Napoleon's Dynamite Complex Corona Super-Sampler Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Napoleon's Dynamite Complex Corona Super-Sampler”
“i am so GLAD i ordered 2 of these far ive only tried the CU-AVANA Coronas after a few days in my humi.they are AWESUM.they are listed as full, to my taste they are very well flavored but not over powering at all.very well made,great aroma.the coronas are smooooooth tasty. JR.”
JR of Fairmount, IL
“I am glad I bought two bundles. they are all good, very good at this price. toros are my preferred size, but it's great to have the corona size when I don't have an hour to spend on the porch. I would love to see more selections like this from CI. I have smoked the 5 vegas blend, and now got to try three blends I might not tried any other way. Great value for the buck !!!”
“Amazing value and great flavors. The cuba libre ones are worth the price of admission, robust and delicious flavors. The cu avana's are pretty harsh and almost chemical tasting but that is the only weak point of this sampler. ”
SB of New Richmond, OH
“I have yet to try them all but I've tried the 5 vegas and Signature collection.. Amazing. Perfect amount of strength in these little sticks.”
RF of Jeffersonville, GA
“Should have ordered two of them!”
“This little bundle is packed with flavor. I like coronas, both for the speed of smoking during the brutally hot summer, and the fact that I can easily hold them in my mouth when I need two hands for fishing. I've put too many churchills in the drink that way. All four of these are great blends, and superb bang-around smokes. I'll definitely be snagging another one of these samplers before my next road trip or fishing adventure. First sampler where I've loved everything!”
LF of Saint Paul, MN
“A good assortment of some very fine cigar blends. To get the best flavor, burn and draw, proper humidity is essential in small ring cigars.”
CF of Gig Harbor, WA
“Not a guy here who can taste leather and spice or pepper and nuts. That being said I've been a casual cigar smoker over 15 years and know what I like and what I don't. Liked all of these little smokes a lot. Ordered 3 more. Good deal on some nice smokes.”
ND of Noblesville, IN
“Great cigars for the price. I enjoyed each one. About a twenty minute smoke so great when you live in the north.”