made it to my house and it was by far the best I have had so far. I am looking forward to the rest of the sampler selection. It was so good that I hated to toss the very end of the cigar. It became better and better the shorter it became.
PB of Springfield, MA
Gurkhas are some of my favorites, and you will not find another sampler deal like this anywhere. Great job guys!!!
SR of Jupiter, FL
Both the Shaggy and Beauty were Excellent! Elegance was also very good. The Status had too much pepper flavor for me, very dry cottonmouth. But 3 outta 4 were fine smokes...I will give the other 2 Status gars to my mooching friends. Great sampler overall. Would buy again.
BG of Springville, IN
Not impressed so far (and that's being kind). Started with the Elegance. All I can say is "blecch." Completely one-dimensional, with a harsh, dry, and acrid taste on the palate. And a veiny, unappealing wrapper. I couldn't finish. So, I fired up the Status hoping for something better. The taste was slightly more refined than the Elegance, but poor construction with a hollow dead spot running through the center of the cigar. Again, an inferior wrapper leaf. I really hope the Beauty and the Shaggy are great....
MA of Litchfield, NH
Great selection of quality Gurkhas for a price that just can't be beat. Have bought 2 of these already.
DL of Seaford, DE
Love it. Excellent selection for this sampler at a great price point. Gurkha cigars are some of the best out there.
JL of Durham, NC
Terrific value on mild and tasty smokes. I hope the package comes available again, because I'll be all over it!
Awesome! Great smoke, smooth, mild. My wife and I love them.
TN of Trumbull, CT
Good selection. I love the "2001" the best. However, I would rate the strength scale a bit higher than the "mild and mellow" description. My "wimp meter" goes off with a couple of them!
These were the first Gurkha products and I was highly encouraged. I have been keeping my eye on Gurkha products at my local tobacco outlet, but the $20 per stick price drove me away when you can find so many great smokes in the $10-12 range. After enjoying this sampler at $2.49 per stick, I will be on grabbing up some more Gurkha samplers in the future.
ER of san jose, CA
Nice little sampler to get you through the week. Not too strong and typical Gurkha flavor.
AB of East Meadow, NY
Great assortment of premium Gurkha cigars. The Beauty is my favorite cigar, so of course I'll buy again.
BC of Bridgeport, MI
What a great way to try Gurkha's mellower selections. And at a fantastic price! Worked my way thru each of the four flavors, and still am not able to pick the favorite, because honestly I love them all. This is one of those samplers, if you've looked at it more than once and debating on trying it. Do yourself a favor... Stop thinking about it and buy it. You won't be disappointed. Just remember to save a few for me.....
SM of Kokomo, IN
Absolutely love this deal! Cigars were top notch and showed up on my door step in no time! These Gurkhas are the perfect smoke and this deal is a great way to pick which ones I Ike best. Since they came in sets of three it makes the perfect hand-out to my buddies who come over and are down to smoke a stogie on the porch for a bit. Inexpensive, great quality and quick shipping! What more could I want? These cost a fortune at the brick and mortar store down the road,but not here on CI!
WM of Grovetown, GA
All I can say is WOW! 12 Gurkha's for $30? Are you serious!? These cigars are amazing. The Beauty is by far my favorite, nice ash, big plumes of smoke, and a taste that you wouldn't believe. I would highly recommend this sampler to any cigar smoker. The only issue I have is not with the cigars, but with how long shipping take. Since I live on the West coast when it says 3-8 days, it really means 8-11 days for shipping. But it's all worth it when I get this package of delicious smokes. Thanks CI!!!
CM of Eugene, OR
I chose to half this sampler with a friend of mine, so he got the elegance and the Status. i kept the Beauty and the Vintage Shaggy. The Shaggy is amazing. I thought the foot would be a tad harsh but it lit and smoked beautifully, with little to no peppery taste whatsoever. It was a sweeter coffee flavored cigar. The beauty was really well, with a classic sweet tobacco taste to it, bringing a little pepper on the last 1/3. Great sampler
RO of Ringgold, GA
Great cigars for cheap! A must buy for anyone. I've already made money off of this deal. Go to a friends for a gentleman's night and people are more than willing to chip in $10 for a premium stick. Not saying to rip-off your friends, but you can charge them half price of a cigar store and still have some pocket money left over. Not to mention that these are some smooth and flavorful cigars. I'm more of a full bodied smoker myself, but the Gurkha's were a refreshing change. Plus they're some big sons of b*tches!
CH of Tallahassee, FL