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El Gordo #41: Macanudo + Herf-a-Dor Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “El Gordo #41: Macanudo + Herf-a-Dor”

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Love the humidor, love the lighter, not real crazy about the sticks, but for for the price I got nothing to complain about.
5 mild sticks, a great lighter, all tucked away in a rugged Herf-a-ador, What more could a guy ask for?...Did I mention that it was at a ridiculously low price? CI you have done it again! Thank you.
Great mild cigar. Good choice for a newbie like me. Mild from start to finish. Not a memorable smoke, but a good smoke to get me started as a new smoker.
There's a Herf, There's a Bugatti lighter, There's five great smokes...Such a grreat deal, I feel like I stole them. You won't care about the following: I've lit cigars with the lighter. I smoked three of the cigars so far. One on the golf course (didn't improve my score as much as cheating did), smoked one while fishing (didn't catch anything, but didn't care either), smoked the third one after ten too many (don't remember it, but I think it was good). Herf does a great job, seems pretty rugged. I put it on a fragmentation grenade, pulled the pin, ran for cover, and it remained in unscaved even after making the last part up. Cheers.
This is a great travel case. I've already taken it out west hunting and it keeps my sticks safe when hitting the golf course as well. The lighter has worked fantastic for me and the smokes are just the icing on the cake. Great buy.
A nice, mellow smoke. Perfect for an evening on the front porch.
This product is fantastic, easy to travel with and the quality of the herf a dor is right on. Thank you for the great product.
Received this with the special CI offered. For less than $40.00 dollars I got this hef-a-dor, 5 50x49 Macanudos, & a Bugatti lighter. Not only was this a great deal but this is a must have box for your cigars when packing them in your suit case.